When there is a national crisis, historically, Americans forget politics and come together as a nation. Human decency tells us to rally around those who are trying to save lives. That is how you and I think, but the leftist media does not. While you and I are fighting the virus, they are fighting Trump: with lies.

CNN has actually intensified their war on the President during this pandemic. Before we get to their latest and greatest lie, let’s do a short review:

  • They accused Trump of Russia collusion when Hillary was the actual colluder.
  • They blamed Trump for the Ukrainian quid pro quo when Joe Biden and his son were the actual quid pro quo duo.

Now, once again, the Left is blaming Trump for something Trump did not do, but that the Left did do. Only this time, it is so vile that it proves they are a total disgrace. They are claiming that Trump acted too slow and that he killed Americans. Barbra Streisand actually provided the statistic: she says Trump is guilty of killing 20,000 people. 

I wanted Doctor Anthony Fauci, one of Trump’s leaders on the coronavirus task force, to be fired for what he intimated on CNN about the President. I have since changed my opinion, because the good doctor walked back his unfortunate remark today, and because he was tricked by Jake Tapper.

How vile is CNN? Why did they need to manufacture a sound bite to make it look like Trump stood idly by and allowed Americans to die? Why were they willing to tell such a cruel lie? Couldn’t they see how that rubs salt in the wounds of families who have lost loved ones? Yes, they saw all that, but it did not stop them. They did it anyway.

This demonstrates once and for all what evil monsters these people are. Again, they do not care about truth, they do not care about winning against the pandemic. They seethe with so much hatred for Trump that it poisons their every word and action.

In their tradition of blaming the President for what their side actually did, the Left downplayed the virus because they didn’t want to appear racist. Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York City, as late as February was telling New Yorkers not to be afraid, urging them to go out to restaurants and by all means enjoy the Chinese New Year’s celebrations, because he didn’t want to look racist by blaming the Chinese for the Chinese Virus that started in China…

Even doctor Fauci said this on January 21, 2020, nearly three months ago, “Well obviously we have to take it seriously and follow the things the CDC an DHS are doing, but this is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.”

Trump acted faster than anyone to save lives by banning flights from China. Then CNN vilified him as a racist. Think about that. First they condemned Trump for acting too soon, and now they accuse him of having acting too late. See how that works?

Trump worked with the best information available at the time. The media will never admit that, in fact, they refuse to blame the ultimate villain who caused unnecessary American deaths: The Chinese Government. The evil Chinese dictators knew the real nature of this virus and hid it from the world. They more than anyone, bear the guilt of people dying and nations shut down.

The leftist media is now an evil enterprise whose sworn goal is destroying President Trump, no matter what. We are fighting two pandemics today, and they are both lethal. We are fighting coronavirus and the hatred coming from the Left and their leftist media fake news outlets. They are possessed by an evil spirit. They are incapable of logic, reason or wisdom. They have discarded all restraints and are even willing to destroy democracy to get achieve their goal. If ever you needed proof, it is right there. Nothing reveals someone’s heart like what they do during a crisis.

We need to commend the President, because they never will. We need to thank Trump for his Winston Churchill-like attack on the virus. Remember how many people the Left said would die no matter what anyone did? Thank God their numbers were wrong. Thank God for President Trump’s ongoing part in saving lives.

He needs our support now, more than ever, since Adam Schiff has already begun another impeachment investigation.

Is it tragic that any Americans died from the virus? Absolutely. Each death was a loved one, and that is one reason—besides many others—that we cannot allow this latest lie to go unanswered.  The leftist media now stands clearly exposed as the total disgrace that they are.