When 300 pastors and leaders made reservations, we were stunned. That was three times more than any previous pastors’ luncheon we had held. Then, overnight that number zoomed to 500. We scrambled to figure out how to handle such a large group. We finally capped the reservations at 700 thinking surely that would meet the demand, but we were wrong. So, we added 300 seats making the final limit 1,000. Surely, we thought, that would be enough, right? Today, our phones, email, and website are still buzzing with pastors begging to be let into the luncheon. We have no idea how many would come if we left the invitation open.

Northern California has never seen anything like this before. This is thrilling, but there is something else about this that makes me tremble before God. The thing that makes me tremble and that which is making hell writhe in fear—the thing that makes us all know that the fabric of evil is being ripped apart is something different. What is that?

What is giving Satan chest pains is why these pastors are coming. They are coming for marching orders. That is why we chose the date of March 4th to MARCH FORTH! They are coming for fire. They are coming to declare war. They are coming because they are fed up with the destruction of California. They are coming with a profound passion to be transformed. They have set this luncheon as a point of no return. They are confessing that they will never be the same.

We expect the roar of lions. We expect the drenching of the Holy Spirit. We expect men and women of God to lay everything at the altar. And then, out of their death to human purposes, to rise as vessels of fire and glory.

But March 4th is an even more solemn day than this. March 4th is the beginning of the largest, most intense outreach to lost souls in the 52-year history of Mario Murillo Ministries. Our next tent crusade will shatter all previous breakthroughs.

John Thurman Field will become ground zero for the GLORY. The tent goes up on April 18th. It will be twice the size of our old tent. This time, we are not just inviting the addict, the gangbanger, the homeless and every one in between—this time we are going out to get them and bring them in ourselves.

I tremble before God because I know that where sin abounds, grace does much more abound. I tremble before God because the voracious hunger for Jesus in this region must be satisfied.

The very ground I am standing on vibrates from an impending visitation of God. The sky above me churns with the sound of an abundance of rain.

With all the terrible events we see today—despite all the wickedness of evil government—God has set the time and the place of His vengeance on the devils infesting California. Never mind the depravity of our cultural elites and the ruling class. If God be for us—nothing can be against us!

Rejoice with me! What we have yearned for—what we have cried out to God for—what we have so deeply believed we needed, is even now at the door! Hallelujah!

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