A funny thing happened to us after I told you about facebook.

A funny thing happened when I told you about Facebook.


Our fan page magically unlocked and I can post again.   Thanks to all of you that turned up the heat.

“Mario I share these posts every day, and depend on them every day…I don’t know what I will do if they stop”-Paula.    This is but one of many responses to yesterday’s blog about facebook shutting us down.   Facebook is a business and they have a right to their opinions.  What they do not have a right to is the false claim that they are an unbiased social network.

Please pay close attention to this week’s blogs because historic things are happening behind the scenes.   Obamacare will do its massive harm to America starting on October 1st when the exchanges open.   You are going to hear horror stories of chaos and anger nationwide.

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However, I am can show you later why this can help in the cause to remove this cancerous legislation.

Once again I feel compelled to add this message to all American preachers:  You can speak out, you must speak out.  If you take a closer look you will see that while Tea Party, Conservative and Christian nonprofits were delayed in their IRS status by Lois Lerner not one ministry lost its nonprofit status for speaking…not one!

Oh yes, Obama sicked the IRS on Billy Graham for speaking out but that suspension really backfired.  Let’s keep speaking out.

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Is Facebook is trying to intimidate us?

Is Facebook is trying to intimidate us?

intimidate us

The overwhelming majority of my time is spent preaching the Gospel.  I was minding my own business when one day Barrack Obama declared war on the Church and on America.   Everything I ever needed to know about Mr. Obama became clear to me when I found out the following:

  1. At his behest, the IRS suspended the nonprofit status of Billy Graham’s ministry during the presidential election period.
  2. At the same exact time, black Pastors were being coached by Eric Holder and the Justice department on how to campaign for Obama.

So here is the latest: Go over to our fan page mariomurilloministries/facebook and you will find I have not posted anything there for days.  The fact is that I have tried but facebook has shut down the part that allows me to post. As you know, no one can read this post except our friends but anyone can read the posts at our fan page.  However, twice now, for no reason they have blocked me from posting at our ministry fan page.  They haven’t shut down the page, they have just made it impossible for me to post anything.

My guess is Obama, reeling from his Syrian debacle, the continuing scandal of Benghazi and the certain doom of Obamacare is calling in all of his cronies to silence the opposition.  It is clear that Mr. Zuckerberg, owner of facebook is in the tank for Obama and will do his bidding.

Facebook is also paying a great compliment to the blog since it would not be shut down unless it was being effective.  It has been clear to us for some time that our blog has made a very important inroads with Christians who have actively begun opposing the anti- Christian, anti-American agenda of Barrack Obama.

So what is the best thing to do now?   It is urgent for all of us to understand that our days of free speech on facebook are probably numbered.   If you value the information that I am trying to give you then please register to follow this blog because I am convinced that our voice will eventually be totally silenced on facebook.   WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT STOP SPEAKING OUT!

Make no mistake, I do not place my highest priority on this blog.  It is a tool but the weapons of my warfare are not carnal but they are mighty to the tearing down of strongholds!  My real enemy is Satan who blinds, binds and grinds hurting souls.  My mission is to preach and prove the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ.  No weapon formed by facebook can prosper against me.   If this door closes, God will blast open another one!   The overriding reason for my posts is to help save America and alert believers to the urgency of speaking out before it is too late.

Prayer is our greatest reaction to the enemy.  Obedience to what God speaks in prayer is our great cause.   Stay strong, stay alert and do not be intimidated!