Why there is something really, really scary about this building?

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Why there is something really, really scary about this building?

By Elijah Garcia

There was a startling display of supernatural power at the ARC in Martinez California last Friday night.  Mario calls three people out and begins by telling them the distance that they drove to get to the meeting.  He said, “You came from 60 miles away.”  But he did not leave it there,” you are from 60 miles south of here.”

This man is a total stranger to Mario but his entire life opened like a book.    Mario described the man as a pastor.  “Satan has tried so hard…almost succeeded.  You have been drilling into solid rock. You have had partners that drilled with you, who then left and started their own thing. This has since died.   “The Lord is saying that the drill bit is at the last layer of shale.  You are one inch away from a gusher.”

Mario then continued “The Lord is saying ‘there is a gusher about to break forth’. It involves thousands of people. There is oil in the ground. Oil represents the Holy Spirit and joy. There is a revival of joy coming! Satan brought heartbreak. He brought heartbreak because he knew that joy would be the center piece of this revival.”  The man looked stunned and was in tears.   He could hardly contain himself emotionally.

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But now it was Mario’s turn to be shocked:   The man then asked to speak a couple of words. He told the audience how he was exactly 60 miles south from here. He also said that everything Mario said was true.

This Pastor’s name is Dennis Conner.  He had been following Mario for over 38 years. He always wanted Mario to preach at his church but only in “God’s time”   That time is March 2, 2014 because, well,  here is the rest of the story

You see, Doug Morris called Mario two days before this and said “there is a pastor in Campbell California who is asking you to come preach right away.”  Out of the blue the Holy Spirit said “go to this church.”  Mario told Doug to confirm the date of March 2nd and Mario never gave it another thought.

Now standing right in front of him was that very pastor.  Mario had no clue that he would drive 60 miles.  Not only this but God had the pastor come late or he would have met Mario before the meeting.  Instead a supernatural event took place in its exact order.  Mario was essentially  prophesying  that in a church that he was to preach in 9 days hence would see an outpouring, a gusher  that would affect thousands of people.

That is why this building is so scary…because there is no telling what is going to happen inside this Sunday.   That is why there is a buzz today around the Bay Area.  “What is going to happen in that building?  Why is God so emphatically warning us to be ready?  Why such a blazing prediction?  Stay tuned!

If you live anywhere near the San Jose area, please join us for these two explosive meetings

Sunday March 2 at 10AM and 6PM Calvary Temple of Campbell   202 Railway Ave Campbell CA 95008 Call 408 379 3700

Click below to hear the actual audio of the prophetic word as it was being given.