Some Breaking News from Mario Murillo Ministries: A Miracle of Reignited Revival.


Some Breaking News from Mario Murillo Ministries: A Miracle of Reignited Revival.

MMM Staff

To our Friends around the world we bring you exciting news:

Without warning the fire of God fell again last night in Santa Rosa.  We are extending our stay one more night!  We say without warning because it was an event that wasn’t even supposed to happen.  The possibility of Mario Murillo Ministries returning to Santa Rosa was slim to none.  Read on we’ll explain.

First a little history: How last night came to be is a miracle story all by its self.  In 2012 we came to Santa Rosa for Memorial Day weekend.  We ended up staying until October!  Tens of thousands of lives were eternally transformed by the resident glory of God that crowned the city for those months.

There was a visible change on the streets of Santa Rosa.  A new age counterculture persona defined the city and there was open hostility to Christ.  That is until the fire began to spread and the attitude changed.  People were open-hearted to those who handed out tracts and cards about Christ and the ongoing Santa Rosa Fire.

Inside of Living Word Family Church hundreds testified to divine healing and diverse supernatural manifestations were reported.  The services had to be moved to larger meetings halls three times!

In early October 2014 it all  seemed to be over.  When a meeting of this kind is over it is extremely unlikely that you can ever recapture the original fire.  There are many reasons for this but one very big reason is that the temptation to relive the past almost  always squelches the power of God.

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Mario remembered his most cherished moment in Santa Rosa:  A breakfast with over a hundred leaders in the historic Church of the One Tree.  It seemed that nothing could stop us now that unity had come.  The unity did not reach its destiny.

So it was over and history shows that areas where revival has come can get burned over.  As we said the odds of returning were long indeed.

An intense desire to finish what God started in Santa Rosa began to grow in Mario for the last several weeks.  He was gripped by a passion to take back what Satan had stolen.  With that the date of November 2, 2014 was set.

We all expected a good meeting but this was way beyond a good meeting.  The Glory returned, the fire consumed our fears, the Holy Spirit released His gifts of healing power and left us overcome by God’s mercy and goodness.  The fever to win souls and touch lives gripped the crowd.  We knew that we could not leave town! 

So we are all coming back  tonight.  The meeting will begin at 7 PM.  Only Jesus knows how amazing tonight is going to be!

Last night felt as if there was never a break.  We literally took up where we left off.  Only this time there is a conviction that will keep the fire raging!  If you are anywhere near Santa Rosa and can drive to the miracle rally tonight, we cannot overstate it…you must try to get here and bring those who need healing for the body and the soul!

It is just like Jesus to rekindle a fire at the most unlikely time and in a unexpected location on the eve of one of the most important elections in American History.  If at all possible get here tonight!

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