Have you heard what is is happening: Living Proof Indianapolis

have you heard


“When Jesus healed the sick, the people were filled with wonder and amazement.  But what is even more amazing is that His miracles continue today.  Science offers proof, but God offers something stronger, He gives us living proof.”  This is the message we are going to send to all of the citizens of Indianapolis.

Think of it! People will be walking into these meetings specifically to be healed of incurable diseases.  They will be here from different states.  I am writing you 24 hours before we begin on Mother’s day and the and already the electricity of the Holy Spirit is reverberating in the churches participating in LIVING PROOF!

I have very vivid memories of what happened the last time I was here!    Miracles broke out.  Entire rows were being healed by the army of God taking their rightful place in the move of God.

While I am sitting here writing this to you an army that did not really exist just a few years ago is scouring the Indianapolis area for loved ones to bring to these meetings.


Not only this, but I am in severe prayer over the growing possibility that we may have to do some unexpected things to make room for this ongoing revival.  How could we do anything less?  When God answers prayers that have gone up to heaven for years how can you just let it go?

It feels like prophetic words that have been shared over decades are going to be fulfilled in the coming weeks!  What we have prayed for, for so long is now a reality and the best is yet to come.

Consider this: The frenzy to drive America into socialism, perversion, and chemical dependency has reached a zenith.  Perhaps the unity and openness we are seeing in Indianapolis is because Americans are fed up with the misery that the anti-God forces have heaped on our nation?  All I know is, my eyes are fixed on Jesus for wisdom, guidance and strength because the groundswell is an omen that perhaps Indianapolis is a model of what I believe will soon be a national phenomenon.


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