The magnitude of this miracle in California boggles the mind. 50,000 toys were handed out to thousands of families today in Bakersfield. Every year, Stay Focused Ministries, led by my friends Manual and Liz Carrizales, stages what must be the largest toy giveaway in America. What an honor to work with Stay Focused Ministries.

Frank Saldana and the team from Inner City Action Stockton, and Mario Murillo Ministries combined efforts as we are building up to the Living Proof Tent Crusade which will take place January 11-13th. 50,000 Crusade card invitations went with every toy and in every box of groceries.

Frank Saldana praying for someone that Jesus died to save.

It took several hours to give away the toys. The look of gratitude on the faces of these families would melt the coldest heart. Yet, at the same time, you could see the evil of the lockdown. You saw the gaping wound that Gavin Newsom has inflicted on everyone in California.

A heavy blanket of despair, loneliness and sadness hangs over Bakersfield. Violence, and suicide is spiking in this community. We are bringing our tent into the fray in order to bolster the efforts of many heroes in Bakersfield.

We must especially honor and commend Pastor Wendell Vinson who leads Canyon Hills Church and the amazing efforts of City Share. He invited us to bring our army and our tent and to place the tent right in the heart of the city.

Our army is already invading Bakersfield, and they are fearless! And that is an essential trait, given the neighborhoods they are invading. The pictures you see only tell a fraction of the real story.

Unless you are physically present to see how the warriors from Inner City Action reach people in these neighborhoods, you cannot possibly appreciate the work they do.  They do not just hand out food and clothing, they minister in power. They take the time to listen and feel the pain of men, women and children, as they go door to door. They lay hands on the sick and they are healed. The miracles of hope, and healing begin even before the tent goes up.

Special thanks must also go to Pastor Julio Alas of Victory Outreach East. He has opened his building to us and it has become a clearing house of mighty prayer and worship for our army and our volunteers.

Soon, the radio ads will begin along with a mass-mailing to every home—to the thousands of homes within a large radius of the tent.

Monday begins another round of outreaches in Bakersfield, and they will continue right through the Crusade. We will not stop until we have reached every lost soul in the city.

Further good news: everyday another ministry joins us. More and more volunteers are making their way to Bakersfield to join in the harvest.

Here is our conviction: The churches in California should not be closed. We are not super-spreaders of the Covid 19 virus, because of the precautions that we take. Our crusade in Fresno was attended by thousands and there was not a single case of Covid reported.

The best way I can describe to you what is taking place in Bakersfield, is this: The presence of God is expanding over the city—particularly in the poor neighborhoods. That presence is creating an openness to Jesus which is stunning.

What excites me the most, in these weeks leading up to our tent crusade, is the expectancy. Everyone feels that something awe-inspiring is going to happen in the tent. There is something in the air that foretells miracles! There is something in the hearts of people that expects a revival!

If you want to get involved in this great outreach call us at 775 238 3473

P.S. We do not want to blunt the message you just read. This part is for anyone who wants to help  Mario
Murillo’s ministry to America. We are in the process of invading Bakersfield California. The tent
crusade starts on Monday night January 11th at 6:30 PM. 
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