Declaring miracle healing to a skeptical public is our solemn duty.

There’s a good reason, my mind raced back to the night someone tried to kill me on the U. C. Berkeley campus. In a few days, we will take the biggest risk in the history of Mario Murillo Ministries. We are about to invest more money, train more soldiers, and cast the deepest, and widest net for souls in California.

Believe me, praying over 5 Miracle rallies in Churches, followed by 5 meetings with leaders, culminating in 5 Living Proof Tent crusades is overwhelming tonight. It is a crushing weight.

God answered in a strange way. Instantly, I was taken back to Berkeley—back to that fateful day on campus. Why was God taking me back to this day? What did it have to do with Living Proof California?

I recall that day in Berkeley as if it just happened. I am so terrified of witnessing that I am pacing and praying all day on a hillside above the campus of 44,000 students.  I ask God: “How do I reach a generation of students who are bent on Marxist revolution?”

One voice within me argued, “You must study the great modern apologists of the faith and give an intellectual defense of the faith.  Immerse yourself in the writings of Francis Schaeffer, C. S. Lewis, and G. K. Chesterton.”   The other voice said simply, “It is not by might nor by power, but by My spirit.”

The answer came emphatically that night.  I am sharing my intellect based “apologetic faith” with a flower child in front of the Student Union Building of Cal. Berkeley at about 11 p.m.   What I could not see was the massive, angry radical, stealing up behind me.

This atheist Goliath grabs me by the neck and begins choking the life out of me, I realize the words of great Christian intellectuals are useless now.  I am sure that young campus radical did not understand why he felt this sudden rage against me.

The powers of darkness understand what was at stake here: Miracle based soul winning is a grave threat to Satan, and demons will stop at nothing to kill miracle ministry before it is born.

God orders me to take my stand in the power of the Spirit, and in my own faltering way I did.  My assailant suddenly stopped and stood stunned by something he saw behind me in the shadows.  To this day I do not know what startled him, I only know that he released his grip on my throat and I ran. As I ran, I affirmed my commitment to the Supernatural Gospel of Christ.

That did it! We began telling people they could come and be healed. Having settled the question in Berkeley, we announced our first healing rally.  I was such a raw recruit that I stood in front of the audience, frozen in fear.

In the crowd that night a young man lay unconscious on a couch at the back of the chapel.  A mixture of LSD and heroin had put him into a coma.   Supernaturally, by the power of the Holy Spirit, he woke up and his symptoms vanished.   He came to the front and knelt in utter adoration of God.

This single healing launched ten years of harvest on the Berkeley University campus.

I returned to the present and heard this phrase: Declaring miracle healing to a skeptical public is not theatrics. It’s a solemn duty.”

We now know that our problem is not just the budget or the magnitude of the task.  Our issue was with miracles. There is so much skepticism, and there has been so much abuse, that we felt a soberness about miracles. We don’t want to be confused with any of the charlatans who operate freely today.

Is it even right to publicly offer hope to those medical science can’t help?  Is it right to raise the expectations of those who have given up on everything else? Then it hit me: Jesus, at the dawn of His ministry made this very public announcement:

Luke 4:18: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed; 19 to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.”

He did this, so that the miracles can be released.  And that is precisely what we, the church of Jesus should do.  We must go public.

If what say we say about Christ’s power to save and heal is false, then we are, as Paul said, the worst liars in history.  But if it is true, we must offer it freely and publicly, or we are the worst traitors in history!

So what if some have abused the gifts of the Spirit. Does that mean we do not do it right—by the power and leading of the Holy Spirit? So what if some say miracles are not for today? Do we go by man’s word or by God’s word?

I have my answer. Not only is it right to offer hope and declare openly the available miracles of Jesus—it is our duty.

In our tent, the rules of the street will die. In our tent, the chains of sickness and despair will fall off. In our tent an entire generation of Californians will find the life they were born to live. Do what you can to get involved in this most holy mission to California.

P.S. Our very first event for Living Proof California is in Chico. Join us for monumental miracle meetings. Here’s a video message from Mario.



This Saturday, October 4 is the 50th anniversary of the student revolution at Berkeley that changed America forever. On that day a police car was flipped over and a young man named Mario Savio rose up and declared the dawn of a new era.

Later that same day, another Mario, a young frightened teenager in San Francisco knelt at an altar in a little church and gave his life to the service of Christ.   No one but God knew that on that day 50 years ago two revolutions were born that would ultimately collide in Berkeley.

This Saturday is a double Jubilee.  Mario Murillo returns to the spot where he began preaching to stand and preach to thousands of students on the very anniversary of his conversion to Christ!   Read more from Lou Engle about this amazing event now.   -MMM Staff


The Flash Point of Revolution

Tiananmen Square, Boston Tea Party, Woodstock, the fall of the Berlin wall, storming the Bastille. Every revolution has one defining moment that is remembered long after the names of politicians and kings have turned to dust. Massive shifts in human history—whether good or bad; whether political, cultural or religious—have one commonality: the flash point. In 1964, the free speech movement at Cal Berkeley became such a moment, flint and steel for the decadent revolution of the 1960’s.

For years I have been captivated by the ferment and fire of those student protests. Sociologists speak of the zeitgeist of the 60’s—the fullness of times, magnetic times, times that heralding the beginning of a new age, it was like that in Berkeley, 1964. There was a spirit there; a spirit  that injected a generation with the ideologies that spawned the sexual revolution, proliferated the drug culture, and many ways caused the departure of the nation from a culture of honor, family cohesiveness, and a biblical world view.  It was in the sixties that the term ‘Generation gap’ was coined. The hearts of the fathers were separated from their children, and the wound has not healded. Even my favorite lifetime movie, Field of Dreams, points to Berkeley as the place where Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) broke relationship with his father. The whole movie is about easing that pain and restoring relationship back to his father.

Often I have sensed that the raw revolutionary spirit embodied by the students of Berkeley in those days was actually a quasi-distorted reverse image, of the latent power of true Kingdom revolution that could be ignited by a new generation of raw, fiery evangelistic passion.

In fact, this mirror image did take place at Berkeley. Following the 1964 student revolution, Billy Graham and Bill Bright mobilized the Berkeley Blitz to evangelize the campus in 1967. Then in the 70’s, a man named Mario Murillo under the groaning’s of intercession and the intense burden of the Lord for souls, went out to preach at Berkeley. In two years, he saw two thousand students converted to Christ. Amazingly, it is there on Sproul Hall on the very place where the free speech movement occurred, I stood some eight years ago and declared before hundred of students as they were changing classes, “In this place there was a student revolution that shook the nation and spawned an era of rebellion and protest, but I declare to you that in this place there is coming a greater revolution, a Jesus revolution that will be stroner than the rebellion, and thousands from this place will come to know the Man Christ Jesus.


Something Stronger

In 2000, eight months before TheCall DC, I received a heavenly dream. In this dream I was overwhelmed with the impossibility of seeing America turn back to God, but then a scroll rolled down before my eyes and on it I read the words that spoke of the Nazirite John the Baptist’s destiny, “He will go on before the Lord in the spirit and power of Elijah and he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the rebellious back to the wisdom of the righteous” (Luke 1:17) I awoke under the immediate presence of the Lord as if he were saying, “What I am pouring out in America is stronger than the rebellion.”

Since then, I have often pondered this dream and recently been renewed in simple faith: this word still lives on. If Luke 1:17 was truly the job description of TheCall, then could it have been a forerunner heralding the coming of something stronger, Someone far more worthy, by which all our collective rebellions—social, moral and political—can be subsumed into the great river of the kindness of God’s purposes for America? I believe The Call has been a precursor, with many others, to a mighty Jesus Movement coming to America. John prepared the way for Jesus, i.e. the Nazarite went before the Nazarene. And so John proclaimed the mightiest revolution in history, love striding the earth in sandals, “Behold the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sins of the world.”

A Jubilee Moment: 50 Days for 50 Years

The Call has been invited to the campus of Berkeley on the 50th anniversary of these historic protests, October 4th, 2014. Frankly, I’m stunned. For years, Luke 1:17 has fueled my imagination, always with the sense that the very culmination of my efforts might actually be a gathering at Berkeley—not to “protest the protest”—but to petition the God of grace and mercy for a breaking of the curse which rebellion inevitably invites. From that place, in the watershed of our unity, I believe a new sound will be released; a new culture will be birthed; a new ‘Jesus Movement’ that could sweep in a massive harvest of souls.

Therefore, with this letter, I am announcing that The Call has set its face to Berkeley. The 60s were a turning point in our nations history. My generation was the student body of that day. Now we are fathers, and we must rise up for children with fierce love. I believe this event is designed by God to be a multi-generational appeal for that reason. Please note, it may not look like TheCalls of the past. We are sensing that we are to hold an immersive 50-day prayer push, well beyond our normal 12-hour event. Why? In hopes that a great united prayer convergence can serve to catalyze the student evangelization of California and the nation. It’s time for a Jubilee, “Let My people go”.

Please consider, even now, the invitation to stand with us in prayer and giving? TheCall needs $200,000 over the next few months to bring closure to our various relocation and transition costs, and also provide sufficient operating capital to thrust us forth with power and provision into the God assignments of 2014 and beyond. Please give generously for such a time as this: “to turn the hearts of the rebellious to the wisdom of the righteous.”

Thank you for your faith.

Consumed by the call,

Lou Engle