Special attacks on believers since the reelection of Obama.


The reelection of Obama has unleashed a very special attack of Satan.  I am getting a flood of emails messages about strange things that are happening to people’s emotions.  After I prayed I say three categories of attacks on people.  I liken them to a three headed dragon. You must take immediate action against these attacks.

 The first attack I see is like a poisonous bite, the second is like suffocating squeeze and the last is like claws tearing lives apart.  This is the trifecta of tribulation!

1. The serpent’s bite.  You feel toxic. Something has bitten you.  You feel that you are gradually losing control of your body and mind.  Your heart races and fearful images flood your mind. You reel under a cloud of confusion. You jump from one solution to another trying to get the upper hand but all the while feeling that something outside you has taken control of your life.  You are exhausted. The least demand of your day can drain you.  You find yourself alone and crying and unable to explain your emotions to even your closest friend.  The people you love are drifting away.  You are gripped with paralyzing feelings of dread.  You feel helpless to make important decisions. You sense disaster is just around the corner.

2. The serpent’s squeeze.  This attack is sudden and crippling. Something came out of nowhere and changed your life in an instant. Your crisis is mummifying you.  You want to run but you cannot move.  You want to scream but your voice is trapped within you.  This attack often strikes at a time when all is going well.  It feels as if everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and there is no way out.  You cannot breathe.  The point of this attack is panic.  The enemy wants you to do something rash.  The devil wants you to abandon your place in God.  He wants to do permanent damage.


3. The serpent’s claws:  This attack is designed to tear people apart.

For silly reasons, people take offense. Disagreements that should be settled easily escalate into name calling, abuse of power, and end in incurable breaches.  Marriages are breaking up over trivial matters.  Churches are splitting over inane issues.  Children are turning on their parents without provocation or prior history of problems. Friends who once walked together suddenly become worst enemies bent on each other’s destruction. A disgusting wave of believer on believer hatred is spreading.

However, the worst of this is among Christian leaders who should most strive for unity! I experienced this attack recently. I was to speak at a minister’s luncheon to recruit workers to help us win gang members to Christ.

An emergency made me late to this luncheon. I sent a representative on ahead to warn them and I followed up with a phone call.

When I got there the leader of the event was ranting and having an emotional meltdown. I did not get angry at his railings against me because the whole thing seemed so surreal.  I apologized and tried to reason with him during a song but he refused and chose instead to twist my private remarks. He yelled, “I am going to tell everyone what you said,” and then proceeded to outright lie to the crowd.  He banned me from speaking and abruptly ended the meeting! A world renowned pastor tried to gently reason with this younger leader. Instead of accepting correction he verbally abused the man of God!

Yes, these three shocking attacks are everywhere.  Not a day passes where I do not hear of each and every one.  From all quarters I am getting desperate prayer requests.  People say, “Please pray I am so down I cannot get out of bed,” or “I am drowning in fear,” or “I do not know what is going on, friends and family are tearing each other apart!”

There is no doubt that we must take drastic action!  We must not panic or cave into the trap of Satan.  We must not forget our God and the power of His word.  So please take a deep breath and listen to this strategy to neutralize your satanic attack!

The word react kept coming back to me again and again.  The Holy Spirit kept saying, “Learn how to react to your attack.” Victory and defeat are not decided by what happens to me. I choose the result. It kept coming over and over…react, react, and react. Then it turned into REACT, REACT, and REACT!  Finally, it was R.E.A.C.T.   An acronym for: Remember Enforce Abandon Continue Train. Here is a 5 step strategy to stop these vicious new attacks and launch a withering counterattack!

Remember!  You must remember the amazing victories of your past and how you won those battles.  Psalm 20 “some trust in chariots but we will remember the Lord our God.”

You must remember your God.  Nehemiah 4:14 says “remember the awesomeness of God and fight…”

You must remember who you are and what your future is. Abigail reminded David that he was a king and to judge himself against 1Sam:25:29 his future.  Finally Paul said, in Romans 8:18 “the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory that will be revealed in us!”   The thing you want to do most now is to get relief from the pain of raging storm.  The devil would gladly give you peace.  You simply have to give up on what you were born to do.

Enforce! Things are not what they seem.  You know that Satan is the master of disguise.  If you leave it to Lucifer to define your reality defeat is certain. The devil relies on your weakness of mind to keep the lie going.  Our enemy kills through special effects.  Bending reality is his stock and trade. The goal of his smoke and mirrors is to get you to accept disaster.  He cannot kill you but he can get you to kill yourself through a fatal panic attack.  (insert Luke 21) It is up to you to impose reality on the evil one.  He must know that he cannot win. He must suffer the results of 2 Corinthians 10:4 The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty to the tearing down of strongholds . You must put your foot where it rightfully belongs; on the small of his neck!  No matter how out of control your crisis feels the truth is that God is in control and you are His enforcer!

Abandon:  In every attack there is something you must abandon, something that you are holding onto that is actually holding onto you.  2Tim 2:24 (insert).  You may want something bad to happen to someone else.  You may be fantasizing about a destructive relationship.  You may be entertaining suicidal images.  You cannot hold these and gain victory.  Forgive your enemy; cut of the parasites, lighten your load so that you can attack with speed and clarity.  There may be someone that is no longer supposed to be in your life. As T.D. Jakes said, “their part of the story is over, let them go.”

Continue: You were doing something that forced the devil to attack you.  Some harbor the illusion that Satan will let up if we stop doing what riled him up in the first place.  The opposite is true.  You must redouble your efforts to do whatever you did that made Satan mad.  If you cave in, it will embolden him to do this to you again.  On the other hand, if you press on, it will show him that future attacks are futile.  The secret to your victory is to declare your intention to do more than you did before.  Look at Peter.  He was beaten for the healing of the man at the gate beautiful and ordered not to preach about Jesus.  What was his reaction? To pray for boldness to preach and for more miracles! Acts 4:29 (insert)

At the moment that you least want to you must get up and rage against the dragon.  He must understand that you are not going to back down, back up or back out of your marriage, ministry, family, career and your life.  Figure out what it is that you were doing that this dragon hated most.  Tell him you will to do it again, do it more and better do it than ever.  The humiliation that Satan hurled at me through the pastor’s lunch only forged a deeper determination to get workers to win souls.

Train:  Yes, you will see victory.  However, victory is no time to let up. It is the scourge of our flesh that we do not like to get ready for future attacks.  Our flesh takes no thought for intense prayer or setting in place a strategy for future attacks.  George Barna said that the majority of pastors today preach motivational sermons but they do not teach strategy.  When Paul said in 2Cor 2:11 “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices,” he was training the Corinthians to fight and to be ready for the next fight.

When General Patton said, “no amount of courage will avail against an educated bullet,” he was talking about the urgency of training.  Spirit-filled bravado is useless unless it is backed up by a life that is an educated bullet.

After every attack every believer needs to go through a debriefing! Now is the time to ask urgent questions. What did you learn from your last attack?  What were the mistakes and pitfalls you will avoid next time?  What weakness in me does the enemy use to get in and disrupt my life? What will I do now to keep friendships strong, my body healthy, my children safe, my marriage loving and my money secure against future assaults?

So here is the bottom-line.  You are not crazy.  Your attacks are vicious, intense, and completely unfair.  The essence of your crisis is supernatural. This is why your counterattack must be supernatural! These 5 steps are not human wisdom, or soothing psycho-gooblygook.  You can rest in the power of God and the Word of God for victory if you will REACT!!

Extreme Guidance





Extreme Guidance

Driving home from Santa Rosa I kept thinking about how extreme life is right now and how we nearly missed this miracle.  It should never surprise us when God answers prayer however, the force and suddenness of the outbreak of miracles in Santa Rosa came out of nowhere.  I know how terms get bandied about and how much hype continues to foul up the air.  The best thing that I can say to you is you should ask someone who was there besides me.  They will reaffirm that it was a clash of thunder accented by a drenching rain of God’s presence.  

This is a time of extremes and contradictions:  Things are moving way to fast.  Things are moving way too slow.   Things are way too complicated.  Things are way too simple.  There is a great danger if you hesitate.  There is great danger if you jump the gun.

Besides all of this, we are living in a  “Best of times, worst of times” scenario.    Revival and righteousness is catching fire all around us.   At the same time rage, perversion and violence are accelerating.  Our economy is showing signs of life in some sectors but storm clouds are gathering in others that threaten to derail our gains and push unemployment back up.

Santa Rosa is a miracle we nearly missed because we couldn’t see it coming.  I should have been ready to move in an instant with God.   On the other hand, I almost blew it by forcing some doors open in other situations instead of waiting on God.  I should have taken the hint that if things are not falling into place it is because God wants me available for a block of time to harvest in a city.

My dependency on God must grow from guidance into extreme guidance. I must discover the nuances of a very fluid time in history.  I must hear God’s voice on a more basic level than ever.  This is  a time to discard all human opinion and rid ourselves of all presumption. 

The margin for error is now razor thin for all of us.  Little mistakes can now cause outsized damage. Like the times that we live in, guidance from the Holy Spirit can seem to contradict itself.  One moment, something may be the way to go and the next, we have pivot violently and head in a new direction.

Let me give you a good example :  Isaiah 40:31says,  “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” 

I know why running can make you weary but why would walking make you faint?  Galatians 6:9 says,“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”  It is by waiting on God that we discover if we are in a situation where we need to jump, run and seize a divine and not be winded by the dizzying pace.  Or, we need to draw strength from God to realize that things are going to feel like they are moving like a glacier, so we are not overcome with discouragement.

Proverbs 3:5,6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.”  This verse is no longer a poetic ode to be admired like some painting; it is a survival guide to be followed to the letter!  The word all is there twice for reinforcement. 

All: Ministries, marriages, businesses, careers now have to be run with a higher level of sensitivity to and trust in the voice of God.  We must bring Him in on the little things as well as the big.  We must cover all of our affairs with prayer and leave nothing to habit, past procedure, tradition, methodology, or biases.