Portage on the verge


230 souls saved yesterday in Indiana. We had just started to cope with the glorious events in Los Banos when a new revival fire breaks out in Northern Indiana.  Now there is no doubt that God is moving nationwide through Mario Murillo Ministries. 

We will return for meetings in Los Banos on September 7th but the people aren’t waiting they are meeting in different churches, getting ready for a prayer walk with upwards of 500 people and making preparations to bring masses of lost souls to the September rallies.

The schedule that Mario had yesterday was beyond demanding.  He flew to Indiana on Saturday night and had to speak on Sunday at 8:30AM, 10 AM, and 11:30AM followed by a miracle rally at 6PM.

The three morning services were at Road to Life Church in Chesterton with pastors David and Vanessa Gargano.  This church has hit over 1,000 in attendance in just two years.  This is not just church growth it is a move of God.


The Garganos are cooperating in the regional outreach of MMM that began in nearby Portage at City Point Church.  In each service Mario preached an uncompromised Gospel.  The hunger for Christ in the people was unmistakable.  By the end of the third service 200 people had come forward to receive Christ.

At 6 PM Mario ministered yet again.  The crowd in City Point Church expected miracles and they would not be disappointed.  Wonderful words of knowledge came by the Holy Spirit healing people all over the church.

It was glorious to see one woman almost delirious with joy trying to explain how it felt to be free of pain, weakness and dizziness after 12 years.  25 people surrendered to Christ in this 6 PM rally.

Again, the entire crowd reached out and received healing power.  The current of healing grew so strong that it overcame us all.  The same fire that rages in Los Banos CA is also in Portage. I knew now that whatever strays into the path of this raging locomotive of revival in Northern Indiana will be mowed down!

The vision of Mario Murillo Ministries to bring Living Proof to America is going nationwide.  Revival fires blaze on the West Coast, the Midwest and in a few weeks Mario heads for New York City!

The fire continues tonight and tomorrow night at 7PM.  If you are in the Portage Indiana area join us at City Point Church  6474 Central Ave, Portage, IN 46368 Phone:(219) 764-8229