What on earth kept me waiting weeks to give you this epic account of Fresno? Read on and you will see.

It was the crusade that had everything going against it. It was the crusade that answered the burning question: “If God be for us, who can be against us?” The emphatic answer is, absolutely no one.

What mountains lay before us? What obstacles did we have to overcome? I am torn. I have so much to say and so little space to say it. To do justice to the glorious story of Fresno, I could easily write a book.

Let’s start with the utter impossibility. We endured countless hours of uncertainty. Think of it! We had no permit for this event until 36 hours before opening night. Months of prayer, sweat and perseverance unlike any we had ever known went into this historic miracle. 

Yet, without that permit we forged ahead with the most comprehensive ground game. Frank Saldana, A. J. Nunes and myself formed the core that executed a complete outreach that had zero promise of being allowed. We poured tens of thousands of dollars into something that looked impossible.

Local Pastors made all the difference. They unified. They cancelled services to make a bold statement at the tent.

Families were overcome with joy and gratitude when our team from Inner City Action Stockton fanned out and touched thousands on the streets and in devastated neighborhoods. They knocked on doors with huge boxes of food. They gave a clear and direct witness of Jesus to each one. When they prayed for the sick, they were healed! Miracles on some of the meanest streets in America. Even if the tent crusade had been banned, no one could deny the multitude of miracles on the streets. That would have been reason enough to come to Fresno.

Why couldn’t we get a permit? Because we were determined to do a regular crusade and not a skeletal meeting. We needed to touch the people. We needed to destroy the fear and the lie that churches were shut down solely because of the virus.

We could have gotten a permit, if we had agreed to keep people 6 feet apart. All we had to do was limit attendance to 250 people. All we had to do was surrender to everything God told us to stand against. But we needed every chair filled. Luke 18:23, “Then the master said to the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

When we saw rioters and demonstrators without masks and social distancing operating freely. When we saw big box stores wide open. When we saw planes flying with every seat filled—we knew the truth. This pandemic was an excuse for the Left to punish the church. Some Federal Judges have ruled, again and again, that these lockdowns unfairly targeted Christians.

We stood our ground and God brought the victory. The city granted a permit. The fire department granted the other permit. We opened to the public.

Fresno matters more than we know. Yesterday, during an interview with Lance Wallnau about Fresno, Lance said this: “I don’t know why, but I couldn’t get Fresno off my mind; that it is a city that could take us to national revival.”

Sunday October 11, 5:30 PM: It’s an hour before starting time and the tent is full. We open all the flaps and now chairs are all around the outside of the tent. Our team is aware of an intense presence of God. We begin the worship 30 minutes early—and that became the norm all 6 nights.

The fire of God was on my wife Mechelle as she prayed over the crowd. It was not just a prayer it was a two-edged sword that ordered Satan to pack up and get out, and asked the Holy Spirit to come in great power. That also became the norm for all 6 nights.

Mario Murillo Ministries has made an iron clad covenant with God not to have our tent filled with just Christians, but we must have the lost, addicted and demonized in the seats. That doesn’t just happen. It takes a deliberate act of war and a well-executed plan from God.

Surveying the crowd, I know it is time to preach the Gospel. It is time to declare the Cross, the Blood, Resurrection, the return of Christ, and hell. How do I tell you what happened next? They tell me 300 souls are being saved, and forsaking all to follow Christ. Only God knows the true number. What I do know is that a lie about California just bit the dust.

For the next five nights the tent is ground zero for healing miracles and public conversions. On Tuesday night, something happened that was right out of a Charles Finney meeting. I preached about Jacob wrestling with God. I used it to describe the desperation for hope and meaning during the pandemic. Suddenly, a young man in the crowd is screaming about his despair. His voice is loud and agonizing. Our workers descend on him and bring him to the front, where Christ meets him in power.

It is never easy to tell you about the miracles. I fear God. These manifestations are too sacred for anyone to take credit. Yes, people who could not walk, take off, and some almost run around the tent. Yes, many admit their cancer, diabetes, bone diseases, as well as many other illnesses, are healed.

After all of these years, I am still startled by words of knowledge that ignite faith for healing. How can I ever forget the pastor’s wife who came all the way from Los Angeles with multiple sclerosis? They told me her hands were gnarled. They told me she suffered greatly. As I point to her section and say M.S. is being healed, she screams! The next day several people tell me about seeing her jubilant in her miracle, and her hands were clearly transformed. All glory must go to Jesus Christ!

So why did I wait to tell you this? I waited nearly two weeks to write this, so I could tell you the most astonishing part. The greatest fear that people had about this crusade was that it would be a “super spreader event.” Meaning that many would be infected. Not one person was infected with the coronavirus in our tent crusade. Not one! The only thing we spread was the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am staring at over 800 decisions cards. That doesn’t count the many who were saved, but we didn’t get cards. They say over a thousand souls came forward. Again, only God knows the real number. It is a massive harvest. Only Christ gets the glory! All the glory.

But it is only the beginning. Are we relaxing? No! We are reloading.  Armed with the breakthrough in Fresno we are laying the foundation for the greatest invasion along Highway 99 in California history.

To all of you who prayed fervently. To all of you who gave sacrificially. To all of you who volunteered greatly. I say thank you with all my heart. You share in every soul saved and Fresno.

This is a message to those who support Mario Murillo’s message to America.


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We need to act fast in California for big reasons! We are scrambling to add one more tent crusade before the end of 2020!

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We need to act fast in California for two big reasons. First, Fresno was a shocking breakthrough. Fresno is a sign that tens of thousands of Californians hunger for the Gospel. Second, the battle for America will be won or lost in California.

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We cannot leave Fresno just yet. In fact, we must take this crusade to the next level. The situation demands that we move indoors. That is why we are moving the crusade for one night into the 1500 seat Wilson Theater.

And for the first time, we will be livestreaming our historic move indoors.

The crowds, salvations, and miracles in the tent are a sign. All over Fresno people are asking questions.  What is happening, how can this be? Thousands of people came to the tent. Several hundred souls have been saved. None of this should be happening right now.

The pictures prove what I am saying. We are being visited by God. His message to the Body of Christ is clear. Psalm 110:3 promises: “Your people shall be volunteers in the day of Your power.” The Amplified Version (1987) says. “Your people will offer themselves willingly [to participate in Your battle] in the day of Your power…”

It is the day of God’s power in Fresno. The greatest work He has done is to transform the audience in the Tent.  In the day of God’s power, spectators turn into soldiers. And audiences turn into armies.

God is telling us to overcome fear and get back in church. God is telling us it is time to push back against the political evil and tyranny that has not only destroyed businesses, but that has wounded churches, and resulted in a plethora of disasters. There has been an increase in suicide, murder, rape, and a spike in alcohol and drug addiction.

God is telling pastors and leaders to speak out and not to remain silent. It is time to enforce our constitutional right to declare the Gospel and demonstrate signs and wonders.

You must understand that we are issuing a direct challenge to God-haters and devils. We are not going to take it anymore. We will not live under a lie. This is a stand we must take for our nation, our family, and our God.

Get ready for an unmistakable miracle. Prepare to see history right before your eyes.  Catch the Livestream from the Wilson Theater at  6:30PM go to https://www.facebook.com/mariomurilloministry



We have done tent crusades where many have been saved. We have done tent crusades where glorious healings have taken place. We have done tent meetings that have had great impact on the community. But what is amazing about this one, is that it is all of those things combined, and more.

The message tonight focused on these verses: 2 Timothy 3:1-5, “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!”

My sermon exposes how demonic power is perverting people and creating all the pain and misery of these last days. I drive home the point that so much of the torment that people are facing is caused by satanic power. This simple and raw sermon has a deep impact on the audience. All of us are stunned by how deeply sinners are convicted by the Holy Spirit.

The message is not a soothing sales-job that tickles ears. But that does not matter to these precious souls. They do not hesitate to repent.
I opened the altar for lost souls to come to Jesus. They start coming from everywhere to give themselves to the King of Kings. Those who look on rejoice with extraordinary joy. They know this is a sign that God is visiting their city.
The newly saved are led outside the tent. A special grace comes on our 200 volunteers who are out there praying and counseling each life that is being transformed. Then, to my great delight, they are coming back in the tent to experience their first miracle service.
Now our cameras catch the moment a man on the front row hears a word of knowledge about the three life-threatening sicknesses in his body. He is feeling cancer, lung, and heart disease leave his body. The power of God is so great he collapses to his knees. He is sobbing out of sheer gratitude.

Another man in the back receives the word of the Spirit regarding the diabetes, heart disease, and spine disorder he has suffered from. He too falls to his knees beneath the weight of glory.

These two healings are all it takes to touch off a storm of miracles across the tent. Only God knows how many were healed.

Why are all these things amazing? Because: It is an overflow crowd on a Tuesday night. It is old-time preaching on sin and hell in a time when we always hear that this kind of preaching will not work.  It is amazing because these confirmed signs and wonders are happening in a time of quarantines.

By the end of the evening I am looking out at an army—a great army, with a zeal to obey God that I have not seen. I feel caution about what I am about to ask them to do, for I know they will do it. “Get your friends and loved ones and bring them tomorrow night. We will have time to rest after this week. For now, we must pull out all the stops and run with this revival.” 

I know they will do it. I know this is a true move of God. I know that Fresno will continue to amaze.

All glory to God!





Dear reader,

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It was not until we hit the streets of Fresno, it was not until we met the voracious hunger for God in the people, and only after the number of people being saved and healed exceeded anything we had seen before—it was only after all that, that it hit us: How evil! How wrong! How devastatingly misguided it was, to close the churches.

Monique Hernandez is praying with a woman. The photograph says it all. You can feel the love of God. You can feel the desperation and cry of that new-found daughter of God. I do not know her back story, but I know her future is glorious.

The street-level miracles almost seem to make the crusade tent unnecessary. On the other hand, if this is what is happening before the tent goes up, and before the lights, chairs and PA system are set—what will God do in the tent itself? What will happen when the hurting and lost come for miracles?

For weeks now, our team from Inner City Action Stockton, led by Frank Saldana, has shared the Gospel in Fresno under an open heaven. They have invaded homeless camps. They have undertaken a massive door to door campaign. They have given away nearly a thousand large boxes of food and prayed unapologetic prayer over countless families. Again, and again, they find open hearts. The neighborhoods greet them as if they knew the Bible verse that says, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things” (Isaiah 52:7).

This report is both a blessing and a rebuke. The church should have never surrendered her First Amendment right to freedom of religion. However, what Satan meant for evil, God is using for good.

You must clearly understand what we are doing in Fresno, and why. Something will be attempted here that effects all of us, no matter where we live. This will not be a peaceful protest. This will not be an outdoor worship rally in protest of the lockdown. This will not be a friendly and light-hearted community event. It must be clearly understood that we are bringing a full-blown soul winning miracle crusade to Fresno.

We don’t care about reputation. We are not trying to be liked. We are in battle mode. We are marching to the orders and promise of 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ…”

I know how Satan works. It may appear that we have unchallenged access to Fresno, but I know better. I know that it can be a trap! I am bracing for an October surprise from the enemy. It may come from the rabble who control certain neighborhoods. It may be demented protestors. It might be Sacramento stepping in to shut us down at the very last moment. It may even be local politicians.

But God has His people here, too! God gave me this promise: Acts 18:9-11, “Now the Lord spoke to Paul in the night by a vision, “Do not be afraid, but speak, and do not keep silent; for I am with you, and no one will attack you to hurt you; for I have many people in this city.” And he continued there a year and six months, teaching the word of God among them.”

In this blog I am asking for prayer for Mechelle and me, because, as a couple, we have made a firm resolve to resist the enemy in whatever form he takes. We are utterly convinced that we are in the right, and, most importantly, that we are in the will of God.

If you would like to volunteer to be a part of this miracle in Fresno please use this link  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdPkEJaMO2-62_WGHWqycedQ1KD_eEhqi7wgGXLnHvyrOIn3w/viewform?fbclid=IwAR1hCBOx3_H-QeLMyZCzb0DBgtG6v4lG1-2-pwGz_k6lCvpnC2WzP5Hee40

I am sure of these things: The day the leftist overlords of California announce that all the churches can reopen, will never arrive. They will put it off and continue to put it off, so long as the church allows them to do it. We are not in rebellion—they are. They have invented restrictions that no longer make sense, and that were never legal in the first place. They have done this out of their antipathy toward Christianity.

The other fact I am certain of, is that we must civilly disobey those who tell us not to preach the Gospel. I believe what God said. He has many people in high levels of authority here who understand that cities in California desperately need soul winning miracle crusades. And that, by the Grace of God, is what we are going to do in Fresno.







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We are amazed at the impact of Vessels of Fire and Glory. That book is not just blessing people—it has started a movement! Critical Mass remains required reading in many Christian schools and has never stopped influencing people who pray for revival. Edgewise offers wisdom for living in the last days. Together they provide you with solid, hard-hitting and encouraging truth. Not a bad thing just now.
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Why do I call this a prophetic update? Because we have just had a major collision with a forgotten prophecy from 8 years ago. More on that in a moment.

First, let me tell you about California. We knew, going in, that California was under a vast demonic spell. Demon power here takes on many disguises. Those who would win souls here must face a new level of deception. Not just the typical grungy occult—but a new and sophisticated devil worship.

Satan’s fans aren’t just in the back alleys or garbed in sinister costumes, practicing the dark arts. They are now the average kid, from a good home—a well-to-do home—and they are dabbling, but not totally committed to the dark forces. For many, it is just playacting, a novel way to rebel against their parents, and to hate God.

Why do they hate God?

They are mixing political wokeness with the occult. They side with the devil because they see him as part of the resistance. To many, Satan is a revolutionary figure.

More and more of them here see a connection between their goals of social justice and hating God. God-hating has taken on a new persona. God is merely lumped in with all of their confused agendas.

The sign she is holding says, “Keep God out of California.” However, it appears that their sign is not working, because God is very much present in California. As a matter of fact, the State that gave us Azusa Street and the Jesus Movement seems to be shaking. Not from an earthquake, but from a truth-quake.

The team in Fresno, CA, led by Frank Saldana, sent me their report that says they “have never seen openness to the Gospel like this. The people on the streets gladly take our cards, and eagerly let us pray for them.” The tent will not go up for 18 days yet, but souls are already being saved in Fresno and bodies are being healed.

How can this be, given the increase in demonic activity? Because Satan has yet again overplayed his hand. The lockdown. The extreme violence, perversion, and the silliness of wannabe Satanists has produced a result that is the opposite of what Satan wanted. People want God. People want prayer.

But why am I calling this a prophetic update? Because in November of 2012, I wrote a newsletter that bewildered our partners. Out of the blue, I introduced a subject that had nothing to do with our activities at the time.

In that newsletter from 8 years ago, the banner read, “Does the road to American Awakening go through Fresno?” To this day, I do not know why I took such a wild departure from what we were doing, to write that article. What is really strange, is that although we have archives with newsletters that go back many years…that one is strangely missing. We can’t find a copy anywhere! Only the cover survived.

Did I come across it by accident, after 8 years? Right after we made the announcement that we would reopen our tent crusades in Fresno? I don’t know about you, but our team is pretty stoked by this.

It explains the favor we are seeing in Fresno. Not just on the streets, but also from pastors, leaders and city officials. It explains why people are already being saved and healed on the streets.

It also explains why people are making a pilgrimage from vast distances to attend this particular crusade. They are flying in from Hawaii, New York, Alabama, Kentucky, and even Canada!

I am holding in my hand, right now, a letter from a precious sister who lives in Minnesota. She says she is living with unbearable pain. She says that doctors have tried everything, but to no avail. So, she is coming. She is braving the torture of a long flight. She is coming, expecting her healing!

Does the road to American Awakening go through Fresno? The assurance that it does, is getting stronger every hour!







Dear reader,
This is a message to those who support Mario Murillo’s message to America.
As you know, the lockdown stopped our tent crusades and we are locked in a battle to restart them in Fresno on October 11th. Our major support came from tent outreaches. Prayerfully, Mario decided he would stop raising outreach money, but still keep his outreach team on full salary.
God gave Mario an idea that is win-win. Take our 3 bestselling books, make them a collection and offer them for just $27.
This collection includes a signed copy of Mario’s latest book Vessels of Fire and GloryCritical Mass the classic on revival—Edgewise a guide to living in the last days. We call it the War Chest Collection.
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MARIO MURILLO REPORTS: It is Sunday, August 11th at 5:30 P.M.  The church is surrounded in all directions by parked cars. As the sun began to set, the oppressive heat broke.  It is not just soothing, it feels like a sign. It feels like God has remembered Fresno. It feels like God is on the verge of breaking another kind of oppression.

Look at the faces. You will see a determination. You will see faith. There is great expectation! The sick have come to be healed. It is an emotional scene watching people tenderly assist family, friends and loved ones into the rapidly filling seats. Eyes gleam with their unspoken confession, “TONIGHT IS MY NIGHT!”

It’s now 5:50. The building is packed. Workers had to race to a nearby church to borrow extra chairs. We add almost 200 chairs, it’s still not enough. People are forced to stand against the walls. Now it’s a turn-away crowd. We start the meeting immediately.

Pastor A. J. Nunes stands up, and things bust open as he prays a thunderous prayer. Then the worship team begins their job of lifting us into the glories.  Chris Poe and his team from the Bridge of Marysville light up the crowd. The people are lost in worship. They sing with an intensity that is at once awe-inspiring and convicting.

Our original plan was for this night to be a taste of what they would experience in the tent, and to rally them to work with us to fill the tent.  God had other things in mind! This crowd—this power—this towering glory and presence of God far exceeds anything we could have planned.

This was not a ‘good meeting.’  What was happening was not limited to this one building. This was God falling on Fresno!

With each note that they sang, their faith grew. With each song, their passion for more of Jesus intensified.

Meanwhile, I am waiting on God to know when I should start preaching. I am torn. The people are getting power, life, and refreshing from the Lord. Years and years of prayers are being answered. Pastors are being drenched, and faith is reaching a fever pitch. How can I interrupt this?

The worship is doing exactly what Jesus said it would do. “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”  (John 12: 32). Those that came needing healing for their soul, watched their excuses die. They felt it, as the chains of addiction were being shattered. Their reluctance and resistance against the touch of God had vanished.

Finally, seeing their hunger and need for Christ, I knew it was time to preach. My message was entitled, “If you have to ask.”  In a nutshell, I said that California was not stolen by the devil, rather—the Church had given California away.

I said, “If you are a pastor and you have to ask why we must oppose the leftist agenda—if you are a believer and you have to ask God if you should seek revival—if you believe you have to ask before you speak out and challenge the devil’s hold on this State…then you are messed up.”

Now the miracles began to happen. I will never forget the blanket of power that came over me. It was no longer I who was ministering. It was as if I had ceased to exist or to have an opinion in this matter. Words were coming forth from me with power. People in the crowd were ordered to stand and then details only God knew were spoken to them, igniting faith for their healing. The Holy Spirit was pouring forth such a mighty river of life, truth and healing, that I was finding it difficult to keep up with Him.

After several were healed, I turned around and felt a demonic resistance behind me. I was standing before a woman and her husband. I knew she was being healed, but from what, at first, I could not determine. I was foggy from the evil that was opposing me. Then I knew! Witchcraft had dared to be here tonight to challenge the move of God. I warned the individual they had no power in this place. The resistance was obliterated and instantly I knew that the woman before me was battling cancer.  I knew there were multiple tumors…but mostly, I knew she was being healed. GLORY TO GOD!

I spun around and charged over to a young man far to my right. He was told to stand. He was told that his liver was diseased and Hepatitis C was ravaging his body. He thrust his arms in the air and gave a mighty roar that told everyone this was true. Then the power of God surged through his body.

I stormed across the church again, and the Lord brought me to a screeching halt next to a little lady. “You are a rascal,” I said to her. She smiled in agreement, and the crowd laughed. I could see the walker and the agony in her legs. I told her, “Being a rascal is going to help you tonight. I want you to wait and not get anyone’s permission. When the power of Jesus hits you, get up and walk, no matter what anyone else thinks.”

Miracle upon miracle came graciously from the throne of God.  It was staggering to see how long healing virtue flowed onto the people. Then I made the call for new life. All ages, races, and backgrounds filled the front.

I looked down and saw the lady I had called a rascal, standing there praying the sinner’s prayer. She was thrilled to be healed and out of pain, but infinitely more thrilled to receive Jesus.

What more could we have asked?

Let me add just one more thing. We instructed all who were at the altar to prepare to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. A young man about 16 years old burst out in tongues—his heavenly language filling the whole building. Then, one after another, others joined him in receiving the Holy Spirit.

I solemnly warn you. This is only the beginning of the Nights of Glory that will soon be coming to Dinuba, Hanford, and Fresno.

Tomorrow I will be making the biggest announcement I have made in 20 years! So stand by!