Disaster-Proof your life these 4 ways.


Disaster-Proof your Life these 4 ways

No, you are not crazy; your life has gotten brutally intense.  In fact, you are up against more that you ever imagined.  Things are coming at you from all directions and they are affecting you in ways not seen before in human history.  It is more than understandable if you are overwhelmed!

 What on Earth is going on?  Is there victory over this?  What do we do about our emotions, our children, our jobs and our future?  Are there steps we can take to disaster proof our life?

 I went to the most regarded spiritual leaders inAmerica.  I wanted to hear their views about this present darkness and to see if there were any common denominators in their advice, I found 4.

 Before I give you these four treasures there are two things, I must require from you, the reader.  First, you must make a deep commitment to get to the root of what is attacking you.  Nothing could be worse than applying a half cure to your crisis because you did not get the whole picture first.  A partial cure will leave you worse off than ever.  Second, I want you to read this with a total confidence and certainty that God is going to give you the victory you need.

 Jesus said there would be days like this.  “But these things I have told you, that when the time comes, you may remember that I told you of them.”  (John 16:4)  This pre-warning is encouraging because it calms us to know that since God knew all of this was coming, He must have made special provision for our victory over it.

 Open your eyes and spirit to what is really going on.  The Bible speaks of a bonfire that the nations are forced to feed.  “Behold, is it not of the Lord of hosts that the peoples labor to feed the fire, and nations weary themselves in vain?”(Habakkuk 2:13

 The average person is carrying their precious life to the fiery altar of  technology, which was supposed to end the drudgery of our jobs and give us more free time, has done the exact opposite.  Technology gave us an overwhelming addiction to producing.  The bonfire of productivity wipes out your free time by allowing you to work from your house, your car and your vacation.  Instead of bringing a sense of accomplishment, technology drives people to endless work, and youth to endless robotic computer slavery.  That dark prophecy of family members sitting in separate rooms staring with glazed eyes at computer monitors is here now.

 Whether you are beeped, paged, faxed, emailed or walkie-talkied, you are never out of range of doing work.  This is why your clients can get your attention but your children cannot.  You cannot stop because a techno-geek who has no life is competing with you for a promotion.  We sit at these computer altars and pour the fuel of our lives in the great Babylonian fire.  Then there came the cruel surprise.  None of this “workaholicism” saved us from financial ruin.  Stock options evaporated and our once comfortable nest egg was scrambled.

 Radical change is a part of modern life, but now we have a new phenomenon – instant radical change!  You can arrive at work to find they sold your company, many coworkers are gone, and so is your job. One of the main features of the end times is persecution.  The liberal social engineers are racing to take away the rights of believers. 

The secular thought police want to erase all references to God. They bully parents into allowing the new age socialists to raise their children.    But they will not raise your child to eschew Biblical morality.  They will instill in them the values of the emerging world order.  Look around you.  Do you see the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that our faith is being squeezed out of the American mainstream?

 So here is the big picture.  We are vexed like Lot in Sodom.  The toxic waters of immorality rise turning our home into a shrinking island.  Less and less movies are safe; ever increasing lust, perversion and grisly violence force us to filter out more and more to protect our children.  We work longer hours and sleep shorter ones.  We battle traffic; we struggle to keep our head above water. Our lives, like a cruel treadmill, move faster and faster forcing to us to race with all of our might just to stay even! Worst of all this rat-in-a-maze life is being lived under the canopy of world wide dread of Armageddon. The potential for disaster seems to be everywhere.  So, what do we do? We do these four things:

 1. Win the Emotional War First.

Here’s a simple experiment that speaks volumes.  You tell someone to close their eyes, raise their arm to their side and then tell them to resist having their arm pushed down.  Have them repeat the phrases like “I am unworthy”, “I am a victim”, “and I am weak” ten times.  You’ll find that their arm can be pushed down easily.  Now have them repeat phrases like “I am strong”, “I am able”, and “I am a victor”.  This time their arm is very difficult to push down. Messages have a powerful effect on our mind body and emotions.

 If you want a simple description of the End Times the Bible says,” Men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”  (Luke 21:26) The end times then are a battlefield of toxic messages, images of dread that produce fatigue and crippling emotions.  In this battlefield emotions can kill!

 Your first order is to intercept these toxic messages and replace them with powerful new ones from the Bible and your own spirit.  Control your emotions by talking back to them. The proof of this is in what Jesus said, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”  This command cannot be obeyed unless we the power to tell our heart what to do.

 David directly challenged his emotions in Psalm 42:5 “Why are you cast down, O my soul?  And why are you disquieted within me?  Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him for the help of His countenance.” Here you see David challenging the credibility of his feelings and commanding them to hope in God.

 Flood your soul with victorious messages.  Your inner child’s tantrums must be stopped. Don’t allow voices of dread to go unanswered.  Put them in their place!  Remind yourself of how many times God pulled you out of seemingly impossible crisis. Take a statement like, “I can’t believe I’ve lost everything and I have to start over at this age” and replace it with, “This is my chance to start anew and do better than before because I am smarter and stronger now”.  Replace questions of dread: “why did I have to be born in such an evil time as this?” with questions of hope like, “Isn’t it an unspeakable honor to be on earth for God’ greatest acts?”

2.  Ask For a Big Life

 The reason the little book The Prayer of Jabez received such wild acceptance is because it is a book about asking for a big life.  Happiness has nothing to do with removing problems and challenges.  It has everything to do with being fully alive. When your life is big enough the trials don’t count!

 We cannot be sissies and crybabies who seek crisis avoidance instead of life involvement.  If appeasing life and escaping its din is happiness, then the cemetery is the happiest place on Earth!

Jesus had walked with His twelve for sixteen chapters before He told them “Until now you have asked nothing, ask and receive that your joy may be full.”  (John 16:24)  Our goal is not a painless, easy life; but a life invested in adventures against evil. Our joy comes from being fully deployed, firing on all cylinders and preoccupied with loving, giving, planning, and executing divinely imparted orders.  This divine preoccupation will act like tank treads rolling over and crushing the problems of your life.

The final two ways later today!