Today is our wedding anniversary. Read the story of how our marriage rose from the dead after we were divorced for 14 years.

Promo shot of Mario and Mechelle

Today is our wedding anniversary.  Read the story of how our marriage rose from the dead after we were divorced for 14 years.

Dear Friend,

Today is our wedding anniversary and the day that marks the greatest miracle in the history of this Ministry.  This is the story of love lost and reborn. After 14 years of separation, when it was beyond impossible, God has restored my family.  My angel Mechelle has come home!

Sit with me as I tell you how it happened. However, you must realize that this newsletter will only give you the highlights of this miraculous testimony.

14 years ago, the perfect storm struck our marriage.  When all was most right with this ministry and my life, disaster struck.  I failed God and my family.  I brought the stress of success home and took it out on my wife. She almost died waiting for doctors, ministers and me to understand her true condition.

Finally, she took our 4-year-old son and ran for her life.  The devil deluded us with false images of each other. People got between us and destroyed our communication. They told me that she abandoned her marriage and her faith.  They told me that she was deceived and that I needed to take a hard line with her.  I will regret that advice for the rest of my life! It was as if an axe fell and permanently divided us.

Though we were deeply in love, we could not swim to the surface of this tsunami.  Our marriage drowned.  We could not understand how this could have happened to us.

My hard line opened her up to a false prophet.  He used my actions to reinforce her fear of coming back to me.  He slowly gained control with “words from the Lord.” Little by little he insinuated himself into all of her circumstances.  He used demonic power to read her mind and make accurate predictions about her future.

Today we understand why Satan sent such high-ranking demons to deceive. Our destiny as man and wife was so great that Satan had to whatever He could to stop us. The Word of God warns of these false ministers: 2Co 11:13-15, “for such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

Finally, he had her convinced that returning to me would mean certain death. The years passed.  Because of this false prophet, the courts awarded me primary custody of my son.  Mechelle moved to Nevada.  I remarried. It was over and done.

More years pass.  The person I was married to leaves me for a singer.  Meanwhile, Mechelle begins to wonder if she is living under the lash of a counterfeit minister.  We both started praying identical prayers “Lord, I do know what to do know, do whatever you want with me”. Neither of us could have imagined the power of that simple prayer.

Then the Holy Spirit gave me a burden to pray for Mechelle.  I prayed for her everyday.  It is amazing who you begin to see the other person’s side of the story when you  pray for them.   I saw how deeply I had failed Mechelle. There was not even a notion that we would ever be together again.  I only prayed for a chance to say that I was sorry and to encourage her to be with her son.

Then, I had an experience that frightens me to this day. One night at 3 AM, I jerked out a deep sleep and heard the words of 1 Corinthians 5:5: “Deliver such a one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh” Then the voice of God said, “Enforce this verse over the false prophet now.”  This experience was so intense and real that the next day, I called Mechelle’s mother and said, “Your daughter is coming home, the false prophet is about to be taken” A few weeks later, he died of a stroke.  I do not rejoice in this, it is a tragedy.  I tremble as I say this to you!

The scales fell off Mechelle’s eyes.  She returned to her mom and dad. Then she began to minister to our son.  I asked her to stay with him whenever I was out of town.  It was a miraculous process to behold!  Their relationship blossomed. I stayed out of the picture.

 Months later, when I returned from an outreach and she was with Michael, I suggested for the first time that we go out to eat as a family.  Our son slyly set a parent trap!  At the last moment he said, “You two go out, I want to stay home.”

We went out but we were like scared puppies afraid to open up our hearts.  We talked freely for the first time in 14 years!  We were shocked to find out what our real feelings were and how many lies we had believed about each other.

We began a courtship. It was just like when we first met.  We took it slow and went to counseling.  When our counseling was complete, we renewed our vows on our original anniversary in December with my pastor and father in the Lord, Ralph Wilkerson.

We felt that it was important to keep this miracle low key in order to protect a tender love.  After our love became an unbreakable covenant, the time was right to tell our friends and partners.  When we were restored as man and wife, God restored the true destiny of this ministry!

We have set our house in order.  A firewall of prayer surrounds our family. Now we are ready to harvest souls on a scale unknown in this ministry’s history.  The missing ingredients are finally in place.

In many ways, our love story is a metaphor for America.  Our nation has  experienced a disastrous divorce from God.  Many feel despair for America.  Mechelle and I are living proof that no matter how hopeless our nation seems, one miracle will turn everything around. Oh, how the devil hates to hear this!

A brother in the Lord walked up to me and said, “The devil should have killed you while he had the chance because now there is no stopping you!”  I might have said it differently but I know what he means!

Gratitude is a powerful thing. Vengeance is an awesome force.  Combine these elements and one becomes unstoppable. Gratitude and the Vengeance of God consumes Mechelle and me.  Lucifer will pay for what he did to our son, our marriage and our calling. We appreciate what we have and we will never again leave it unprotected. We are the one couple on Earth that the devil should have never allowed to get back together!

An eternal flame burns within us; our two hearts beat as one.  We are together for the rest of our lives. Mechelle and I are on a collision course with awakening.  We are now relentless for revival! God has given us a passion to become mom and dad to an entire generation of young souls in America; a generation that is enslaved and cries out for love.

There are many great ministries in America. I thank God for everyone!  However, none that I know of is more thankful, more determined or more armed and dangerous than we are now!

– Mario and Mechelle.


When you know you will recover from a wounded heart.


WHEN, that is a powerful word.  It means in the event of or if certain factors exist.

You know you are going to recover from a wounded heart when…


1. When you pray about your problem more than you think about your problem.

 The Bible gives simple but profound advice in James 5:13 “Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. .  This verse flatly calls prayer a painkiller.  Here is the habit you need: replace the paralysis of analysis with prayer.  Turn all of those thoughts of regret and anger in to prayer.  Take all of the energy you use to figure out your crisis and divert it into prayer. When thoughts of dread and shame assail you at night funnel them into prayer.

God does want you to talk about your enemies; He just wants you to do it in the secret place of prayer. Here you can scream and complain all you want about your enemies.  Here is where you vent and rage against your misfortune.  1Peter 5: 6, 7 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

During intense emotional pain, negative thoughts race through your mind. You analyze, rehearse, and regret and day dream about your problem. You worry, you fret and you want to lash out.  This torture can only deepen your wound.  Submerge all of your these thoughts in prayer.  You must develop this automatic reaction.

2.  When you examine your own faults more, than you examine the faults of your enemy.

 Jonathan Edwards said,” A true saint of God is suspicious of nothing more than his own heart.”  We are very complex creatures capable of hidden motives.  Have you ever noticed that when you drive on the freeway that the person in front of you is going too slowly and that person behind you is going too fast?  That is because we assume that we and we alone are driving the right speed.

. Even if you are clearly not the one at fault for your heartbreak that does not mean that you are innocent.  It takes deep wisdom to examine yourself when you feel violated.  There are big reasons for examining yourself.  For one thing, you never want to go through this again so it is urgent for you to see why you chose a wrong mate or how you opened yourself up for disaster.

However, if you ask me the biggest reason why, in the face of even the greatest betrayal that you should examine yourself it is about power.  As long as you focus on your enemy, you give then power. When you fixate on people over whom you have no control, it only increases your sense of anger and helplessness. If instead you divert that energy into a partnership with Jesus to build a new and better you healing speeds up.

3.  When you want God to clear your path more than you want Him to clear your name. .   In any crisis, there are lies.  I am sure that someone has lied about you. You want to clear your name. Do not do that, clearing your name is your last resort.  There were only a few times in my life where God allowed me to defend myself. The only times when I was free to speak in my own defense is when God was at work defending me and allowed me to be a small part of His miracle. When God says, “Vengeance is mine”, He is not kidding!

Lawsuits only bless attorneys.  A war of words leaves no winners. A divorce battle is like a gunfight between Siamese twins.  Withdraw your foot from strife.  Let it go.

Here is a life sign for you…when you want direction from God more than you want vindication from man you are assured that you will live again , love again and laugh again. If you put your energy into finding and heading in the right direction, God will work on clearing your name.

 4.  When you realize that what you have gained is greater than what you have lost.

So much of our walk with God has to do with the unimaginable.  Paul tried to explain to the immature Corinthians the treasure that God would reveal in due time. 9 But as it is written Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,   Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.

 A new love is going to come in to your life that you cannot imagine right now.  A new career is right around the corner held in trust by the mighty hand of God.  But something far better has happened. Your compassion has deepened.  Your appreciation for so many things has skyrocketed.  The old cliché is right… “He will give you double for your trouble!”

 The story of Job can give us a lopsided perspective. His entire ordeal lasted about nine months but it led to a lifetime of well, there is that word again “unimaginable” blessing.I do not want to minimize your loss I know it was great.  You can never replace loved ones who have passed on. God is not trying to give you a substitute for your loss but a new and different blessing.  Your old dream has died but a new and unique dream is coming.

In the coma of heartbreak, you forget how many people love you, how many of your fears are unfounded, how much opportunity is out there, and how much power there is in just trying one more time.