MSNBC A Sinking Ship Of Liberal Caterwauling

MSNBC A Sinking Ship Of Liberal Caterwauling

By  on January 4, 2014 Subscribe to Robert Gehl’s Feed


I hope I’m not shocking anyone with this little revelation: Fox News is right-wing and MSNBC is left-wing.

These two stations are unapologetically partisan. They make no bones about it. The television stations’ particular news divisions attempt to  cover the news objectively, but their prime-time lineup is largely completely partisan.

And that’s ok. To a point. With Fox News raking in the ratings (and the cash), the other two networks are in a perpetual game of catchup. CNN is still trying to remain objective, but MSNBC has gone completely off the plank. And they’re imploding.

This is what a network meltdown looks like. For many years, MSNBC tried to play it straight. After all, they’re part of NBC News, one of the most venerated news organizations in the world. But they looked at Fox News and thought they could offer a “liberal” alternative. And if modern-day liberalism is name-calling and shrill clap-trap, they have succeeded marvelously.

Melissa Harris-Perry making fun of Mitt Romney’s adopted black granddaughter, Martin Bashir saying Sarah Palin should … well, I’m even too disgusted to say it. Ed Schultz makes his living calling conservative women “sluts.” And Keith Olbermann called columnist Michelle Malkin a “mashed up bag of meat with lipstick.” Is there an on-screen anchor who hasn’t said something completely out of line?

The liberals at MSNBC are incapable of forming a rational argument, so they do what they do best, resort to race-baiting, name calling and enmity-filled caterwauling.

How long before NBC – simply to save whatever reputation they have left – simply dumps the network and it’s cast of clowns?a