Do not Throw Tomorrow Away!



Do not throw tomorrow away!

Last night it was hard to sleep. I had a burden for someone who is about to make a bad decision.  The Holy Spirit said, “The person you are concerned with is about to throw tomorrow away.” So I got up and began to pray.  This is a direct message to that person, whoever you are, and it is a gut check for all of the rest of us.   

Here is the message I have received for you:

 1. Slow down until all the facts are in. People and circumstances are pushing you into a fast decision.  The enemy is lying to you and making you feel that you do not have time to think through your decision.  He only does that when he wants to hide something, something that would make you change your mind if you knew about it. 

Back off of your decision right now. If the opportunity goes away because you did your due diligence then you know it was not God.  God never punishes responsible choices.

2. Have a deeper respect for your future.  Joshua 3:5 says, “Sanctify yourself for tomorrow the Lord will work wonders among you.”  How do you sanctify yourself for tomorrow?  The best way to answer that is to put yourself in the shoes of the priests who were holding the Ark while the water of the raging Jordan river was held back.   This is in fact, what Joshua was warning them about! A lot goes through your mind standing there and imaging that at any moment an 80 feet high wall of water going over 100 miles can hit you…respect the future!

Big, supernatural, scary things are in store for you.  Think about how you should be getting ready and see if you are settling for a counterfeit blessing.

Maybe you are about to marry someone only because you do not think someone better will come along.  You are ignoring the warning signs.  You are afraid of disappointing people.  That is nothing compared to throwing tomorrow away!

Maybe you are about to sign a contract for a position that is well below your true potential. Maybe you are passing up a great opportunity because it seems to be way above your pay scale.  Clean out the cobwebs in your mind and revere the future that God has promised you.  Hold out for the best.

3. It is never too late for you to be what you might have been.  The saddest excuse that you can have for going ahead with a bad decision is because you feel it is too late or that you should punish yourself for past sins.  If you find yourself saying even subtly “what’s the use,” then wake up!  You are throwing away tomorrow! Just start making right choices right now.  Turn around and start headed in the right direction.

It can seem overwhelming to break off promises you made for the wrong reasons.  Nevertheless, you cannot throw tomorrow away because people’s feelings get hurt or because you will suffer temporary embarrassment.

4. Putting it off will only make it worse.  Once you know you are making a mistake take action!  You cannot soften the blow, or ease the pain or give your decision a soft landing.  The future begins now, and you must not trade a gigantic future for life in a prison built on your politeness.