Here is what really happened at TBN


Dear friend,

I was on the phone for over an hour tonight with my good friend Laura Massey from TBN.  You have to understand that I have 40 years of history with The Trinity Broadcasting Network.  I consider Laura a very close friend who has been a tremendous blessing to me for many years.

She went out of her way to clarify the misunderstanding that led to a movie preempting the broadcast on Thursday night February 13th.   TBN is under contract to broadcast movies in specific timeslots.   Two hours before The Praise the Lord Program was to air because of a contractual obligation TBN was required to air the movie.

This was a simple case of miscommunication that ended up causing many people to contact us to ask why a movie was on and not the program they were promised.

Since we did not know any of this when we were asked by so many about what happened we simply said we did not know.   Some wondered if there was censorship or if I had said something to offend TBN.  I can tell you emphatically that that was not the case.  Nothing more should be read into this incident other than miscommunication.

Thank you for listening and God bless you,

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