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By Mario Murillo

Back in 2008 something historic happened at Chabot College.  We look back at the amazing moment.

Chabot College is neither the largest nor the most famous college in America.  Yet, there was a breakthrough here that has far reaching implications and special meaning to you. In fact, I want to explain the special meaning even before I give you the report of the souls saved and bodies healed.

When the audience came into the auditorium, their nervousness was evident to us all.  The talented worship team from Faith Fellowship in San Leandro brought the presence of God into the hall.  We thank Pastor Gary Mortara for lending us his mighty worship team!   Then Helen Baylor sang and shared her amazing story.  A blanket of God’s Spirit fell upon the audience and opened their hearts.  Helen was the perfect gift to prepare these young souls for the Gospel.

Meanwhile, I was pacing backstage feeling the weight of my sermon.  The Holy Spirit had prepared me to preach a message on the resurrection of Christ. There was to be no apology or mincing of words. My order was to simply show them the resurrection of Jesus.  There could be no revision of Christ for the sake of modern skepticism.  He was not a “great moral teacher” or “social reformer.”  He was the Risen Savior of the World.  I declared that the same power that raised Christ from the dead would save their souls and heal their bodies.

Not knowing what to expect I made a public call for them to come to Christ.  I knew that Satan put new deceptions on this generation to harden them to the Gospel.  However, all of them were neutralized by the power and love of the Holy Spirit.  The cost was clear.  They would have to demonstrate in front of everyone that they wanted to follow Jesus.  This is when the convicting presence of God was evident to everyone. 

One by one they stood to be saved.  Soon there were scores of people heading to the stage to be born again. Demon power broke, habits disintegrated and broken hearts were mended by the power of Jesus.  I will never forget the looks on their faces as they stood onstage and asked Jesus to take control.  There were untold stories of tragedy and emptiness written in their eyes.  No one can calculate the amount of pain and despair that they were trading in for resurrection power.

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If what happened was amazing, where it happened was just as amazing.  This is the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area.  This is the epicenter of the national antichrist movement.   If laws are written to limit the church, they will be written here first.  This is the place where you will find the most zeal to build a totally secular, global village.  Every honest believer in this region knows that the Church in the Bay Area is at a crossroad.  Her witness is under the greatest assault ever.  If she ever takes a stand it must be now!

Now it was time to take another critical step in this rally.  We had to minister to the sick in the audience while the newly saved received ministry in the counseling area.  How I thank God for the hundred plus army of skilled workers that were provided by Pastors Mark and Brenda Thomas  who lead Heart of the Bay Christian Center.  More than any other church, Heart of the Bay Christian Center sacrificed to make this outreach possible.

Now we felt very much at home in the Performing Arts Center.  God had transformed it into a temple of the Holy Spirit.  I exhorted the crowd to reach out and take the miracles of healing that Jesus was offering them.  There was no hesitation.  Because of the layout of the seats it was best for us to minister to people right in their seats.  This did not stop God at all.  Dozens of people rose from their seats and demonstrated their healing to the rest of the audience.  Truly, God was there to heal every kind of disease.

As I said before, the church in the Bay area is at the crossroads.  Miracle based believers will stand against the tide of persecution!  This is the breed we need in the Bay Area and all across America.