Good Friday April 18 marks the beginning of a remarkable tour.


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You want to know the truth?  They went after our children with a vengeance unseen in history.  A harem of Hollywood operatives seduced them.  A battery of activist University Professors bullied them.  A malignant media provided a smoke screen and a poisoned well of politicians flat-out lied to them. The younger generation was seduced by promises of a better life.  

But the God haters took it to another level by turning moral teaching into hate speech.  George Orwell said, “In times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”  

Isaiah said, “They say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.” -Isaiah 5:18-22

George did not mean revolutionary in the way we have come to use it i.e. “a revolutionary way to wax your car.”  He meant that those who spoke the truth would be deemed enemies of the state.

Listen to Charles Krauthammer, “The left is entering a new phase of ideological agitation — no longer trying to win the debate but stopping debate altogether, banishing from public discourse any and all opposition.

“The proper word for that attitude is totalitarian,” he explains. “It declares certain controversies over and visits serious consequences — from social ostracism to vocational defenestration — upon those who refuse to be silenced.”

Because of this and many other factors experts say American youth are a lost cause to Christianity.  How can we expect to counter the onslaught of modern evil and win the young?  How can we expect to compete with such monstrous power?

The answer is to take a closer look!  If you do you will see that a door of opportunity has opened.  Youth have seen the beast!  They are feeling the aftermath.  The brave new world of justice and prosperity never dawned.  The equality never transpired, for that matter neither did the medical coverage, the prosperity or the promised of hope and change.  What they do see is an angry self-serving tyranny that has endangered their future.

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The wreckage of his administration and the cruelty of his actions toward political enemies are now painfully clear to youth in America.

In a detailed, national poll released last month by Harvard’s Institute of Politics, nearly half of young voters said they would recall President Obama if they could. Think of that!

There is a great door opening to us and here is what we are going to do about it.

Good Friday April 18 marks the beginning of a remarkable tour.  Mario Murillo and Jennifer Azzato will team up to bring Living Proof to Northern California.  Living Proof is not just a slogan but the literal goal of this tour.  In each and every city that is included in this tour will come a night where the claim that Christ is the Son of God will be backed up with miracles.


As we see it, California leads the nation in this deception and this is where we need the miracle to start.

We need to declare truth!  The problem is not global warming…it is moral cooling.   We need miracles that will verify God’s love.   This tour provides the atmosphere for supernatural evidence to touch all who are willing to receive.  These are not nights to debate the existence of God but to experience the power of God.

The enemy we face is sophisticated, organized and well-funded.  Any endeavor with a human origin is doomed from the start.   Going forward, we must saturate our plans in prayer and only apply solutions from the Holy Spirit.  The ideas must come from Him. We will find the strategies we need, the words that will silence our enemy and the miracles that will confirm and convince a secular generation.

Join us in prayer and if you live within driving distance of one of these Living Proof events bring someone who needs Christ or a healing miracle.   Here is the Calendar of events:

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Why declaring miracle healing to a skeptical public is not theatrics but a solemn duty.

Why declaring miracle healing to a skeptical public is not theatrics but a solemn duty.

There is a good reason why my mind is racing back to the night that someone tried to kill me in the U.C. Berkeley campus: Tonight, August 24th, 2016 we begin a two day crusade in a violent and addicted city.  We are bringing Living Proof to Salinas, California.

That is why my mind races back to the night on the Berkeley campus.  All that afternoon I paced and prayed on the hillside above the campus of 44,000 students.  Seeking God and asking “how do I reach a generation of students bent on Marxist revolution?”

One voice within me argued, “You must study the great modern apologists of the faith and give an intellectual defense of the faith.  Immerse yourself in the writings of Francis Schaeffer, C.S. Lewis, and G.K. Chesterton.”   The other voice said simply, “it is not by might nor by power but by my spirit.”

The answer came emphatically that night.  I was sharing my “apologetic faith” with a flower child in front of the Student Union Building of Cal Berkeley at about PM.  What I could not see, was the massive, angry radical stealing up behind me.

This atheist Goliath grabbed me by the neck and proceeded to choke the life out of me. the words of great Christian intellectuals were useless.  I am sure that young campus radical did not understand his rage against me.


The powers of darkness understood what was at stake: Miracle based soul winning is a grave threat and demons will stop at nothing to kill miracle ministry before it is born.

God ordered me to take my stand in the power of the Spirit. In my own faltering way I did.   My assailant suddenly stopped and stood stunned by something behind me in the shadows.  To this day I do not know what startled him, I only know that I ran, and as I ran I affirmed my commitment to the Supernatural Gospel of Christ.

We began telling people they could come and be healed.  But is that right?  Is it right to offer hope to those who medical science cannot help?  Is it right to raise expectations to those who have given up on everything else?

If what say we say about Christ’s power to save and heal is false, then me are as Paul said, the worst liars in history.  But if it is true and we do not offer it freely and publicly we are the worst traitors in history!

I am praying for God to use this letter to speak to leaders everywhere! I am convicted that Christ is speaking to us right now:  He is calling us to seek Him now.  Set a date at His bidding.  Prepare your people for signs and wonders.  Vow to give all glory to God.  Invite to public to come and see the awesomeness of our God!

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Here is why it is true and why it is our solemn duty to present it to a skeptical world.  The world began to feel the power of the Gospel when Jesus stood and read these words from the book of Isaiah:  Luke 4: 18 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; 19 To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.”

1. He was hanging out a shingle:   When you start a business you do what is called hanging out a shingle.    A Shingle is a small signboard that indicates a professional office. The world began to change when Jesus stood and read these words.

He was announcing the start and the content of His miracle ministry and He did it publicly.   Here are 6 targets of His ministry:

Give good news to the poor.

Heal the brokenhearted.

Proclaim liberty to the captives.

To recover the sight to the blind.

To set at liberty those who are oppressed.

To declare the time of God’s favored.

2.  He announces by what authority He is healing the sick.

“Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”  What an astounding statement that is!   Every Jew knew that verse.  Everyone in Israel has been waiting for that verse to be fulfilled and Jesus flat out says that He is fulfilling it. Talk about raising the hopes of the people!

Yet it is right that He does this so that the miracles can be released.  And that is precisely what the Church of Jesus should do.  We must go public about the resurrection of Jesus did to the works of Satan and all of the benefits of the Gospel.


3.  God was with Him in this project. Acts 10:38 says, “Jesus went about doing good healing all who were oppressed of the devil for God was with Him.  Jesus was not acting on His own initiative.

We continue Christ’s war on the works of Satan.  Public announcements are not an option!  We must set the time and the place that the Holy Spirit has designated for the supernatural to appear.

Having settled the question in Berkeley we announced our first healing rally.  I was such a raw recruit that I stood in front of the audience frozen in fear.

 I did not know how God rewards those who—at His behest—show up for war.

In the crowd was a young man lying unconscious on a couch at the back of the chapel.  He had shot a mixture of LSD and Heroin and it made him comatose.   Supernaturally, he woke up and his symptoms vanished.   He came to the front and knelt in utter adoration of God.   This single healing launched ten years of harvest on that university campus.

Now  we must go very public to America while there is still time.

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A Vision of the Youth of the Yuba.




The Vision of the Youth of the Yuba.

First read the account of the great Yuba City High School bus disaster that happened in Martinez in 1976 from the Martinez Gazette.

“On Friday, May 21, 1976, a bus transporting Yuba High chorus students on route to Miramonte High School in Orinda for a friendship day took the Martinez off-ramp southbound from the Martinez-Benicia Bridge for a planned, brief rest stop in Martinez.

The bus turned into the sharp curved off-ramp and hit the east side of the concrete barrier of the ramp, flipping the bus over the railing, plunging 30 feet before landing on its top. The bus slid a short distance before coming to a halt. The top was crushed nearly to seat level, trapping both passengers and the driver inside.

Officers who responded identified the driver as Evan Porthero, 49, who had been employed by Transportation Lines of Marysville, a private firm who owned the bus. Porthero was injured but alive, as reported by the officers.

The Yuba City High School choir director, Dean Estabrook, was following close behind in his private vehicle. His wife, however, was onboard with the students and perished in the accident. Dean was only questioned briefly before being taken to Mt. Diablo hospital in Concord to be treated for shock.

Will Perry, head of Contra Costa Emergency Services, said the accident was one of the worst in U.S. history involving students, and was by far the worst bus accident in Contra Costa County.

Early rescue efforts resulted in the removal of only two students; rescuers initially used metal saws to get to the trapped students whose moans and cries for help could be heard. It soon fell quiet, leading rescuers to believe the worst. A crane was secured from a nearby location and with the help of four wreckers, lifted the bus enough that rescuers could get inside by 11:55 a.m.

Miraculously, 10 students were uninjured and after being checked at John Muir were brought back to help in the tragic task of identifying the seriously injured or dead. Twenty-six students were pronounced dead at the scene and two succumbed to their injuries later that day.”

Our ministry is located in Martinez CA.  Martinez and Yuba City are eternally linked by the tragedy that occurred on Friday, May 21, 1976.  Unbeknownst to me, I became a part of this mystical link after I was invited to speak at the Bridge of Yuba City by Pastors Jim and Cristina Carpenter.

I have often said that you cannot minister to a city fully unless you can weep over it.  While interceding in Yuba City I began weeping over the youth.  When I asked what this all meant I became suddenly aware of the bus disaster that occurred in the very city that God to which I am now assigned.

It was now clear to me that his tragedy had left a gaping wound in the soul of this area. A vision of a lost destiny became very overpowering.  It was as if a generation had been skipped over.  I could feel a palpable despair that said “no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you work it will not open doors for you.  There is no use in trying”   A shroud still hung over the hopes of an entire generation of youth in the Yuba City area.


Then I could see something coming toward me.  I sensed a raging river and became aware of the fact that just a river runs through this city the River of God will run through it and heal the wounds of a generation.   I could feel the voice of God saying:

“The prediction of Joel 2:28 extends to the youth of the Yuba.  Yes, I will be poured out on them.   An army will be raised up from here that will embody the very opposite traits of what they feel now.

Here now are the characteristics and the uniform of the Youth of the Yuba.   Boldness of purpose, clarity of destiny, and unstoppable zeal in the face of adversity.   These will be the young lions who do not back down or let up until they see the vengeance of God on the enemy.

Central to their method will be signs and wonders.  They will prove the Resurrection of Christ to their contemporaries not by debate or salesmanship but by the raw demonstration of power.  Most notable will be the fact that this will happen almost entirely on the streets and campuses.

In conclusion: Jim and Christina did not just become a ministry connection to Mechelle and me but real friends.  This is how I believe the Kingdom is organized.  People find each other and develop a bond of friendship and ministry extends from that bond of friendship.

It is in this bond of friendship that I believe and await with great expectation the miracle outpouring on the Youth of the Yuba.

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This is an astounding healing and it is the forerunner to something big.

 This is an astounding healing and it is the forerunner to something big.  It is time for fresh openness.  It is time to make room for signs and wonders.

Her name is Tee.  Her story is towering proof of the power of God.  She and her husband came to the meeting in Clearlake in total desperation.  She was just told she would die in 6 months.  A car wreck devastated her spine.  Her doctor said that her vertebrae were telescoping down is 5 places. she had advanced diabetes, heart disease, and to top it all off she had a dead liver.  Her condition was so weakened that the doctors said even a liver transplant would not save her.

Today at 5PM at Dream House there will be living proof that Jesus heals.  We are expecting hopeless cases to be healed!  We are also imploring people from everywhere to come to the Dream House to hear the most amazing story of healing ever.

Anyone who was present in First Assembly Clearlake will tell you that the power that they felt as she was being healed will linger in their memory for the rest of their life.

Back at her doctor’s office, the tests  verified what she already knew.  Blood sugar normal, spine restored, heart healthy, but what flabbergasted the doctor was that the X-ray showed a new liver!

You can see and hear her today for yourself.  Come if at all possible.  Bring someone you love who needs to be saved or healed.

I am writing this the night before our rally.  I already know that God will do life altering things.  This fact alone has led to some deep soul-searching. Let me share some of the things that this woman’s healing has done for me.

The healings God is doing in many ministries in many places prove that God has launched a major assault on demons and that He is already giving America and other nations another chance.  What is most exciting is that I believe that this time, unlike former times, leaders are embracing this chance!

In the revival in Clearlake Pastor Steve Snyder said something profound and urgent.  He said, “above all, I want to be open to Jesus.”  Simple words that echo in my spirit.  Miracles can be wasted, and a supernatural epoch of time can be missed.

Openness, we need it more than we can imagine!  We preachers must turn off our critical and doubting ways, and embrace the moving of the Holy Spirit in whatever form He chooses it to take.

Here are the features of openness I saw in the people in Clearlake: They arranged their lives around the meetings. They brought others to the meetings. They lost track of time in the meetings. They listened as if they were the only one in the room. It convicts me when I think of how these people went beyond the zeal of most ministers.  Miracles are inevitable when people do these things.

We have another desperate need besides openness.  We need to make room for the moving of the Holy Spirit.  Expectation is nothing if it is not matched with action. We must have an intentional place reserved for the power of God to manifest itself in our meetings.  This is even more urgent since we have entered a time of revival.  Our obedience now will mean that God will overflow our church walls and bring a long delayed message of hope to our nation.

It is quite possible that a mighty revival may ignite at Dream House that will touch the West Coast but I also know that God can use anyone who is open and makes room.  I do not care where it starts so long as it does start.  Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ!

Tee will Share Her testimony, Pastor Eddie and Mando Gonzales will minister in worship, and I will bring a message of Signs and Wonders at Dream House.  1015 Estudillo St. Martinez CA 94553.  Call us at 925 300 3007. We start at 5PM.