Fasten your seat belt, this is really good news. They gathered with excitement and expectation…but none of us were ready for what happened next.


By Mario Murillo

It is a good sign…they keep adding chairs.  This is happening most of the night.  Another good sign: the house is filled with youth—youth who do not know Jesus—who battle everything devil throws at our children these days.  The best sign is everyone feels special power vibrating in the room.

We are doing a Living Proof Outreach with Ben Lucero, Isaiah Saldivar and the Awakening 209 in Manteca, California.

My message carries an unusual title: When Satan Helps Start Revival.  I begin by describing the strange experience I had after God ordered me to study the youth culture.  My research became torture as I fully grasped the curse Lucifer has laid on an entire generation.

I could actually sense the evil one boasting and threatening.  He was declaring his wicked intentions: “I will addict them.  I will shame them.  I will drain them of hope.  I will kill them.

Then the voice of God roared, BUT I WILL POUR OUT MY SPIRIT ON THEM!  I tell them “I am here tonight because a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit is coming.”  I make a prediction about the emerging army of youth: “You will lay hands on the sick.  You will prophesy.  You will cast out devils.”

Then I explained how Satan is mentally off.  If the devil just wanted to deceive and damn souls he would make everyone content like cattle being fattened for the slaughter.  Instead, he tortures, punishes and makes his victims miserable.  He can’t help himself. Observe California—creating new laws make it impossible for people to be safe or happy.

-Child prostitution is now legal in California.

-Drug dealers must be let out of prison because of bed shortages.

-Violent felons—some who have killed Americans—in California illegally will not be taken into custody.

-In Silicon Valley, American workers are being fired and replaced by foreign workers—and the Americans have to train their replacements!

-California schools—nearly the worst in the nation— are chock full of corruption, mismanagement and loony curriculum.  Reading, writing and arithmetic are out.  Brainwashing about transgenderism, anti-Americanism, and anti-Christian studies are in.

Satan is overplaying his hand in California.  He is creating a misery and despair in the youth of the state that will drive them to Jesus!

Now the audience began to see the proof of what I was saying.  A miracle, pure and simple, hits a young lady.  I love it when the Holy Spirit’s word of knowledge is so clear, piercing and detailed that people no longer see the man speaking—only God.

By the Spirit, the story of her life unfolded.  The precise illnesses of her body and the childhood trauma that caused them all was revealed.  Her total healing rocks the room.

On the heels of her miracle more healings ignite. The vivid details about people’s conditions electrify mighty praise to Jesus the healer.

Suddenly spines straighten, migraine headaches vanish.  A man in the back becomes so excited he just gets up out of his wheelchair and begins a little victory dance over his healing.  A full 60 minutes of unobstructed healings flood the house with shouts of joy and mass weeping.

God saved the best for last.  Never have I seen conviction grip youth like this. It was as if they wanted me to shut up and let them come to Christ.  It was an instant response crowned with total surrender.  They abandoned their sin as if it were nuclear waste. Notice, in the picture, the overwhelming number of young men who came forward.  This is really good news—prophetic news about a coming youth revolution.

Why the Transgender Bathroom law will likely be gone in a few days.

bathroom bill

California transgender student law could quickly face challenge

Will be stayed if enough signatures collected for public vote

 Privacy for All Students gathered 620,000 signatures in 90 days. About 505,000 valid signatures are needed to put AB 1266 before voters in November.

First-of-its’s-kind California law on transgender students goes into effect Wednesday, but its authority could end in a week if state officials find that enough registered voters want to challenge it in November.

State officials are scheduled to report on Jan. 8 whether they have received enough valid signatures to put the law, AB 1266, up for a public vote. If they have enough, the law will be stayed.

A coalition called Privacy for All Students gathered some 620,000 signatures in 90 days. About 505,000 valid signatures are needed to put AB 1266 before voters in November.

Meanwhile, a separate lawsuit contests the validity of more than 5,000 of those signatures; a court hearing is scheduled for Friday.

AB 1266, enacted in August, is intended to permit transgender students to choose by themselves which bathrooms and locker rooms they will use, and which sports teams they will join.

California schools are already required not to discriminate against transgender students, and they currently work with students and their families to address pertinent issues. However, gay-rights groups and some transgender students said the old policy was not sensitive enough.

“I’ve been systematically placed in a [sports] class with all girls and my school was unwilling to change my schedule,” Ashton Lee, a biological female living as a transgender male, told a June hearing before a California Senate committee.

It is “devastating for my school to deny my identity” and “make me live as someone I’m not,” the 16-year-old said, adding that “the many other transgendered youth in California need the School Success and Opportunity Act” as well.

Other Californians, including parents of schoolchildren, said the new law — dubbed the “coed bathroom bill” — is outrageous because it would force students to share private facilities with children of the opposite sex.

This week, the California secretary of state’s office said AB 1266 will go into effect as planned on Jan. 1. If on Jan. 8, there aren’t enough valid signatures in the sampling to advance the referendum, AB 1266 will remain in effect. If enough signatures are found to be valid, AB 1266 will be immediately stayed while the referendum process continues.

Kevin Snider, chief counsel for Pacific Justice Institute, said this week that while referendum supporters are confident they have enough signatures to get the measure on the ballot, a subsidiary fight is brewing over the state’s refusal to accept signatures on a deadline technicality.

The skirmish involves Mr. Snider and attorneys with the firm Sweeney, Greene and Roberts and 5,000 signatures from Tulare and Mono counties, which Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s office has declined to accept.

A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Jan. 3 before Sacramento Superior Court Judge Allen H. Sumner.

Numerically, these 5,000 signatures are “not a make or break” for the overall referendum, said Mr. Snider. “But it’s a matter of principle that each voter’s opinion counts and they shouldn’t be disenfranchised.”

The lawsuit names Ms. Bowen, Mono County Registrar of Voters Lynda Roberts, Tulare County Registrar of Voters Rita Woodard and as many as 100 unnamed persons as defendants. The California attorney general’s office is named as their legal representative.