Adolf Hitler novel tops German bestseller chart

Adolf Hitler novel tops German bestseller chart

A satirical novel about Adolf Hitler, set in the present day, has climbed to the top of Germany’s bestseller charts.

Adolf Hitler (L) and German book writer Timur Vermes poses with his new book 'Er ist wieder da'

Adolf Hitler (L) and German book writer Timur Vermes poses with his new book ‘Er ist wieder da’ Photo: AFP

By Harry Alsop

6:39PM GMT 05 Feb 2013

Er Ist Wieder Da (He’s Back) has sold more than 400,000 copies since its release, keeping it at the top of the Spiegel’s bestseller chart since mid December.

This has been despite, or perhaps because of, a striking front cover framed by Hitler’s trademark side-parting, with the title squashed into the silhouette of his signature moustache.

In the novel, author Timur Vermes relates Hitler’s cult of personality to our modern celebrity obsession through 397 pages of pitch-black prose.

The humour is relentlessly dark, revolving to a large extent around Hitler’s interaction with modern innovations.

The fuhrer discovers jeans, sets the ringtone on his new smartphone to Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, and is disappointed to learn that Hitler89, his preferred email address, has been taken.

It begins with a woozy Hitler waking up in 21st century Berlin, oblivious to the fact that the war has ended.

Surprised by the respite in the fighting, he staggers through Berlin, unable to reconcile himself with the changes he sees around him.

His loyal sidekick Bormann is nowhere to be found, and worse still, nobody seems to be interested in the war effort.

Spotting a news stand, he is disappointed to see that his favourite paper, The Volkisch Observer, has been replaced on the shelves by a myriad of Turkish newspapers.

Picking one up, he notices the date, 30 August 2011, and faints from shock.

The kiosk owner, intrigued by a man he assumes to be a professional doppelganger, offers to introduce him to some television producers he knows.

Soon, Hitler is the star of a viral YouTube skit and a Turkish entertainment show, propelling him back towards the political spotlight.

Vermes has been accused of serious bad taste in his subject matter, but he insists farce was not his objective.

Daniel Erk, a German author, has criticised Vermes for cashing in on a controversial topic that, in his eyes, reinforces the notion that “this crazy man is only person to blame”.

He said: “This is how Germans absolve themselves of any wrongdoing and responsibility. This Hitler is the sole person responsible for the war and genocide.”

Vermes, surprisingly, is completely in agreement.

“We have too many Hitler stereotypes, which are always the same – the monster that enables us to reassure ourselves,” he told German media.

“Often, we tell ourselves that if a new Hitler came along, it would be easy to stop him. I tried to show the opposite – that even today, Hitler might be successful. Just in a different way.”

The book is due to be published in English by MacLehose Press by the end of 2014. Translations will also be available in 16 other languages, and there are rumours that a movie deal has already been struck.

It is currently only available in German.

Epilogue:  The moral of this blog is clear: we can fool ourselves into thinking that a man like Hitler could never come to power again.   Look around and consider the changes in personal rights and the increase of control of information; but especially look at the new propaganda.   The line between celebrity and authority is so blurred that we cannot question our leaders.  The chilling fact is that it is not government that is quelling honest dissent as much as it is the adoring public.   Familiar chants are starting to appear, “Yes, there are rights being trampled but it is for the good of the nation and our leader knows best.”    Again, it is only prayer and revival that will pull the world out of this dive.-  Mario Murillo

Obama to allow United Nations to tax Americans

It should come as no surprise that President Obama will raise taxes if he is re-elected.  But here’s the shocker: He will invite the United Nations to tax Americans directly.  And the proceeds would go directly to the Third World.  In this way, Barack Obama will, indeed, realize the dreams of his father.

In our new book, “Here Come the Black Helicopters: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom,” Eileen and I describe how there is now pending in the U.N. all kinds of plans to tax Americans and redistribute their wealth – not to other Americans – but to other countries.  These taxes will not be like our U.N. dues paid by a vote of our Congress.  Nor akin to foreign aid which we choose to give.  They would be mandatory levies imposed by treaty on American citizens.  And, since they would be enumerated in a Treaty – not an act of Congress —  only the president and the Democratic Senate need be on board.  The Republican House has no role in the Treaty-making process.

(Of course, we do not believe that actual black UN helicopters will land in our midst to take over our country.  But we use the symbolism to warn that the liberal, bureaucratic elites in the UN, enabled by Obama and Hillary, mean to create global governance to override American self-rule and independence).

Here is what we say in “Black Helicopters” that Obama, Hillary, and the UN are planning for us:

A “Robin Hood” tax on financial transactions.  Every time you buy or sell a stock or a bond or exchange money while travelling, you’d be hit with a financial transactions tax (a percentage of your transaction) that would go to the UN.

A global tobacco tax with the funds to flow to the World Health Organization (WHO).

A UN-imposed tax on billionaires all over the world. And don’t delude yourself for a moment that it is only the 1600 current billionaires who will be hit.  Once the precedent of a UN tax on US citizens is approved, it will gradually grow downwards to cover more and more Americans.  Again the funds will go to the UN.

Under the Law of the Sea Treaty – up for Senate ratification in December of the lame duck session – offshore oil and gas wells would have to pay a proportion of their revenues to the International Seabed Authority, a UN-sponsored organization, which would distribute the loot to the third world.

A carbon tax on all U.S. or other foreign commercial or passenger aircraft flying to Europe.  Nominally to fight climate change, these revenues would also go to the third world.

A mandatory assessment to be imposed on the U.S. to compensate third world nations for the costs of reducing their carbon output.

These taxes are, of course, only the first steps.  Once the principle is established of UN taxation of American citizens, the sky is the limit.

Is there any organizations less worthy of our trust to spend our money wisely than the United Nations?  Beset by almost constant scandal, bereft of any in-house oversight or even audit, the UN is one of the most corrupt of all international organizations.  In “Black Helicopters,” we document how pervasive this corruption really is.- Dick Morris