How will you sleep at night?

Please look at the ad from the Catholic Church before you read my blog.

Here is my question to all of the Christian leaders who have remained silent and have criticized preachers like me for speaking out.   How will you sleep at night?

One of the most common criticisms that I have received it that, “You have gone political.”    I can understand the criticism and under normal circumstances I would agree.  However, these are not normal circumstances.

What is the dynamic about Obama that made me begin to speak out?  He declared war on the church.  He became the champion for Socialism, Gay Marriage, Islam, and Radical Abortion (babies that are born alive after an attempted abortion should be killed by the attendant physician).

How can Islam and Gay Marriage mix?  In Moslem countries they execute Gays.   The answer is that Obama recognized he could not be reelected on his record.  His presidency has been dismal.   He knew that he would have to create the strangest coalition in American History to win.   He had to create it without revealing just how contradictory this coalition is to his victims.

The only thing consistent about Obama is the fact that he knew he had to make war on the Church.  He assumed that black pastors had nowhere else to go so he risked losing them by embracing gay marriage.  He felt that Moslems would follow him anyway and that Gays would not mind his Muslim sympathies.

The question is not why has Mario gone political but why have so many of you Christian leaders refused to speak out against Obama?  The answer is most surprising.   They criticize me for getting political when it is their silence that is political.   It is the worst kind of politics, church politics.   Some of you just want to hold on to your people, your career and your popularity.  If we lose this great nation, what good will all of those perks be?

So my final plea to Denominational Leaders, my brothers and sisters in ministry, Christian Television Networks on this final Sunday before the election is…How will you sleep if Obama wins because you, unlike the Catholics refused to create powerful ads or rally your people to vote against what is without question the most dangerous tyrant to inhabit the White House?   How will you sleep at night?