It is done!

Our tent is up in the heart of Paradise, California. Tonight will be the opening night! And it all begins at 7 p.m. The tent address is 6626 Skyway Road.  We have sent out our workers who have invited the entire community to come and see LIVING PROOF of the power of God. The team from Inner City Action, with Frank Saldana, has been amazing.

Thousands across America are praying for this historic outreach. We believe that this is the second outpouring along the Highway 99 corridor that I, Mario, saw in the dream that God gave me concerning California nearly 6 years ago. We are obeying the Holy Spirit by following Highway 99 south to Los Angeles, touching many major cities along the way. Click here to read more about the dream.

We have detected a deep hunger for God here in the Paradise/Chico/Oroville region.  We still have a critical need for workers.  Which is why—even at this late hour—I am calling on everyone who is willing to work with us, to call 775-238-3473, or use the link at the bottom of this page.

At the very least, please let me know you are praying for a mighty wave of the Holy Spirit to take place in the tent.   The thrust of this announcement is to ask for your prayers and to ask for additional workers to help us gather the supernatural harvest that is clearly forming in California.

The Holy Spirit has commanded us to be bold and to hold nothing back in these meetings. You see the rampage Satan is on right now. He is dividing, addicting, and perverting young lives in record numbers. Agree with us that drastic miracles will happen in the lives of those who come to the tent!

The only way we can fulfill this massive endeavor is with prayer and willing workers. We can’t impress upon you enough how urgent this is. We have the literature, lights, sound, chairs, tent, food, clothing—in short, we have everything in readiness—but we need workers most of all. They will decide the size of this harvest.

There is a place for you in a great act of God that is occurring in our time! Please volunteer by using the link. And again, if you can help us find the right site in the Stockton/Manteca area, be an answer to prayer and let me know as soon as possible!

God bless you, Mario Murillo Ministries



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