This is a massive announcement. This is beyond good news. This is a welcome break for the insanity of the news and especially the oppression of this time. What is my announcement?

 In Bakersfield, we will break all records just by the sheer magnitude of the outreach. Consider:

We are launching a soul winning D Day in Bakersfield. Bakersfield will be the widest and deepest soul winning invasion in our history. Highway 99 the corridor of glory—the river of revival rages south to Bakersfield/ The Living Proof Tent goes up there Monday January 11-13 with more days likely to be added.

In Bakersfield, we will take our boldest stand against the anti-God forces in California. Our stand will be the boldest declaration of signs and wonders. We fully intend to tell the addict, the homeless, and gang members about the miracle healing power of Jesus. We will tell them with greater force and greater compassion. We will declare that the church is essential and open.

In Bakersfield, we will break all records just by the sheer magnitude of the outreach. Consider:

-Stay Focused Ministry Bakersfield led by Manuel Carrizales will be doing their annual toy giveaway in Bakersfield on Saturday December 19th. This year they will give away 50,000 bags of toys to families. They are placing an invitation card for Living Proof Bakersfield in every bag. Tens of thousands of families will be invited simply through that. Manuel is a mighty man of God who reaches thousands and lost souls. It is an honor to have him joining forces with us in Bakersfield. Watch the short video of their story.

-Then Canyon Hills Church and their multiple campuses led by Pastor Wendell Vinson are joining forces with us. A part of Canyon Hills’ ministry is City Serve. Their amazing ministry to the lost, the exploited, and the poor will help us in our invasion of Bakersfield. Below is a chart that shows the work they do. They are also joining forces with us to win the lost in Bakersfield.

 -An army of prayer warriors is already locked in targeted intercession to break the power of Satan in Bakersfield. Christians are in training to put boots on the ground. These prayer-covered workers will soon touch California’s most forsaken: from homeless camps to crack-houses. Everyone, from the down-and-out to the up-and-in will receive our witness.  Our workers will not bring just food and clothing—they will bring the anointing to heal and to set captives free.

We will also be joined by many local churches that are linking hearts with us to bring in a massive harvest.

The devil has done his worst in California but now God will do His best. The same fire, glory and salvations and miracles we saw in Fresno will be in Bakersfield in an even greater way.

Pray for Bakersfield. Join our army by volunteering to be a part of our greatest soul winning outreach. Let God speak to your heart! There is a place in this invasion for you. There is a miracle waiting there for you. You will see God use you in a way you have never imagined. No matter what the level of power of your gift is currently, let me tell you, it will go to a new level.  Do you fear witnessing? I assure you that an inner fire will make you as bold as a lion. Not only that, you will return rejoicing over the lives God has used you to bring to salvation. Come along, stand beside me, and become the Christian warrior you never imagined you could be. Call 775 238  3473 to volunteer.