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By Mario Murillo


It is a challenge and an honor to tell you about last night.  To do this correctly I must start with a brief backstory. 


Sitting on highway 152 connecting Interstate 5 and Highway 99 Los Banos is known as a city that you pass through on your way to somewhere else. Los Banos is a modern Bethlehem, a community that is overlooked but chosen by God to give birth to a great miracle.


The town’s economy was agricultural until the housing boom.  As home prices soared in the San Francisco Bay Area, developers lured commuters to the affordable housing here.  Then the whole thing came crashing down when the great recession hit.  People simply chose to abandon their homes leaving entire developments desolate.  Gangs saw an opening and came to add to the misery, on top of all this the state cut off water to the farmers.  This was a town that was being pummeled by the three “D”s: Drugs, Depression and Drought.


Pastors began to pray together, intercessors walked the streets of Los Banos pleading for God’s intervention. Year in and year out the prayers went up to God. Then it happened. 

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I know that I am speaking with the blessing of the pastors when I tell you that God’s not-so-secret weapon here is John and Rita Calderon who lead Day 3 Church.  John and Rita carry a jealousy destroying humility and love that has gained the unqualified respect of the other pastors.  Without this, the miracle could not have happened.  Everybody knows that this couple is as devoted to the success of all the churches, not just their own.


July 13, 2014 in Los Banos will be remembered in the annals of revival.  That is when meetings began so pure and powerful that the guest evangelist will barely get an honorable mention.  This was nothing but God answering a cry so deep and so sincere that it jolted heaven into action.


People asked people to go to the meetings and they said yes. Pastors gave the order and the Body of Christ came to attention.  Something wonderful began to brood over the city.  Conviction gripped lost souls and the altars filled every time we gathered.  The evangelist would wade into the audience and give detailed descriptions of disease to complete strangers igniting faith resulting in instant healings.

Hundreds have been saved and healed and now we come to the meeting last night.  Expectancy crackled as the crowds poured into the theater.  The worship began 30 minutes early.  The people lifted a crescendo of worship that I have never seen before.  This glorious uprising of song was their anthem of gratitude to God for the hope and love that had come to town.

Unlike other nights, this night God began to heal en masse.  A blanket of healings settled gently but forcefully on the people.  After a couple of sweeps of power, words of knowledge appeared.

Woman leaves her wheelchair and begins to run!

The evangelist walked to the back right hand side, asked a woman to stand and began to describe every ailment in her body.  She was broken by disease, her blood, heart, lungs, bones and muscles were weak and pain ridden until that moment when Jesus took them all away.  When asked to walk, she ran, and then she jumped and danced before God.


The power of God came in a rush of words and commands to be healed.  The people jumped into the fray and began laying hands on others who were sick and healing came quickly.  Miracles kept flowing for several minutes.   The evangelist asked all who were healed to stand and give witness to their miracle.  Fully a fourth of the audience is on their feet declaring their healing.

In an atmosphere like this you can make plain calls to Christ.  No sugar coating, no apologies just come and make Jesus Lord.  So many, came forward so fast, that it stunned us all.


















Los Banos: Now I know what I have been preparing for.

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Los Banos: Now I know what I have been preparing for.

By Mario Murillo

Someone once said to me “everything you have been through has just been preparation.”  What they did not know and what I did not know is what that preparation has been for.  Now I know.  Of all the meetings that we have done none comes close to the firepower of this one. All of the elements of moral awakening are coming together to take over a region in the very heart of California. Marshall all of the adjectives you want and they will be sadly inadequate to describe the power that radiated inside the room last night.  Describe revivals past that have been engraved in history books and there are so many eerie similarities that I actually fear to recite them, what if Sinners weep openly during the sermons.  Healings are reported without warning.  Pastors, civic officials, and prominent business leave their egos at the door and present themselves before God with total abandonment. I know when people worship God with lukewarm hearts.  I also know when people abuse worship into an emotional high.  None of those are here in this meeting.  Christ is exalted when Jason leads the singing, Christ is all in all to the audience, and Christ permeates every note song by every humble heart in this meeting.

The innocence, the purity, and the honorable nature of this event make me hesitate to tell people about it.  I do not want the hand of man to contaminate this wondrous demonstration of power. However, God does not want to us to keep this to ourselves. The signal is being sent far and wide that a fountain has ruptured the powers of darkness in Los Banos!  The Holy Ghost is speaking forcefully, “come and drink freely of the waters of life!” Never before have I seen the Word of God pierce an audience the way that it does here.  Never before have I seen the work of faith to receive impossible miracles run so deep in hearts. Los Banos 2 copy We have lost control of this meeting.  God is leaping over tradition and agendas.  Something has gotten into God and into these people that is unstoppable.  They are possessed by a holy and unbreakable conviction that God’s time has come for Los Banos and the surrounding region. The physical drought is not over but the spiritual drought is completely over. The fire, glory and power continue tonight.  I have zero doubt that later tonight I will bringing an astonishing update of healing and deliverance on an unprecedented scale!

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