Returning to Portland Oregon with a vengeance.

Why Portland Oregon Matters:  When two worlds collide.

I came straight to Portland from Chanute Kansas.  I did not take a break because this next assignment is so monumental.  I am in this great Northwestern city for revival!

Portland Oregon has lots of revival secrets hidden in its history.  It would shock many current residents of this ultra-liberal enclave to know the amazing acts of God that have taken place here.

In 1907, the spirit of revival burned so brightly here that all of the businesses downtown shut down between noon and 2PM everyday so that everyone could leave work and go to the Churches and pray.

Mario Murillo Ministries has a lot of history with Portland Oregon.  We have conducted 35 major outreaches here since the early 1980s.   However, it has now been many years since we have mounted a city wide assault on this bastion of bohemian life.  I felt that God had kept me away for a season but that now it is time for me to return by faith and believe for a greater revival than we have ever seen here.

Pastor Joel & Robbin Hjertstedt lead Destiny Christian Fellowship.  This church if filled with young people and revival fire.  I am here to preach two nights.  I am privileged to be joined by Dr. James Maloney who ministers in great power and miracles.  We are contending for this visit to be the ignition point of sustained revival in this key American City.

Today Monday November 19, 2012 many pastors will join us at noon to believe God for revival in Portland Oregon.  This city is due for revival, God is ready to send it and we are ready to receive it.

Why Portland Matters:  Many different groups regard Portland as the city of tomorrow.  Portland is seen as the model for the new America.  Whether it is Gays adopting children, abortion, secular humanism, legalized drugs, or assisted suicide Portland is considered the place where these radical ideas can be implemented in a way that doesn’t seem radical.  This is the palatable brave new world.

Portland can mask the failure of these concepts better than most cities.  An epidemic lurks under the Bridges, freeways and flop houses.  Young men by the thousands are hooked on crystal meth.  Drug labs are hidden everywhere.

By the same measure a revival in Portland would be seen as a model for America.  That is why I am here. I have waited years for this moment.  I knew I could not return until God had done something significant among the leaders.  The time is now!  Please pray as we move into the most important miracle rallies that we have ever conducted in this great city.

Meetings are tonight Monday November 19, 2012 and Tuesday November 20th at 7 PM  If you are anywhere near Portland please come but remember to come early because folks are coming at 5:30 PM.

Where:    Happy Valley Middle School 13865 SE King Road,  Happy Valley, OR 97086                                  PHONE: 503·723·4449


The Santa Rosa Fire will become something totally new tonight.  People will say it was a meeting but history will say that today, October 3, 2012 was the beginning of a sustained revival that is not centered on any doctrine, any method, or any person but Jesus Christ.

What began on Pentecost Sunday May 27th, 2012 blazed without a let up and now blasts its way into the Friedman Event Center.

A handful of people started this because they sincerely wanted revival.   As soon as the confirmed healings began, lost souls and backsliders began filling the front of Living Word Family Church every night.   The crowds kept growing, the fire got intense, and the miracles came in abundance.

What was born was all the more amazing because of where it was born.  Here in the land of Latte Liberals, mystics, agnostics, and a complete spectrum of alternative lifestyles, a revival landed.

Soon people were saying that the entire atmosphere had changed.  Even on the streets of Santa Rosa where so many ministries found hardness there appeared openness to the Gospel that is inexplicable.

Night after night the crowds came.  Soon they filled the sanctuary and spilled out into the lobby.   We made room for those who were discouraged from coming by moving to the Wells Fargo Center.  We did this twice using a bigger hall each time.   Still the crowds came and filled every seat.

Cooperation between Pastors crowned the revival.  To see men and women of God drop their differences for the greater good of revival was awe inspiring. 

There are too many healings to record here.  What we can say is that death and disease were judged and destroyed in every meeting.  Often we saw terminal cases stand and declare their miracle.  Many would return with documentation of their miracle.  When they would testify, it would ignite even higher bursts of fire and great praise to God!


It has gone on like this for 15 weeks!  And this week was the greatest of all.  You see, I did not preach on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday night.  The local pastors did the preaching!  Still the people showed up and gave God glory for even more miracles!     Tonight…Tonight…Tonight!!

Summed up, this revival  is not over!  Tonight we go to the biggest hall we have ever used in Santa Rosa.  It will be a culminating miracle rally at the Friedman Center!   Be there tonight if at all possible!


The Frightening Faith of the People of the Santa Rosa Fire! They are why we are adding a 14th week.

The Frightening Faith of the People of the Santa Rosa Fire!  They are why we are adding a 14th week.

Look out for these people!  They do not understand the word quit. They do not think that God will ever stop moving mightily.

Defying the gravitational force of modern religion, skeptics, and experts, the amazing Santa Rosa Fire will blast into week 14!  The power of this event to reach people and completely change their life, the myriads of healings, the nightly increase of power all add up to what is now undeniably a move of God that can stand beside any in the history of this region.

Every human explanation for the Santa Rosa Fire has been exhausted.   Last night is a vivid example.    By every reasonable measure, the people should have taken a night off last night.  When there should have been a let up instead there was a flare up!  They came more excited than ever.  They sang with as much energy as ever…this after 13 straight weeks!

Matthew 11:12  “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been subjected to violence, and violent people have been raiding it.”  This more than any verse I can name describes these soldiers of Christ that are roaming across Sonoma County. 

This revival is in their hearts.  The power of their zeal is contagious.  They have changed my life, I will tell you that!   Any announcement made from the pulpit must be weighed carefully because these warriors take it all literally.

Think of all the stereotypes that people have of American Christians and especially California Christians.  The generalizations are that they are late, fickle and shallow in their devotion.  Every one of those presumptions are obliterated in Santa Rosa. 

The most exciting aspect is that this is only the beginning of their potential.  I am persuaded that they will change the very culture of church itself.  They will force changes that are glorious.  Their vision for tomorrow is infectious.  You will get it in you if you spend time around these people.

Yes, the move goes on.  Yes, we enter the next week with more excitement and expectancy than ever.  The time for these believers has come.  They know that it is now or never for America and they are all in for true revival.

Consider coming to these miracle rallies next week no matter where you are.  There will be people here next week from Oregon, Oklahoma and many cities in California.  This will be a week that we will never forget.




What is the meaning of the fire that is falling on Santa Rosa?

What is the meaning of the fire that is falling on Santa Rosa?  More to the point what does it mean to you?  It is my hope that you will take the time to read this and be encouraged by something wonderful and real.

Before I go any further, I must make something crystal clear.  I cannot take one iota of credit for this miracle.  There is not a hint of self-promotion in this report.  This is too fearfully divine for anything like that.

So what is God trying to tell us through this phenomenon in Santa Rosa? Jesus is sending us a message that there is yet a hope for our wayward nation.  This miracle is a flower that is growing through the asphalt of a violent and perverse world on the brink on obliteration.

I searched and searched for the best description of what the Santa Rosa Fire is doing to people.  I found it!  Evan Roberts reflected on the results of the Welsh revival and he said, “The revival has restored to the individuals and churches a sense of the living presence as a reality.  This is bearing practical fruit by creating many new zealous workers.”

These wonderful, glorious people are not coming to see what God might do but to contend for God to do something!  Spectators have no place here.  False gifts have no place here.  Hollow emotionalism has no place here.

Each seat is inhabited by an eager soul.  They are not coming to be blessed, they are reporting for duty!  They are walking sermons announcing the end of regular religion.  You do not dare admit you have a need for healing or breakthrough because you will overwhelmed by people seeking to pray for you.

It is awe-inspiring to watch the mass compassion in these people.  As someone is being healing their hearts are profoundly moved by the tragedy and then the  triumph of Jesus healing.

There is an eloquent boldness here.  There is a contagious witness.  Each night I am able to call for souls at the beginning of the service because this living army has gone out and found hurting souls. Then they sing down the glory and sinners lose their protection against God. Weeping begins before a sermon can be preached.  God brings in the harvest Himself.

Outside the walls of the church there is a perceivable change in the hearts of people.  After the meeting, Mechelle and I went to In and Out Burger with our worship team and staff.  After a time of rejoicing that lingered into the night and most of our group went home, young man approached me holding a  card for week 13 of these meetings.  He said, “someone told me to ask you what this is about.”  He then did most of the talking then announced “my girl friend and I are coming to this.”  I have no doubt that he was under the influence of a regional brooding of the Holy Spirit!

Pastors have linked hearts in complete unity and have utterly surrendered their congregations to the moving of the Holy Spirit.  The cooperation would truly encourage and inspire you.

It is awe-inspiring to watch the mass compassion in these people.  As someone is being healing their hearts are profoundly moved by the tragedy and then the  triumph of Jesus healing.

The presence of God in the worship is astounding. The room fills with the saturating power of the Holy Spirit.  The people could sing their hearts out for hours and not notice.  A joy soaks into you that wrecks your pride, makes you a child instantly and breaks every chain.

What does this all mean to you? It means that fire spreads and it will soon repeat itself in cities everywhere.  It means that in your time a true revival has come and can be witnessed with your own eyes.   Who can say that God is not inviting you Himself to this event?   This is a place for broken hearted leaders to find fresh fire and new vision.

Maybe this revival is telling you to think the unthinkable, and imagine the unimaginable.  You may be moved to come from some distant land.  Calls for hotels and other information are coming from everywhere from Houston  to Hawaii!

If you come, come prepared, come after you are prayed up.  Best of all come with someone who needs proof of Christ or someone who needs a healing miracle.  Come to serve and be equipped.  Jesus is promoting this Himself and He will make room every hungry heart!

We are expecting the actual Glory to appear soon in these meetings!

It was electrifying.  It was indescribable.  It was mightier than any night I can remember.  We opened the doors early and a river of humanity poured into the Wells Fargo Center.

First came this word this morning to Pastor Burleson:

“This morning in My Prayer time with the Lord he spoke to me about future days in our Santa Rosa Fire Revival!  This is what he said:

“There is coming a time when My people in this Revival will spend the entire service Praising and Glorifying Me for the Mighty Works that I’ve done in their midst.  During this time I will pour ouf of My Spirit a saturation (I can imagine it like Niagara Falls flowing !)  that will be like the day when Solomon’s Temple was dedicated to My Glory!”

“I will fill my House and you will be amazed at the Power displayed before you, saith the Lord.

It’s Coming soon!”

I would say let your Glory come!!  Psalm 150: 2 says, “Praise Him for His mighty acts; Praise Him according to His excellent Greatness!” (NKJV)   Amen!

In His Love,  Pastor Marty

When R. C. led the worship, God jumped on us.  We sang with such freedom and power that it would have been nothing to sing all night, but the singing had to stop because we had major Kingdom business on this night.

I opened my heart to the crowd and explained what this revival was.  This is no longer just a good meeting. I told them that the level of sovereign power that is flowing over the region was way beyond a normal outreach or crusade.  This is revival in our time.

I told them that these kinds of events take place at key moments in history.  I sense a very real time of both blessing and danger.  It was at that moment that I first made my prediction that some major event is about to take place in the world that will embroil the United States and shake our foundations.

That is why this outpouring has come.  It has come to provide safety and direction for hurting souls.  That is when the call went out to come and serve Jesus.  Soon we saw the greatest number yet stream to the front and confess Christ!  I only wish you could have heard the roar of the audience as the harvest came to Christ!

My focus turned to the Holy Spirit and His amazing way to prepare someone for a healing miracle.  A mantle of miracle faith enveloped me and that is when I knew that I would see the supernatural.  It began with a vengeance as person after person began to be healed in the audience.  You could hear outbursts as bodies were changing be healed.  Sometimes there would be a gasp as it was obvious that disease had vanished.

One of my greatest thrills is to watch newcomers overcome by their first glimpse of healing power.  This night is was more intense than I can remember.  There are so many miracles to talk about that it would take reams of paper to chronicle them all.  There were staggering healings.

I asked a woman to stand near the front and told her about her cancer.  She immediately began to tremble under the power that is not of this earth! Her miracles released more signs and wonders.  Soon many were not waiting for a word but taking their miracle directly from God. They pulled on the anointing with such force that it seemed like the air went out of the room.   You could hear outbursts as people felt His power and saw that they were healed of crippled limbs, heart conditions, diabetes and an endless list of sicknesses.

However, there was one miracle that drew a collective gasp from the audience.  “You have 18 illnesses”, Jesus told me to say to her.  Then He led me to name all 18 of them.  It was like machine gun fire and she responded to each word.  It offered proof to the audience of the power and presence of God.

They began to rejoice with a great fervency.   The night reached a crescendo praise that was unbearable glory.   I can tell you that this night will live on as the night that God wrapping His loving arms around the city of Santa Rosa.

The Santa Rosa Fire cannot be contained and it will be going into its 13th week! It will start Sunday Night September 16th!  This is true undeniable revival in our time!

Last night was the most explosive meeting yet of the Santa Rosa Fire.

All doubts were laid to rest when a crowd of hungry soldiers took the Santa Rosa Fire higher and deeper than ever.  Not only was there no let up, it surged from right where it left off.  Fire flared up in the hearts of the people to give God great glory for His mighty acts!

If you would have been in this meeting you would have felt unbridled encouragement and godly fear simultaneously.  Human terminology is so handicapped to describe the sensations of this night.  Glory came in waves.

When it seemed we could bear no more glory , Hortensia stood and told her amazing story.  In her hand was the medical proof of her miracle.  She was picked from the crowd 10 days before.  The Holy Spirit told me all of the diseases in her body.  Diabetes, heart condition, and a severe spine disorder.   She recounted the surge of power, the sense of being in another world and the work of the Holy Spirit removing all pain and sickness from her body.

She went the next morning for tests.  She had been healed!   Next, she visited her chiropractor.  As the chiropractor ran her hand up and down her spine, she was overcome by joy.  Hortensia said, “she literally began to dance in the examination room!”  Now the audience broke out into praise and I wondered for a moment if I would ever get them to settle back down!

After a few minutes, a calm from God settled over us.  I began to preach.  My message was entitled, The Crime of a Wasted Life.  It was not a comfortable message.   In fact, Jesus has shown me that these Bible-based calls for repentance are the sign that this is a true revival.  My text was, 2 Timothy 4: 3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. 5 But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.

These are those times predicted in scripture when as the message bible says, “people will have no stomach for solid teaching, but will fill up on spiritual junk food—catchy opinions that tickle their fancy. They’ll turn their backs on truth and chase mirages.

During the message, I heard groans and weeping, I wanted to stop and bring comfort but the Spirit required me to bring the whole truth to bear on the audience.  Finally, the floodgates of mercy were opened and the altars were filled with lives wanting to give themselves to Jesus.

Once the harvest was safely in the barn, God pounced on the audience with fierce faith and miracles. Even though His power has flowed every night, it never becomes routine or familiar to these wonderful people in Santa Rosa.

Too many were healed to share in this letter.  There is one that you must know about.  She sat all the way in the back and just became the most intense miracle yet.  No word of knowledge was this detailed or wide ranging.  It covered every minute detail of her conditions and then broadened to include surgically accurate words for her family who were not present.  Her soul ignited with intense glory and she was lifted to heights of glory as God healed her!

The Santa Rosa Fire continues tonight at 7PM!   We invite you to be an eye witness to the power of God.  If you need help or want us to pray for you or a loved one that you want to bring then call us at 707  575 8218.

This one thing I have asked of the Lord: How the Santa Rosa Fire touches our deepest longing by simply being a place full of the presence of God. 

Psalm 27:4 “One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek, inquire for, and [insistently] require: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord [in His presence] all the days of my life, to behold and gaze upon the beauty [the sweet attractiveness and the delightful loveliness] of the Lord and to meditate, consider, and inquire in His temple.”

In America’s darkest hour there is an enthralling miracle happening in Santa Rosa.  Last night only reinforced the sustained power and wonder of this event.  If only you could have seen the transformation that took place in the hearts of those who cried out to God at the altar.  If only you could have seen the way God healed before everyone’s eyes.

I can totally invite you and boast of this event because I know how little it now has to do with Mario Murillo.

No one can adequately describe it, you must experience it for yourself.  It is kind of like the fire fall in Yosemite.  People come from all over the world to catch a glimpse of that special moment when all of the elements are right.  During very rare sunsets, the light of the sun catches the falls just right and transforms it into majestic waterfall of fire.  You cannot experience it with photos, it is not the same, you have to be there when it happens.

Just like that water fall, all of the elements are right in these meetings in Santa Rosa.  “I have lived here all of my life and I can tell you that Santa Rosa has never seen anything like this.” When the man said that to me I was taken back.   Yet, I cannot deny that what is happening here is not like anything I have ever seen either.

Yes, there are souls being saved.  Yes, there are remarkable healings.  However, it is the atmosphere that is so truly amazing.  The presence of God is so real.  It is so real that it is the main soul winning force. This is what is melting hearts and drawing them to new life.

People have begun to come here from great distances.  They simply want to be in the presence.  There is no doubt that if the doors of the Living Word Family Church were left open, people would come at all hours just to sit in the atmosphere of the love and power of God.

No one but God can explain how the grinding cares of this world vanish from the very first note we sing.  People have dragged in here with the weight of the world on their souls.  They have come with the death sentence of disease; with an incurable addiction, it does not matter, there has been more than enough power to obliterate every work of Satan.

Only God knows how much longer He will permit this holy moment to last.  We are doing everything we can to stay out of His way and to keep the hand of man off of the glory.  I want to invite you to make the journey and come see for yourself why this is so unprecedented.

Last Night: When Heaven Invades Santa Rosa

A preacher should enter a pulpit ready for anything.  Last night, that anything happened!  Before I could preach a sudden drenching of God’s power struck the people.  Over and over again waves of healing crashed onto the people.  Within minutes scores of people reported miraculous changes in their bodies as Jesus was healing them.

Standing in the pulpit, I was ordered to close my eyes and just obey.  A torrent of words for select conditions came in frightful detail.  I felt as if a part of me was no longer in the room and that I was giving the words from the end of a corridor.  On and on this went until the front was filled with those testing their new limbs, their hearing, sight and a host of other now vanquished diseases.

How could I ever forget the man who stood before me when I finally opened my eyes.  I told him about hepatitis C, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  He surrendered to the mighty hand of God and took every last drop of healing that Jesus offered him.  Later that night he came forward to be born again!

Not one soul in that room could question that heaven indeed invaded earth.  It radiated, it pulsated, it refused to leave us until we were, one and all, altered and ruined for normal life!   I must admit that the way that the people gave themselves to the Holy Spirit was both awe-inspiring and convicting.

A pattern has emerged.  Each night we enter the building openly wondering how God could possible top the miracles and breakthroughs of the night before only to yet again stand amazed at the towering display of His mighty hand.

As of this writing, I cannot name a disease that has not been healed.  I cannot remember a gathering where the human influence was so tiny and the God influence was so gigantic.  He Himself has chosen to dwell among us in such freedom that it is almost an agony to leave His presence and return to the “real world.”

Today we received calls from as far away as Florida wondering what hotels were near the Church.  As I sit and pray for tonight, I am getting additional reports of people driving from great distances, bringing those in need of healing and deliverance to be there tonight.

Each night I am standing at the collision point between an aggressive God freely revealing Himself and an audience stampeding to Him…indeed the King suffers violence and the violent take it by force!

Once again we meet at 7PM.  I already know how much power, fire, glory and joy will be there!  I already regret the souls that will miss tonight.  I am praying that hundreds and thousands will come to their senses and agree to come tonight to experience firsthand this astounding moment in history.

God is upstaging, overruling and setting aside science, philosophy, psychology, and medicine.  He has signaled for revival and is pouring out of His Spirit!  Santa Rosa has been taken over by a glorious event that is not of this world and nothing from this world can stop it!

We meet tonight Tuesday July 10th and tomorrow July 11 at 7PM

 Living Word Family Church 1020 Center Drive,

 Santa Rosa CA 95403     Call 707 280 6810 

 Don’t miss it!

Extreme Guidance





Extreme Guidance

Driving home from Santa Rosa I kept thinking about how extreme life is right now and how we nearly missed this miracle.  It should never surprise us when God answers prayer however, the force and suddenness of the outbreak of miracles in Santa Rosa came out of nowhere.  I know how terms get bandied about and how much hype continues to foul up the air.  The best thing that I can say to you is you should ask someone who was there besides me.  They will reaffirm that it was a clash of thunder accented by a drenching rain of God’s presence.  

This is a time of extremes and contradictions:  Things are moving way to fast.  Things are moving way too slow.   Things are way too complicated.  Things are way too simple.  There is a great danger if you hesitate.  There is great danger if you jump the gun.

Besides all of this, we are living in a  “Best of times, worst of times” scenario.    Revival and righteousness is catching fire all around us.   At the same time rage, perversion and violence are accelerating.  Our economy is showing signs of life in some sectors but storm clouds are gathering in others that threaten to derail our gains and push unemployment back up.

Santa Rosa is a miracle we nearly missed because we couldn’t see it coming.  I should have been ready to move in an instant with God.   On the other hand, I almost blew it by forcing some doors open in other situations instead of waiting on God.  I should have taken the hint that if things are not falling into place it is because God wants me available for a block of time to harvest in a city.

My dependency on God must grow from guidance into extreme guidance. I must discover the nuances of a very fluid time in history.  I must hear God’s voice on a more basic level than ever.  This is  a time to discard all human opinion and rid ourselves of all presumption. 

The margin for error is now razor thin for all of us.  Little mistakes can now cause outsized damage. Like the times that we live in, guidance from the Holy Spirit can seem to contradict itself.  One moment, something may be the way to go and the next, we have pivot violently and head in a new direction.

Let me give you a good example :  Isaiah 40:31says,  “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” 

I know why running can make you weary but why would walking make you faint?  Galatians 6:9 says,“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”  It is by waiting on God that we discover if we are in a situation where we need to jump, run and seize a divine and not be winded by the dizzying pace.  Or, we need to draw strength from God to realize that things are going to feel like they are moving like a glacier, so we are not overcome with discouragement.

Proverbs 3:5,6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.”  This verse is no longer a poetic ode to be admired like some painting; it is a survival guide to be followed to the letter!  The word all is there twice for reinforcement. 

All: Ministries, marriages, businesses, careers now have to be run with a higher level of sensitivity to and trust in the voice of God.  We must bring Him in on the little things as well as the big.  We must cover all of our affairs with prayer and leave nothing to habit, past procedure, tradition, methodology, or biases.