I have seen blind eyes opened, and paralyzed limbs healed, but for me this is the greatest healing I have ever seen. Let me tell you the story.

(Editors Note: This testimony was first shared on July 24th 2019.  It is reposted because she is still cancer free and for another reason we will explain at the end.)

It all began with a devastating phone call. The woman on the other end told me a tragic story. She raised eight children in the ghetto. She endured unspeakable trials. She had faithfully served Christ and prayed diligently for each of her children. What she could not give them in material things, she more than made up for with her love.

She cleared her throat, and haltingly told me of the doctor’s report.  It sounded like a death sentence. They had found cancer in her chest which had also spread to her back and her lymph nodes.

She faced a terrible choice.  Chemotherapy would be utterly horrible because she was so thin and she is in her late 80s. But, without chemo, she faced a slow, agonizing, and certain death by cancer.

I was aware of her condition from the very beginning of her ordeal. This call hit me so hard that I could feel my knees buckle. Why you ask? This call was from my mother Cristina Murillo.

All of her sons, daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were grief stricken. We all knew that her death would leave a crater of sorrow for all of us that would be beyond words.

Something rose up in me. My mom and I began praying over the phone. I felt a holy rage, like I had never known, rising within my spirit. My words were not just forceful, they were volcanic. I knew that Satan was challenging my family and that fear was trying to consume us.

I came to Jesus on behalf of my mom. Then I spoke to her and went through the Word of God declaring her healing. I felt bold to tell her to resist the devil and rebuke the cancer. I told her she would be tested, but to stand strong on the promises of God.  Heaven overshadowed us, and the presence of God was undeniable.

Something happened to her. Her fear vanished. Her sense of focus and determination was super-human.

The next few weeks were a trial by fire, but she was amazing—confessing the Word, rebuking every negative thought, and standing strong.

Then came that fateful day when she went to see her doctor. The doctor ran the routine tests to monitor the size of the cancer. Later that day, I got her call.

My mother told me that when the doctor came back with the results, it was shocking. The red-faced doctor said, “I can’t find any cancer. None at all.” My mom smiled at the doctor, and explained what had happened.  Then my mom witnessed to her about the healing power of Christ.

Our family is overcome by the goodness and mercy of God. No one else gets the credit or the glory for this astonishing miracle.

Editor’s post script: I reposted this testimony because we are about to open a miracle tent crusade in Hanford, CA. We will have the tent up and are asking the Body of Christ to bring those that need miracles to the tent.  As part of my celebration of this great miracle, I want your prayer requests. Just because we are celebrating does not mean we have forgotten the many who are warring against sickness. We want to pray for you and for those you love to receive a healing miracle.  Please leave a prayer request in the comments section. We will pray!





With weeks left to live Natalie is healed of terminal cancer!

When citizens of Bakersfield turned on their T.V. last night, they were in for a shock.  A woman named Natalie was telling a story that is beyond words.  She was at death’s door she said.  She had stage 4 cancer that had ended all life for her as she knew it.  It was in virtually all of her vital organs and her blood.

How she ended up at Higher Ground Church is a miracle itself.  Her husband was not a believer and because of that she did not attend regularly.  She said that as she sat in the service, Mario Murillo began to minister to a member of her family on the front row.  He told them that this healing was not for them but for a member of their family. 

In that instant, Pam Roberson, Pastor Ron Roberson’s  wife, darted toward Natalie knowing that this was a word for her.  Taking her by the hand, Pam brought Natalie to Mario.  It was when she stood before the evangelist  that God opened her situation to him.  He described lesions in her spine, a blood disease and malignancies in the vital  organs.  Mario asked Natalie’s husband to place his hand on her stomach. 

A force of glory touched her and her unbelieving husband.  But Natalie wondered if she was healed.  This is where the story gets complicated and wonderful.  Natalie thought that the word was off because she only had cancer in her chest area.  She thought that if indeed this was God then why was the word so off the mark?

Natalie was tested by her doctor on the progress of her cancer every Monday.  She would not get the results for each test until the following Monday.  This means that the day after her healing she went to her regular appointment  and got the results of tests 7days before. 

The doctor told her that the tests showed that the cancer had indeed spread to her stomach, and other vital organs.  They found lesions on her spine, and her blood was now also diseased.   Her husband saw what was happening!  He told her this is the word that the man of God gave last night!  You are healed! 

Now they took new tests and they would get the results the next Monday.  That week must have moved like a glacier.  The anticipation probably became more than she could bear. 

That next Monday she went for her appointment and saw a look on her doctor’s face that was inexplicable.  He went over and over it and over it again looking for cancer and there was not a cancer cell anywhere in her body.   The lesions had vanished and her blood was normal.

You can imagine the excitement that came as a result of the television show!  Revival fire broke out in the church.  Pastor Ron told Mario that he had to come back and do more meetings because this healing is a fuse for revival in Bakersfield!

As you are reading this the meetings are in progress.  Higher Ground is Ground Zero for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit!   Stay tuned for an update on the Natalie’s miracle and the revival breaking out in Bakersfield!  Below is the actual photograph of the moment of her healing!