Watch this. This blog will not mention any names. It will not name any ongoing event. It will not state any opinion as if it were fact. It will not call for violence. It will not offer any wacko conspiracy theories.
Who am I talking to? Big tech? Network news? Is it a political machine? Maybe some, maybe all, but I will not say. But even though I do not name you, or the fraud, this will be banned.
The proof that it is fraud is that you will not let us talk about it. Your actions tell us you know it is fraud. Something hideously illegal has happened, and you are helping cover it up. If you believed the claim of fraud is without merit, you would not censor it, you would instead provide the facts. 
Please do not ban me. Remember, I have neither named you, nor the falsehood you are defending.
Here is another way you are admitting to us it is fraud: those who defend the fraud, can say whatever they want. These large venues can make up total lies. They can all say the same thing, and join in lockstep, trying to turn unproven speculations into certainties.  They can post blogs and videos that lie and share those lies, yet they will not be taken down. They can end the careers of those who call it a fraud. They can call for violence against those who believe it is fraud. But hear me: you will not stop them. Everyone knows this. It is the mastodon in the room.
And nothing tells us you know it is a fraud more than this: you will not let anyone investigate the evidence. When people sit in rooms and refuse to let anyone see what they are doing it is because they are doing evil.
Jesus said, “For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed” (John 3:20).