Matthew 5:6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

The Hunger Flames  

By  Mario Murillo

The last 72 hours in Los Banos changed my life even to the point of redefining revival for me.   Why we are continuing the meetings in Los Banos? The better question is “how could we stop?”

Tuesday night said it loud and clear.   We asked a question that we always ask: “If you know that you have received a physical healing tonight please stand and give God glory.  Nearly half of the entire packed house jumped to their feet to glorify God.   That is amazing but even more amazing the harvest of souls.  The front was jammed with seekers finding Christ.  In fact, it was the largest harvest of souls. 

The night that should have been the final night showed us why it could not be the final night. The tide was still rising…and not by a little but by a lot.  What on earth keeps fueling the flames of revival here?  I know what it is…HUNGER!

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It was the in the way people ask people to come to the meetings and they are suddenly saying “yes.” Martha wrote me: “My friend accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. I have been talking to her for years here at work and last night she took the step of Faith and stood up and walk down to the alter to pray! To God be the Glory!!!!”

This is not an isolated case.  The reports are coming from all directions about sons, daughters, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, coworkers, classmates and even enemies who are suddenly willing to give themselves to Christ after resisting for years.


It is in the way that people respond to the moving of the Holy Spirit to receive miracles.  There is no need to cajole the audience into obeying God.  The ravenously receive.  They forcefully reach out and take what Jesus is giving out.


It is in the way that they worship and sing.  They are pulling heaven down upon themselves. They are boisterous, they are expressive but there is not a hint of freakish behavior just true love and yearning for Christ.

These are HUNGER FLAMES! Here is a movement that is hunger based, hunger driven and hunger protected.  It is the hunger that is fueling the flames of revival.  You cannot stop an army that is hungry for God for all of the right reasons.

However it is a hunger for Christ Himself.  They love the gifts of power but they love Jesus more. They want Him and they want more of Him.

Are you thinking of coming to Los Banos?  Prepare for a personal surprise: you will be encouraged.  We are a war weary, sin sick nation.  We are battered by headlines and an unrelenting storm of bad news.   Walk into this meeting and it all drifts away.  Hope replaces dread, and bold faith overcomes fear, and many forgotten feelings of peace are restored like a surprise visit from a long lost friend.


Los Banos California: Here Comes a Baptism of Great Hope in a Dark Time.

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Los Banos California: Here Comes a Baptism of Great Hope in a Dark Time.

No one needs to tell you how sad and dangerous the world is right now.  The masses, including those in high places have cast themselves head long into extremes of violence, addiction, and even suicide.

Good news is rare and would certainly be welcomed.  That is why there is something indescribably wonderful about the events that are unfolding in Los Banos California.

At the time that we need it most, God is bathing a city with Living Proof of His Love and Power.  Moreover, He is doing it in ways that are new to all of us.

Pastor John Calderon said it best:  “Mario, I cannot go anywhere in Los Banos without someone walking up to me and saying ‘I was healed in one of the meetings and my healing has been confirmed by my doctor.”

On Wednesday September 3rd almost 500 people broke away from their jobs, schools and other obligations to walk around the city and ask God to bless all of the people.  500 may not sound like a lot but in this town it was huge!

Let’s say that you could have walked among these excited believers and asked them “what has happened to you that you are marching and praying?”  The answers would stun and amaze.  In fact, they need to be shouted from the roof tops!

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Their testimonies are the exact thing that America needs to hear right now.  Drugs gone, fear gone, sickness gone, guilt gone, and in its place is an unshakable faith for the future and joy in each tribulation.  They would tell you how impossible their life once was and how amazed they are each day by God’s mercy and goodness to them.

Watch out!  Their smile is going to get you!  Their story is going to wipe out excuses.  This is no escapist religion for the weak-minded; this is LIVING PROOF that operates in the real world.

20 Pastors who had little or nothing to do with each other before this miracle began now have total unity and love for one another.  They are herding their people into the meetings and letting Jesus pastor the city!

Who should come this Sunday?  Those who have been told by medical science that nothing more can be done need to come.  Those who have tried to break a destructive habit a thousand times need to come.  Those who have been gripped by fear in these explosive times must come. Those who have yearned to see God answer prayer for our nation need to come.

Anyone, who has ever stared at the night sky, and felt that there is no God who cares or listens needs to come and have their deepest question totally answered.

It all starts up again this Sunday November 16th at 10 AM/ 6 PM

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Los Angeles Revival will go on for a 5th Week!

shot 2 copyThis is God!  There is no doubt.  Nearly 350 have come forward.  An even greater number have been healed.  People in Southern California have completely rearranged their lives to be in every one of these indescribable nights.  We simply had to add this 5th week.   The rumbling of revival has not let up, it has intensified.  There is no other way to do justice to this phenomenon but to call it the fire of God falling on the masses and destroying the works of the devil.

To underscore the urgency of these meetings, I want you to know Brother Jesse Duplantis was scheduled to be at Echoes of Faith this Wednesday night but has graciously postponed his visit saying, “I do not want to get in the way of the moving of the Holy Spirit.” This only reinforces what a great man of God Jesse Duplantis truly is. 

I am beseeching Christians worldwide for prayer and to encourage people especially skeptics to come and see the miracles of Christ.  Growths have vanished, limbs have been healed, and dozens have reported healings of diabetes, heart disease and a host of other diseases. 

The presence of God is intense and you get the feeling that any moment Christ Himself might physically appear.  Like so many revivals I have read about in this case there seems to be a radiating presence even outside of the meeting hall in the general public that is softening them toward God and opening their hearts to be saved.

These upcoming meetings already feel like the one in the book of Matthew where the men tore the roof off of the building!  I have no doubt whatsoever that the intensity of the Glory is going to be more intense than ever in these next three nights. 

Where does it all go from here?  This is why I am begging for nationwide, yea worldwide prayer.  We have announced these as the final three nights.  However, God is the only one who knows what the future holds.  Nevertheless, you should assume that these are the last three nights and come if at all possible so you are not disappointed. 

April 1,2,3 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 7PM

Echoes of Faith:  Address: 11255 Central Ave, Ontario, CA

91762 Phone: (909) 627-0927. Childcare is available for all services.

A Worldwide Alert About Los Angeles

Los Angeles city skyline in the evening, Los Agneles, California.This is a world wide alert about Los Angeles.  I am in desperate need of your prayers.

I have no doubt that in the next few days we will be bringing you mind boggling reports from Los Angeles.  Already, thousands have gone to both our website and to the Facebook page of Echoes of Faith Ontario.  Calls are pouring in asking when and how long these meetings may last.  A person bringing people has become the hallmark of these nights.  Never in 46 years of ministry have I seen a meeting jump outside the 4 walls of a church as fast as this one.

You may have also heard of the supernatural intervention of God that we have experienced so far. Specifically that over 140 souls made public commitments to Christ in 4 days and an extraordinary number of healings have been reported in just 4 nights.  You may also be aware of the fact that we are extending these meetings for a second week starting this Sunday Morning.  I will say more on that in a moment.

The reason that I am writing this blog to you is that this meeting feels different in a way that has my spirit very sober.  No one needs to tell you the hour that we are living in and what is at stake for our nation.  You know how fervently we have been praying for something that is way more than a good meeting, something that can rise to impact an entire region.  This has every indication of being that meeting.

I am even calling on those who have volunteered and worked with us in other outreaches to pray and see if you are to come and help us bring in this harvest and spread the fires of revival!

This brings me to my prayer alert.  We need wisdom from way outside our wisdom, our frame of reference and from this world.  When I consider what is at stake it literally takes my breath away.

The messages that I must preach here are completely different and are causing my spirit to be stretched.  The intensity of the power that is being displayed is taxing my physical limits.  Even my prayer time has undergone an amazing transformation.  We are now operating on a level that is unknown to us.Ontario

Pray for us to be rid of any human ideas and to be led of God exclusively.   Pray for other leaders to see this is a regional miracle and throw in with us to harvest all of the souls we can.  Pray for protection from the evil one who dreads this event as much as any he has ever confronted.  Pray for simplicity of atmosphere that eschews all counterfeits and is unceasingly centered on Christ.  Pray for those who will be bringing severely ill loved ones from great distances.  Pray for extraordinary favor from local government.  Pray for a continued openness to the many that are going out and inviting thousands to come to the meeting.

And finally without sounding selfish…please pray for me and my family since we are under a rare mantle of power and responsibility.  We need protection, strength and power.

God bless you all and rejoice with us that this has finally come to pass!

March 10-12 This Sunday at 8:30AM/ 11AM and 6PM.  Monday and Tuesday at 7PM

Echoes of Faith:  Address: 11255 Central Ave, Ontario, CA 91762 Phone: (909) 627-0927. Childcare is

available for all services.  


Remember to turn your clock an hour ahead this Saturday night.

Scroll down to read the earlier reports of Los Angeles:

Before you read the report his is an area alert to all who live near Southern California.  The event that you are about to read about continues tonight at 7PM.  The venue is Echoes of Faith located between the 60 and the 10 freeways in Chino/Ontario on Central Avenue.  Address: 11255 Central Ave, Ontario, CA 91762 Phone: (909) 627-0927 for more information.

Los Angeles city skyline in the evening, Los Agneles, California.

Ten Years Later: Fire and Glory over Los Angeles.

It has been over ten years since Mario Murillo has conducted a healing revival meeting in Southern California.  Yes, it’s true this is the first time in a decade that we can report like this.  It appears that the wait was well worth it as something supernatural and not of this earth has struck Ontario.

Even as you are reading this the shock waves of glory still radiate.  At 12:21AM we continue to feel the afterglow of what happened tonight.

In his message entitled UNFNISHED BUSINESS, Mario chronicled his own history in the Los Angeles area and flatly stated that as amazing and wonderful as the past is what God wants to do now will far away exceed anything I have seen here before because the need is so great.”

We had to admit a doubt about this night because it began as an atmosphere that was hardly conducive to miracles.  It seemed that Satan felt so threatened by the rally that he tried to freeze the people in an apathetic stupor.

This drowsy mood was totally lost on Mario and he plowed ahead in raw obedience to the mandate God gave him to return to Southern California.  The man of God opened his heart and shared his relationship to Los Angeles in message entitled Unfinished Business.  In total transparency he shared about the days when the Glory of God covered entire basin and how Church Inc. has replaced the excitement that ran through so many congregations. He concluded with an explosive hope for the Glory and fire to return to this strategic place in the world.

Turning to his right Mario asked a man to stand and proceeded to tell him more about his body than his own doctor knew.  A clear gasp ran through the audience when the man acknowledged that everything that Mario said was laser accurate.  It that instant, the man felt mighty power and a new heart and lungs now operated fully and freely in his body.  This miracle touched off faith across the hall.

Swerving back to the center of the sanctuary Mario instructed a woman to stand and began to tell her life story.  Not only did he tell her how doctors could not explain her intense body wide pain but even details of a procedure they wanted to do on her right hand.  Now warm oil covered 12 areas of disease and pain until there stood before us a resurrected woman!  4 people who sat together in the center to stand.  The Holy Spirit healed them in machine gun style revealing the exact nature of their sickness and then ordering them to test their miracles before the crowd.  In each and every case, the healing was instant and complete.

As if to crown the night with greater glory Jesus ordered Mario to have a young man stand who looked totally healthy but was in fact living out a private hell of sickness from his skin to his bone marrow.  Fire fell and glory swallowed disease there and then!

As always, the evangelist cannot end a night without an appeal for souls.  They came broken by the display of power that convinced them not only of Jesus’ reality but of His eternal love for them.

The people who had come into the church as a curious crowd left a mighty army ready to collect friends, relatives, and even strangers to come and witness the next three nights of undeniable, irresistible power, refreshing and mercy from the Hand of God!

Stay tuned for more news about these amazing developments in Los Angeles!  Again, if you are anywhere in this area or know those that need a miracle bring them!   Here again is the information for tonight at 7PM.

Scroll down for more reports:

Fire and Glory over Los Angeles.

What happened last night March 4th 2013

The night began with souls coming to Jesus.  No sermon was preached just raw conviction that made souls come to Jesus.  Dozens made the ultimate decision and filed into the prayer room with the shouts of joy roaring from the audience.

Now Mario asked to turn to Mark 10 and see the power of crying out to God.  Blind Bartimaeus got even louder when they warned him to stop crying out to Jesus!  Mario’s point is that churches are now so formal that we fear crying out to God for our miracle.  He went on to show how our cry effects God deeply.  He said, “Jacob would not let go when he wrestled with God even though it meant death!”

Then it happened!  A silent but desperate cry went up from the heart of a lady in the back.  She embodies everything that is happening in this outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Ontario.  For months she has volunteered at this church sometimes 30 hours a week.  She volunteers despite an indescribable pain throughout her body.  Image a migraine that is not a migraine… but a beast that takes away your eyesight when it hits!  However, this is only the beginning of the devastation of Lupus.  She lived knowing that her body had declared war on itself! Her limbs were targets of torture and degeneration.

She had her regular job and then volunteered at church and still found time to come to these meetings every night.   Like Tabitha in the Bible, God remembered her good words.  She sat near the back and center of the sanctuary.  Then her moment arrived:

Mario looked all the way in the back and asked her to stand.  By now, you would think that the audience would be used to these things but it hit us all as if it were the very first time. The word of healing began, “you have excruciating pain all throughout your body.  Place your hand on your head and the power of Jesus will heal you. You are also being healed in your hands, arms legs, spine, muscles and nerves.”  As surely as those words were spoken she felt the power that no one can describe.  He body obeyed the creative healing authority of Jesus.  We all felt as if we were living out a page from the Bible.  Lupus’ symptoms vanished!  She was made whole in the name of Jesus.

What else happened last night?  Do you have a lifetime to hear about it?  A woman near the front abandoned her walker and marched across the front.  We laughed when Mario reminded us that this was so appropriate since it was March 4th and sure enough she marched forth!

Mario strode to the other side of the building and told a man “please stand and be healed of heart disease, diabetes and neuropathy.”  The man broke into open sobs as it was blazingly clear that this was all true.

The Holy Spirit swirled and flowed like a ribbon of healing racing everywhere in the hall.  Miracle upon miracle came to all who reached out in faith.

Right now at 5PM Tuesday March 5, 2013, people are heading to Echoes of Faith.  Already the crowd is forming but we have plenty of room for everyone in this large sanctuary.  If you are near Southern California, do not think that it is too late or that your case is impossible.  Bring those you love for these last two nights that begin at 7PM.

To the rest of our partners across the world please pray for this great miracle to expand and influence this region for Christ.


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The Meeting in Los Angeles will continue: Here is why.

OntarioThis is your revival correspondent from Mario Murillo Ministries.  The single question that was on everyone’s mind last night as they left (and it took a lot to get them to leave) was, how could so much happen in just one night?

It falls on me to report as best I can the amazing events of last night at Echoes of Faith in Ontario CA.   In summary it was a raging river of God’s love, it was a volcano of healing and it was intense glory.

Even as the people filed in, it was evident that something was about to overpower us all.  We sang only three songs but that is all it took for the power of God to assume complete control of the night.

Faces in the audience looked prepared to be born again.  Let me repeat that: they looked prepared to be saved.  The evangelist presented the gospel and almost instantly the largest harvest of these meetings covered the front crying to God for the greatest gift of all.

Now two miracles were happening at the same time.  In the sanctuary people prepared to receive their miracle, while in the overcrowded prayer room souls began their walk with God.

One of the perks of seeing souls saved at the beginning of the meeting is that we get to see a glorious victory parade when they return to the main sanctuary.  This does not interrupt the preaching but in fact enhances it.  Mario just stops and lets the glorious applause happen and simply resumes preaching.

When you consider all of the things that happen in one of these meetings, you would think that chaos would ensue but there is an unearthly divine order in the midst of everything.

The man of God delivered the night’s message: Why God is Having These Meetings.

1.  “We are about to lose our nation because there is a new generation that does not know God and what God has done for America.”  (Judges 2:10) ‘There arose another generation that knew not God neither the things that He had done for Israel.’  The purpose of these nights is to have one generation declare his mighty works to another.”

2. “In Acts 4 Peter knew that they way to react a government that bans the Gospel is signs and wonders.”  Acts 4:29 ‘Behold their threats and grant to your servants that with all boldness they may preach your word while you stretch forth Your Hand to heal and let signs and wonders be done by the Name of your Holy Son Jesus.’”

3.  “God sends fire to show us that He is God and that He is turning hearts back to him.”            1 Kings 19: 37 “Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that this people may know that you are the Lord God, and that You have turned their hearts back to You again.”

Los Angeles city skyline in the evening, Los Agneles, California.

After this we all knew that a cloud of power overtook us.  The evangelist said, “I sense 10 people being healing” and pointed to various parts of the hall and described diseases in vivid detail.  Soon people began reporting miracles in their body.  Only God knows how many healings beyond the first ten because faith rose in every heart.

This one miracle qualifies as a top “I wish you were there to see it” miracle.  5 rows back from the center Mario asked a woman to stand up.  Even before he said anything her body began to literally vibrate with power.

Then there came a torrent of the word of knowledge.  “You have had mini strokes that have damaged your facial muscles, arms and legs and slurred your speech.  Your eyesight and hearing are damaged; you have heart disease and diabetes.”   

This woman threw her arms out spun in a circle to demonstrate that she could both walk and see.  Then she flipped her ears with her hands to show the entire audience that she could hear!  She was not done.  She scooted to the aisle, began walking briskly and then took off running, leaping and praising God!

Many more amazing healings took place after this; so many in fact that it was inevitable for us to make this announcement:  Mario will continue for a second week at Echoes of Faith.  Here is the schedule: 

March 10-12 This Sunday at 8:30AM/ 11AM and 6PM.  Monday and Tuesday at 7PM

Echoes of Faith:  Address: 11255 Central Ave, Ontario, CA 91762 Phone: (909) 627-0927. Childcare is available for all services.

An Astounding Report about Last Night March 5th in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles city skyline in the evening, Los Agneles, California.

An Astounding Report about last night in Los Angeles.

As we have been reporting a wonderful and unusual event is taking place at Echoes of Faith in Ontario.  Fears that this might be a fluke were emphatically tossed aside as 30 souls came forward at the very beginning of the service.

Christians brought their friends and loved ones to hear the Gospel and to see the power of God.  In many ways this is the first miracle.   Whether it is because people are not open or because Christians are not witnessing, the fact is we live in a time when people do not bring loved ones or friends to church.

Here at this meeting, people are bringing people and the results are stunning.  There is something going on where people who were not open are suddenly receptive.  Believers are surprised and amazed to hear their loved ones say “yes” to their invitation.

They stream to the front effortlessly and show deep conviction over their sin.  The souls coming to Jesus is the outstanding feature of this outpouring of God.

This night full of miracle healings began with two women in the back.  Zina was healed the night before of lupus brought the lady who lived next door to her.  Mario left the platform and walked toward the back and asked Zina and her guest to stand.

Once again, the Holy Spirit demonstrated His surpassing power. Mario stared right into this woman’s eyes and told the story of her agony.  “There are two people in your family that desperately need miracles.  God is going to heal you and then you will bring miracles to them.”  She was stunned. Just before she got to church she had received bad news about her aunt’s and her cousin’s health.

Now it was her turn to be healed.  As Mario mentioned a part of her body, the corresponding pain would vanish.  Suddenly, this woman began to quake and seemed to lift off the ground!  All that the crowd could do is roar worship to Jesus!

The only way to describe what happened now is fireworks.  Popping bursts of power that would settle on people and instantly remove their diseases.  Only God knows how many healings happened in that one wave of power.


Then there came more unforgettable miracles. A man who and his young daughter were both expecting miracles.  Mario asked him to stand and said, “you sir have a massive hernia from lifting heavy objects.”  Instantly this man was reduced to tears and received his miracle.  Then Mario turned to the little girl and said to her father. “Place your hand on your daughter’s head.”  Mario said nothing else and suddenly walked back to the platform.

Once he was back in the pulpit he looked back at the father and daughter and said, “I see a mass the size of a marble that has disappeared from her brain.”  Father and daughter knew exactly what this meant and shared a miracle moment that cannot be put into words.

Is tonight the last night?  No one knows but God.  One thing is certain if you can come or hoped to come do not risk missing tonight because you assume it will continue.

Final Night?  

Tonight March 6th 7PM All seats are free.  Childcare provided.  Echoes of Faith:  Address: 11255 Central Ave, Ontario, CA 91762 Phone: (909) 627-0927 for more information.  See you there!

Was this the greatest night of miracles I have ever seen?


Before I say anything else, I want to remind you of what I have seen.  I have seen little Paul get up and walk in the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, I have seen Barbara in Seattle restored from the neck down to walk and jump.  I have Warren in Baltimore come out of a body brace.  I have seen Delma who was blind receive her sight in Oakland but I have never seen anything quite as overpowering as the mass miracle that took place last night in Santa Rosa.

How powerful was it?  The staff was ruined.  All of us sat rehearsing the events of the night until the very wee hours of the morning.  All of us admitted that we had never seen anything approaching this before.  Pastor Kel from the Lighthouse walked up to me and with a firm handshake and a deep look into my eyes says, “Mario, I was here for the entire 15 weeks of the Santa Rosa Fire and this was by far the most powerful night of all.”

We live in a time when ministry is so intense, discouraging and combative that even the Pope resigns!  We are in a season of despair that is swallowing the up our young and wiping out an entire generation.  Santa Rosa sits in the vortex of the socialist, secular progressive mind set, a mentality that has zero use for God or the Bible. 

Cover for Augus 2012t Newsletter

Yet, for all of this, the Holy Spirit sends such a drenching as I have never experienced.  He Himself sent a presence that nullified the threats of our time, removed any doubt of the power of the Gospel to prevail in any culture at any time, regardless of how dark or doubtful it is.

Mario who got healed and of what?  My answer is simply more questions, who didn’t get healed and what didn’t get healed?  The best way to describe it is to imagine that the entire complex of Living Word Family Church suddenly morphed into a space ship that gently lifted up out of the fear, evil and heartache of this life and landed in a place of profound peace, joy and power.

It was as if God had altered the temperament of the people to handle such glory.  As one weaving, swaying being of compassion people reached out to others and with holy hands brought the miracle the most pain wracked bodies.  A testimony service would have been futile.  At the very least would it have taken all night!

I kept thinking about the souls that met Jesus at the beginning of the meeting.  I laughed inside because they would go home assuming this was the way church always was!  How gloriously messed up they are now for anything less than the GLORY!

In the coming days I will relate to you more of the details of this single night.  For now rejoice and take heart that God is on the move.  He has heard our cry.  Last night Jesus made a statement by fire.  No way will America go down without the most amazing intervention of God!

Now we are preparing to return to the Friedman Events Center in Santa Rosa for Good Friday March 29th!

Friedman insert

Tonight, Mario will preach a message on TBN entitled: Excited over nothing.

TBN blog

Tonight Mario will preach a message on TBN entitled: Excited over nothing.  

Before you read the outline of the message we are asking for you to let us know you will be praying for an open door to share all of the counsel of God and for a heart of revival to get in the Body of Christ. – Editors at MMM.

Excited over nothing.

A man once said, “The problem with many women is that they get excited over nothing and then they marry them.”

Tonight I am accusing the American Church of being excited over nothing.  Before I get specific let me state the results of being excited over nothing.

We did not lose our nation just because liberals took it but because we gave it away.  We did everything to America but convert it to Christ.

Look at how many events, conferences; church services do not invite souls to meet Jesus.  Look at all the cities where the Pastors refuse to come together to win souls.

Look at all of the things we are excited about that have nothing to do with winning souls.

Too many Christians are excited by the ridiculous but bored with the sublime.

1. Excited by ridiculous perks: valet parking, slick program, Starbucks coffee and preaching that sounds like fortune cookie sayings, but not Jesus Himself.  Church has become a harmless social gathering instead of a sublime threat to the powers of darkness in their community.

-2 Timothy 3:5 “having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!

2. Leaders excited by celebrity: Some are so desperate for acceptance they cave in on their convictions about the existence of hell or what the bible says about marriage and do ask the viewer to turn to Christ.  Leaders beware if you think that you must be right just because you have a big following.

-Proverbs 25:26 A righteous man who falters before the wicked, is like a murky spring and a polluted well.

3. Excited by mystical experiences but not willing to pay the price for genuine miracles.  Beware of binging on prophecy and emotion.  Do not place personal words above the Bible and emotional binges above winning souls.  We cannot be excited about meetings that bless us but make us look crazy to outsiders.

-1 Corinthians 14: 23 Therefore if the whole church comes together in one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those who are uninformed or unbelievers, will they not say that you are out of your mind? 24 But if all prophesy, and an unbeliever or an uninformed person comes in, he is convinced by all, he is convicted by all.  25 And thus the secrets of his heart are revealed; and so, falling down on his face, he will worship God and report that God is truly among you.

4. Hyper-grace teaching that excites but removes the urgency of the lost to repent.  Abusing the goodness of God does not make them want to get saved but lets them delay.  The spirit is convicting them while was a salving their conscience.

Romans 6: 1 What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? 2 Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it?

Conclusion:  Jesus is the excitement of the Church and we must  let Him conquer us so we can retake our nation.

The fire of God on Portland Oregon

I certainly hope you are sitting down.  The great and famous city of Portland Oregon has a new challenge.  God has fallen here in an unprecedented manner.  For the first time in over 45 years of preaching I can accurately say that there were so many healings tonight that we were not able to count them.

I am not exaggerating.  The intensity of this meeting, the outright force of God’s presence was irresistible, overwhelming, earth shaking, and undeniable.   Truly something was born tonight that is not going to go away anytime soon.  God has set His mark on the Rose City and none of us can truly tell the magnitude of this single meeting.

Destiny Christian Fellowship, led by Senior Pastor Joel & Robbin Hjertstedt is an apostolic, young and vibrant church that is comprised of an amazing group of people from many different denominations, ethnic backgrounds, and spheres of influence.   Their mission is to passionately touch Heaven, and significantly change earth by releasing and sending people throughout their region to be an influence in all the major areas of our culture, from education, to government, media, arts and entertainment, family, business, and religion.It is no wonder that Jesus fell the way He did tonight.

Tonight I preached a message entitled Fire is the answer.  I began by telling them about the Stockdale paradox.  Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale was one of the most highly decorated officers in the history of the United States Navy.  Stockdale was the highest-ranking naval officer held as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He was awarded 26 personal combat decorations, including the Medal of Honor and four Silver Stars.

When Collins asked Stockdale, “Who didn’t make it out?” Stockdale said, “Oh, that’s easy. The optimists.”

“The optimists … the ones who said, ‘We’re going to be out by Christmas.’ And Christmas would come, and Christmas would go. They’d say, ‘We’re going to be out by Easter.’ And Easter would come, and Easter would go. And then Thanksgiving, and then it would be Christmas again. And they died of a broken heart.”

Stockdale said, “This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

Then I showed how Moses epitomized the Stockdale Paradox.  The brutal fact was that an 80 year sheepherder cannot go to Egypt and liberate 2.5 million slaves.

Exodus 3: 1 Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian. And he led the flock to the back of the desert, and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. 2 And the Angel of the LORD appeared to him in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush. So he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, but the bush was not consumed. 3 Then Moses said, “I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush does not burn.”

It was the fire that changed Moses.  So today as  we face the erosion of our freedom of worship, and so many other rights it looks impossible.   But God is able to restore the American church through that very same fire!

At the end of the preaching the blanket of healing fell immediately. Entire sections were being healed.  Again and again the glory would fall and heal another and another.  God simply took a broom and swept away disease.  The healings were coming so fast that we simply do not know how many healings took place.

We also made an appeal for lost souls.  They listened intently, and responded instantly

I am writing this as fast as I can to get the news to you that Portland is now the next outpouring of fire!  This one is big, real big and there is no way that it will not overflow and begin to transform this ultra-liberal city!  Stay tuned much more news of the way.


One of the most invasive and blatant displays of God’s power that I have ever seen.

Friday November 16th in Chanute Kansas, will stand as one of the most invasive and blatant displays of God’s power that I have ever seen.   People came from over a 150 mile radius.   They stood patiently in the cold waiting for the doors to open.  When they did every empty seat was filled.   You would have needed a crow bar to get one more person inside the building.

Before this night would end, scores would give their lives to Jesus and an equal number would give witness to receiving dramatic healings of every kind.  By the end of this service one would doubt that that the fires of revival will burn for years in this region of the world.  Chanute Kansas became a small town that would roar and find its place among the great moves of God in history.

The text for my sermon was 1 Samuel 10:6 Then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you, and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man. 7 And let it be, when these signs come to you, that you do as the occasion demands; for God is with you.”

My point was simple.  Deep and dark things have happened to America in the last ten days.  Events are so intense that they call for fresh anointing and wisdom that is beyond anything that the Body of Christ has known.  The Spirit of God will come upon us.  We will be changed into believers that America has never had to address before.  We must be ready to do what the occasion demands and not what regular religion or standard practices demand.

Once the message was over, God began to grant signs and wonders.  Over to my right the Lord said that a woman had fallen down a flight of stairs and that it devastated her spine and neck.  No one responded to the word.   It turned out that a lady who had never been in a healing service before was being healed but she was too terrified to admit it was her.    Moments later, Jesus mercifully permitted me to know the exact woman.  The house exploded when she stood, admitted it was her and demonstrated her healing.

Her obedience brought in a wave of miracles that would touch at least 80 people who all stood and testified to clear and undeniable healing.  Then the altars filled with souls seeking Christ for new life.

I also want to mention a miracle that happened on Thursday night.  It is one the most amazing healings I can remember.  I was ordered to march to the last row and stand behind a certain man and tell him the following, “Sir, your feet are in agony, you have kidney failure, your pancreas is dying, you have massive heart disease and your spine is in excruciating pain.  Now, Jesus of Nazareth makes you whole!”  

He had struggled to drag his pain wracked and weakened body to this meeting.  He drove two hours from Wichita desperately needing a miracle.   I returned to the stage as Jesus made him whole.  Suddenly, he jumped to his feet and began to yell, “I MUST GIVE WITNESS TO MY MIRACLE!   MY FEET WERE CRUSHED IN A CAR ACCIDENT.  I AM ON DIALYSIS FOR MY KIDNEYS.  I HAD ADVANCED DIABETES AND SEVERE HEART DISEASE…NOW I AM HEALED!”  Once again, the audience roared praise to Jesus!

The great revival of Kansas rages on!

Tuesday night November 13, 2012 Chanute Kansas is engulfed in raging flames of revival.

Tuesday night November 13, 2012.  Chanute Revival is engulfed in raging flames of revival. Seats were scarce and precious. 

You had to here early to be sure you would get a seat.  Entire families sat together waiting for mighty moving of the Holy Spirit.

The worship team seemed to pour gasoline on the fire.  Everyone one of us got lost in the cloud of God’s glory.   Wave after wave of shouts unto God rolled over the audience.  You could tell that many were in this kind of meeting for the first time in their life.  This did not seem to matter; they jumped into the praise right along with the rest of us.

I charged into the pulpit and went after souls.  I told them about the deep sadness that is so common today.  It is a crushing sadness.  I told them that all human cures have been exhausted and that Christ had the power to bring joy and peace.   I told them about the Living Water that Christ offered the woman at the well is exactly what they needed.

I challenged them to leave their darkness, addiction and fear behind.  We were stunned by the harvest.  Those hungry souls filled the front.  They prayed passionately for their sins to be washed away.  The emotions I felt in that moment cannot be put into words.

I have seen audiences blessed but this harvest of souls was almost more than they could bear.  They had to shout, clap, stomp, and cry just to get relief from their joy.

Then there came the miracles of healing.   There was an undeniable alteration of the atmosphere as God made the transition from winning souls to healing bodies.  It broke out on my right when the heat of God permeated a woman from head to toe.   When she heard the word come forth about an accident and the damage to neck, jaw and spine, she knew it was her!  God revealed 12 illnesses in her.  The details were jolting.  I was ordered to tell her about the ringing in her ears.  I told her about damage from a car accident that left almost every joint in her body in agony.  She was so overcome with wonder and power that she could not speak!

Next was a man who was hit by God like a Mack truck.  I described the disease in his heart and brain.  I to told him that he dared not lift his hands above his shoulders or he would have a coronary.  He knew he was healed and shot his hands in the air.  That is when the power exploded on his body and healed multiple illness besides heart disease.

The people did not want to go home!  I told them that we would dismiss those who needed to leave.  I told them we would sing a mighty song and if anyone was still there after we sang it three times, we would continue to minister to people.  Hardly anyone left!

Then came yet another flood of healings.  Soon there were 10 heart conditions that were healed.  Dozens experienced healing for joints, growths, diabetes, and everything imaginable!  By then end of the night nearly 80 people stood and confessed than they had been miraculously healed!

Tonight we announced that we are going to add three more rallies and the people exploded into a cheer that you could have heard from Tulsa!  I am not exaggerating when I say that this revival has the potential to touch the entire nation.  Stay tuned.