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By Mario Murillo

According to exclusive information from the Associated Press,  four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.

Hardship is particularly on the rise among whites, based on several measures. Pessimism among that racial group about their families’ economic futures has climbed to the highest point since at least 1987. In the most recent AP-GfK poll, 63 percent of whites called the economy “poor.”

Economic insecurity among whites also is more pervasive than is shown in government data, engulfing more than 76 percent of white adults by the time they turn 60, according to a new economic gauge being published next year by the Oxford University Press.

More than 19 million whites fall below the poverty line of $23,021 for a family of four, accounting for more than 41 percent of the nation’s destitute, nearly double the number of poor blacks.

By 2030, based on current trends, 85 percent of all working-age adults in the U.S. will experience bouts of economic insecurity.  Just 45 percent say their family will have a good chance of improving their economic position based on the way things are in America.


To understand why 80% of all Americans are facing poverty you can blame Obama’s obsession with Obamacare, the media’s obsession with Obama and the damage of Obamacare itself.

Obama was so pregnant with Obamacare that he squandered everything to create it.  Obamacare is why Obama did nothing about jobs when his party controlled both houses of Congress for two years.  For four years, Congress refused to even create a budget at Obama’s bidding so that the cost of Obamacare could not be evaluated.  Only Democrats voted for Obamacare.

To create Obamacare, the Democratic Party turned Congress into Frankenstein’s laboratory.  They perverted laws and parliamentary procedure like “reconciliation” to put the pieces of the corpse together.   Then the cadaver was elevated on a platform to the mainstream media which provided the lightning to bring the beast to life.

Obama, no statesman to begin with, was even worse under the spell of Obamacare.  He bungled foreign policy, made clumsy and arrogant power grabs, diminished our standing in the world, our net worth and possibly our life span.  In simple terms, American is beyond human solution.

HERE IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO:  The answer we seek is prescribed in the last verse of the Star Spangled Banner:

“Oh! Thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand between their loved home and the war’s desolation! Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation. Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.” And the Star – Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”

In this verse we find three things:  1. Strong medicine for our poverty and disgrace.  2. An act of honor and worship that will save us.  3. And finally, a nation rescuing declaration: “In God is our trust!”


1. Mario Murillo Ministries will henceforth refer to America as the HEAVEN RESCUED LAND.  Our national anthem declares that we were born from a divine rescue mission!  You cannot say that without also speaking of REVIVAL!  We are a nation of revivals.  We have been rescued by revivals.  Awakenings have come at key times in our history.

Just when doom was certain God has come on the American scene with a vengeance.  As a youth I began reading about the moral awakenings in our nation’s history.  I saw a pattern, a glorious tapestry of mercy and grace that visited us again and again.  My heart burned with the accounts of how entire cities would shut down to pray, how crime was abated and families restored.

Then I lived to see it with my own eyes in the Jesus Movement.  Millions of American youth were converted in the next two decades and the Church was ignited nationwide.

Revival is what we must seek and the nucleus of what we preach.

2. “Then conquer we must when our cause it is just.”  Mario Murillo Ministries will speak out because it is a just cause!  How shall we preachers allow false humility and political politeness to keep us silent in America’s darkest hour?  Combating the poverty that is spreading like locusts is a just cause.  Speaking out in defense of marriage and the unborn is a just cause.  To refuse government constraints on our First Amendment right to speak out in our pulpits is a just cause.

Lightning Strikes Oak Tree

3.  “In God is our trust.”  The enemy we face is sophisticated, organized and well-funded.  Any endeavor with a human origin is doomed from the start.   Going forward, every Pastor, leader and believer must saturate their plans in prayer and tune their souls to hear solutions from the Holy Spirit.  The ideas must come from Him.  The finances will come for divinely approved projects.  We will find the strategies we need, the words that will silence our enemy and the miracles that will confirm and convince a secular generation.

In conclusion:  To make a difference we must see the threat.  To retake the land we must call on God.  We must speak out loud and clear.  We must provoke the lukewarm to action and the lost to redemption.  The matter is summed up in the Prayer of Saint Peter:

“Now, Lord, look on their threats, and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word,  by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus.”- Acts 4: 29,30.

P.S.  We are moving full speed ahead on our next Living Proof Crusade!

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Part Two: An open letter about a dangerous lie.

I admit that this caption is a little over the top and may seem simplistic and no I am not trying to pull illegal votes away from Obama to Romney.  But now that I have your attention let me explain.

I am speaking out in this blog as a private citizen not as an evangelist.  When I am in the pulpit I am consumed by the call to destroy the works of the devil through the Gospel.  This blog is my sole outlet to speak out on issues that burn in my soul for my people and my nation.

Obama is a job killer.  He has never done anything in his life that has equipped him for managing a hardware store let alone the most powerful nation in the world.  What makes him even more dangerous is his zeal for a bankrupt ideology.  He has malice toward capitalism and he embraced  Marxist tactics that making lying a noble act in the course of achieving “justice.”  He wants to forcefully take money from those who worked hard and succeeded and give it to many who refuse to work.

Some still reel from the kool aid saying, “Give Obama a chance.”  4 years is more than a chance and he spent the first two years utterly ignoring the economy while he forced through a health care bill that most Americans hate and is on life support in the Supreme Court.  He wasted those years because he does not care if you get a job.

Now he has become even more dangerous.  He seems to be abandoning all ideology except for one, his ideal of being reelected.

Even Jimmy Carter has turned on Obama for violating human rights! Jimmy Carter???   The former president (76-80) of the United States Jimmy Carter, blasted his Democratic Party’s incumbent president Barack Obama and his administration of blatant violations of human rights. In a 25 June New York Times article titled “A Cruel and Unusual Record,” Carter blasts the administration‘s foreign policy decisions and the implications for the United States’ “moral authority” around the world.

He wrote:

“Revelations that top officials are targeting people to be assassinated abroad, including American citizens, are only the most recent, disturbing proof of how far our nation’s violation of human rights has extended….Recent legislation has made legal the president’s right to detain a person indefinitely on suspicion of affiliation with terrorist organizations or “associated forces,” a broad, vague power that can be abused without meaningful oversight from the courts or Congress…This law violates the right to freedom of expression and to be presumed innocent until proved guilty, two other rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

The media still sees Obama as a darling that must be protected from criticism.  Bush hunted down captured and water boarded Al Qaeda leaders to get information but Obama kills,reserves the right to kill Americans, then leaks the secret that he kills to appear like he is a strong leader…yet the media says nothing.

I believe that Obama sees himself as a dictator.  He knows he cannot win reelection on his record so he bends laws, side steps laws and arrogantly believes he is smarter than the rest of us.   Today, he is counting on the Latin Community to not see the folly of voting for him.  He is again making promises in exchange for votes.   The Hispanic community is in for a unspeakable let down because the money will run out and America will become worse than the desperate place from which they escaped.

The question for we Hispanics and all of the rest of us is not “are you better off than you were 4 years ago.”  That’s easy.  The real question is a much more painful question.  “If he did this much damage while fearing reelection, how much damage will he do when he has no such fear?”