I can see what a lot of people cannot see. Not because I am a seer. Not because I am a prophet—which I have consistently denied.

I don’t even need any superpowers to see that a huge backlash is coming. What is happening right now in California is the reason for my conviction that it is coming. It is not simply that 500 people have already come to Modesto from all parts of the nation—to serve. And that they have come with no expectation of being blessed, entertained, or recognized. They have come to win souls and heal the sick. That is a sign.

That tons of food and clothing are going out to the forgotten and destitute is not enough for them. They must give a dynamic witness to the surpassing power of Jesus over every ill and evil. This is not a photo op or a guilt trip. They are on a mission to share the love of God. That too is a sign.

But the biggest sign is on the other side of the street. The people of California, unchurched, forgotten and seething with anger, are a massive funnel of lava racing to the surface from deep underground.

The regular people are the unseen force. They have had their fill of Gavin Newsom and wokeness. Most are loyal Democrats—some are union workers—black, brown, and Asian. You know, the trusty voter- base of the Democrat Party. THEY ARE RAGING AGAINST THE MACHINE.

They are the ones who have had their paychecks amputated by communistic taxes. They are the ones who endure the gender-bending, atheistic overtones in their local schools. They see the brainwashing garbage their children bring home every day.

These are the people we approach. They take our cards, and look at them with a knowing stare. Their eyes tell us, “I have been forced to try everything…why not Jesus?” Yes! It is happening in California. The pleasure domes are imploding. The spell is being broken.

It is stunning, maybe because we got too used to our message being rejected on the streets. But that rejection came in the early days of the backlash, back when they were hot with hatred for Trump.

That was before a maskless Nancy Pelosi got her hair done, and then drove that very beauty shop out of business.

That was before the restaurant owner went on YouTube and sobbed as she pointed to the elegant outdoor tables and food of a movie company right next to her bankrupt establishment—bankrupt and banned from doing outdoor seating.

That was before Gavin threatened families and ordered them not to have meals together and then sauntered into the French Laundry restaurant for a big dinner with, yes, his family and friends.

Then there is the crime, the homelessness, and the brutality of godless government. A backlash is coming. Yes. A backlash, sir and madam! It is as inevitable as death and taxes.

Satan put Biden in office. Sorry if that offends you, or worse, it pains you that you voted for him and brought on this devastation.

Satan always goes too far, and that is why the Democrats do, also.

The frenzy you see them engaged in, frantically passing bills to make fraudulent elections permanent—executive orders to seize your guns—laws to put a man in your little girl’s bathroom—tyrannical regulations to force you to obtain a vaccine passport.

Why are they ramming all of this down our throat? Because these socialistic villains know the backlash is coming. They know Biden is a stop gap—a mere band-aid. He was not meant to last. They are betting they can do their dirty work before America wakes up. But they are wrong.

Yes, from the ramparts of righteousness you can see the rising tide. Not since the villagers carrying pitchforks and torches stormed the Frankenstein castle, has there been such a growing rage to get rid of an evil experiment. The backlash is starting in California, but only God knows where it will go from here.

The demonic fuel of this flash-in-the-pan socialist revolution knows it is now or never.  And if the openness to God in California is any indication, their dream of totalitarian control will result in the resounding cry of, “Never!” from God the Father, in heaven, and echoed by the Body of Christ, on earth!



The time is soon coming when you must decide: should you open your church or business? To settle the question in your heart, you must peel back the layers of lies. There are wrong reasons for reopening, and wrong reasons for remaining closed. But if either reason is based on the “wisdom” of the officials in your State, you are going to get burned.

God can speak to a pastor to keep his church closed, but it had better be God speaking and not just the fear of man. We see ministers every day, soothingly expounding online how they ‘don’t want to offend.’  They tell you in super-spiritual terms that they ‘want to send the right signal to Governors’—but, if that’s their goal, they need to wake up.

People like California Governor Gavin Newsom are unmoved by your gesture. Their malice toward you predated the shutdown, and it will continue long after the shutdown. Compliant churches will have no effect on either the attitude or the plans of leftist Governors. You will get zero, zilch, nada, from them for being compliant, and staying closed.

If pleasing your State government—and not God—is your reason for staying closed, you’re wasting your time. Your reason must be God, and only God.

And, just as importantly, if your motive for reopening a church or business is to thumb your nose at politicians just to prove a point, you will also be burned. You must reopen because your conscience, convictions, and your God have moved you to action. My hope is that after you read my message, it will be clearer to you what action you should take.

Here are things that must not factor into your decision:

The state knows best:

 They lied about their goals. They told us they would reopen when the infection rate flattened. Now, without any rational explanation, they moved the goal post and ordered us to stay closed until there is a cure. Look at me: as is true for so many other diseases, we may never find a cure. For instance, there is no “cure” for the flu, and it kills 40,000 people every year. So, does that mean churches, businesses and schools will stay closed forever? State officials are showing you proof positive that they are making this up as they go along. They are in no position to tell us what we must do.


Most of what we hear from the panic-stricken Left—to put it kindly—is an exaggeration. When the State of Georgia reopened, the Left flew into a rage, promising us that thousands would die in a fresh infection. Several days later, we have seen that their claims never transpired and Georgia was right to take a realistic view of the coronavirus. And today, New York’s Governor Cuomo dropped a hint that schools ‘may not be able to open in September,’ which looks very much like a kind of ‘toe in the water’ to test public outrage.

Our witness:

Another argument some pastors make in defense of staying closed, is that it is a bad witness to the community. Once again, they are short-sighted. Millions of Americans, and an increasing number every day, are convinced that we are now a police state. They see the virus as an excuse for a leftist, socialist dictatorship to take over and destroy their livelihood.  So, let me ask you something? How do you think the churches who facilitated state sponsored destruction of their freedoms now appear to their neighbors?  How will they look to people who lost everything they have worked for to this tyranny?

The courts:

The next fact that should show you the truth, is what the courts are doing. They are striking down some of the shutdown orders of certain States, and several Federal Courts agree that States have seized power over churches and businesses illegally. What is most important to you, is not just that the courts correctly sided with the Constitution, but that they also factored in the best medical information available to weigh the risks.

Hatred of Trump:

Here’s the litmus test for reopening or not reopening: Find me one single avid fan of America remaining closed who does not also hate Trump. Everyone knows that these Governors want to destroy Trump and if that means they have to destroy the economy, so be it.

Think of that for a moment. We have people in State Houses who would rather see thousands of people die than have Trump reelected…and you are trying to curry their favor by agreeing to kill your business or permanently damage your congregation? Sorry, there’s no way God is in that—and you are going to get burned.

Why would you trust state officials that the courts, and a growing majority of Americans, consider criminals? The church is the last hope of America, and we must not give in to the plans of those who hate us.

“Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law, have fellowship with You? They gather together against the life of the righteous, and condemn innocent blood. But the Lord has been my defense, and my God is the rock of my refuge. He has brought upon them their own iniquity, and shall cut them off in their own wickedness; the Lord our God shall cut them off” (Psalm 94:20).