Open Bathrooms and America’s War on Kids: A Daddy’s Perspective

Open Bathrooms and America’s War on Kids: A Daddy’s Perspective


by Matt O’Reilly


This is not the sort of post I normally write, but I have a daughter. So, here goes. California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law yesterday establishing an open bathroom policy in the state’s public schools. This policy is the first in the nation to allow students to choose which bathroom they will use based on their gender identity. So, little boys who consider themselves transgender are now allowed to use the little girls’ room at school. I won’t get into the details of the law; you can read that at CNN. I’ve got more important things to say.
First, as a daddy, there is no way – let me say that again – no way! my little girl will ever – ever! – attend a school in which little boys, particularly of the adolescent variety, are given entry to the girls bathroom. No way. No how. No sir. Any father who allows his daughter to darken the doors of such a place is colluding with the powers that have abandoned their responsibility to protect children in favor of putting children at obvious risk.
Second, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there will soon be a significant escalation in the number of pubescent boys who are suddenly experiencing confusion about their gender identity and discovering, after all, that they themselves are transgender students. “Yes, yes,” Johnny will say, “I’m beginning to feel like a girl trapped in a boy’s body. May I have the hall pass? I need to use the restroom.” We are fools, if we think boys who have no question about their gender identity will not abuse this law in order to take advantage of girls.
Third, given what I’ve just said, we must conclude that California has it out for its children. This law will not only create further confusion for students, it will also create situations in which kids will get hurt. And it comes from the halls of the state legislature. Make no mistake. California has codified it’s war on children.
Finally, I’m not really surprised by this, and you shouldn’t be either. You can tell a lot about a society by the way it treats its kids, and in this society we’ve been sacrificing children to the false gods of convenience and consequence-free sex for decades. We now have laws on the books that will make it easier and easier for children to inflict exceedingly significant (sexual) damage on one another. Truly, we have received the penalty for our error. We have been given over.

Jerry Brown and California Democrats lose their minds…while mega church pastors are asleep at the wheel.

Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown and California Democrats lose their minds…while mega church pastors are asleep at the wheel.

By Mario Murillo

California spends more per student for education that any other state and still have the worst schools anywhere. So what did they find time to do?   

AB-1266 Pupil rights: sex-segregated school programs and activities.(2013-2014)

It is now a law in every public school in California from Kindergarten to 12th grade:  If a 5 year old boy thinks he is a girl he can walk in on your 5 year old daughter while she uses the bathroom.  If a high school boy thinks he is a girl he can shower with your daughter after gym class.

(And oh by the way, all of you Christian parents out there in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and Illinois…your schools are next.)

Here is what liberals believe will fix America’s worst schools: ignore tests scores, teacher incompetence, violence, drug addiction, union corruption and mind boggling waste.  Instead focus on transgender students. Get them into bathrooms and showers where they will feel more comfortable.

If you read the Los Angeles Times you would think this new law was the Emancipation Proclamation of Abraham Lincoln.

Not all teachers in California are left wing activist wackos.  Imagine the ones that just want to teach.  Already overloaded with unruly classrooms, critical shortages of material, absentee parents they now must referee a gender war in the bathrooms and locker rooms.

Insanity!  The law is hailed as a tool to protect transgender students.  Instead this will spike animosity because of the constant disruption of privacy.   Also, consider the costs just from all of the additional staff time involved in sort out all of the guidelines and procedures.

This insane law places an unbearable burden on students who just want to learn.  I predict a massive evacuation from a public school system that is already suspect at best.  How much more can you ask sane parents take in this State?

And where were the mega church pastors when all of this was going on?   Imagine if they tried to pass a law like this in the 1980s?   The backlash from pastors would have been nuclear, the firestorm from the faith community would have been apocalyptic!

Years ago when seeker church growth models were being hailed for their ability to fill pews, few considered the long range impact.   Blinded by immediate results, they did not consider the one aspect of church that they were losing in the mix: moral authority.  They lost the right to rebuke the surrounding culture because they had created a religious version of that culture.

They traded in moral awakening for short term celebrity.  Take your average seeker pastor today, can they begin now to speak up for righteousness?  Can they suddenly shift gears and begin to challenge California?

Every Sunday morning they face a myriad of fans that they have weaned on cheap grace and sloppy agape.  To suddenly start quoting the Bible would confuse and alienate the crowd.  To start using terms like repentance and righteousness would offend their creation.  To stand and weep over California from their pulpit would dampen the festive atmosphere that they have labored so ardently to create.

Is this toilet law the end of the world?  No way!  I still carry hope for revival in California.  I can still see the day when masses have the scales fall off of their eyes and hear a collective cry of “what were we thinking!!!”

I still have hope that from outside the celebrity church system will arise young lions who love not their own lives and will raise a righteous ruckus in the midst of LA LA Land!

California ‘Bathroom Bill’ Mandating Schools to Allow Boys in Girls’ Restrooms Approved By Assembly – All schools in CA required to comply.


California ‘Bathroom Bill’ Mandating Schools to Allow Boys in Girls’ Restrooms Approved By Assembly – All schools in CA required to comply.

By Heather Clark Posted on 4.21.13 2:18pm PST

Sacramento, California – A bill in California that would mandate schools to allow boys to use girls’ restrooms and vice versa if they identified with the opposite gender has been approved by the state’s Assembly Education Committee.

“A pupil shall be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs, activities, and facilities, including athletic teams and competitions, consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records,” the legislation reads.

It was approved to move forward in the legislature by a vote of 5-2 on Wednesday. It will likely now advance to the full Assembly, House and Senate for consideration.

AB 1266, also known as the “Bathroom Bill,” would serve as an amendment to the Education Code and would require all schools in the state to comply with its mandates.

“A pupil shall be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs, activities, and facilities, including athletic teams and competitions, consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records,” the legislation reads.

“We were heavily outnumbered by transgender folk, transgender activists, the ACLU and teacher’s unions,” Matthew McReynolds, staff attorney with the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), told Christian News Network of the hearing that took place prior to the vote.

He advised that representatives with an organization called Gender Spectrum were also present, a group that teaches that there is no such thing as gender per se — but that some have more male or female traits and inclinations than others.

McReynolds had an opportunity to speak on behalf of PJI.

“I urged the committee to consider the private implications for all of the parents and students who were not being represented at the hearing,” he said. “The implications [of the bill] are pretty astounding.”

“Basically, any responsible adult has their hands tied so they can’t step in on behalf of the 99 percent,” McReynolds advised. “I fear that many parents are going to to find out too late.”

He explained that the bill would not only pertain to school restrooms, but would also entitle students who wished to identify with the opposite sex to be allowed to play on sports teams of that gender. Girls who identified as boys could play on male football teams, and boys who identified as girls could play on ladies’ tennis or swim teams. Coaches would then be required to allow that individual to change in the locker room with all of the other students of the opposite gender.

“Our sports and athletics [groups] here … they do have some policies in place, [but] this bill is so sweeping, it will likely override the existing safeguards that are in place,” McReynolds stated.

He said that although there were two committee members who voted against the furtherance of the bill, they “were not willing to stand up” and say anything to the contrary of the activists gathered.

Therefore, McReynolds urges parents in the state to be a voice on behalf of the children.

“We need tens of thousands of parents to call their legislators,” he said. “Sometimes it takes a catalyst like a committee vote [to get people mobilized].”

As previously reported, parents in Washington state became outraged last year when their young daughters, who participate in their local swim club, discovered a male sitting naked in the sauna “displaying male genitalia.” However, police and school representatives alike remarked that they could do little about the situation because of state law.

“We have to follow a nondiscrimination policy with the state,” Evergreen State College spokesperson Jason Wettstein outlined to reporters. “State law doesn’t allow us to ignore gender identity as one of the protected classes.”

– Source Christian News Network