What was the life message of this great Man of God ? A Tribute to T.L. Osborn by Mario Murillo

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Every man of God has one life message.  It is an outstanding theme of their life and a distillation of all that the Holy Spirit has ever had them say.  T.L. Osborn’s life said something astonishing, and what it said is something that every preacher desperately needs to hear.

What is that life message?  What can we garner from his thousands of sermons, the tens of thousands of healings and the millions of souls that were the result of his life?

Here is the phrase that, in my opinion captures the essence of T.L. Osborn:  HE DID NOT GO BECAUSE HE GOT A WORD FROM GOD BUT BECAUSE HE TOOK GOD AT HIS WORD!

Think about that!   He got no angelic visitation, no roaring prophetic word, no vision or epiphany.

He and Daisy pastored in McMinnville Oregon having returned from India.  By their own admission, they failed as missionaries.

Then William Branham came to nearby Portland Oregon.  Daisy bucked her denomination and went to hear William Branham speak.  Branham revolutionized her life when he preached about where sickness came from.  Disease does not come from God but from Satan. She returned with an illumination of the Holy Ghost that was undeniable.

She prevailed on T.L. to go and see for himself the amazing works of God.  He recalls that it was not the miracles that gripped him so much as the simple truth that God chose signs, wonders and miracles to verify the resurrection of Jesus. He told his wife Daisy, “If we had these miracles in India it would have changed everything!”

Brother Osborn took God at His word.  He believed he and every other preacher was to go and work miracles in the name of Jesus.  He took no thought to how this vision could become reality.  He took God at His Word that if we preach the Gospel of the Kingdom the provision would follow.  He did not look for opportunity for he believed that the whole world was his opportunity.  He did not look for open doors but to the ONE who opens doors that no man can shut.



This overwhelming conviction about taking God at His word followed him around the world.  He even took it step further by telling crowds in the hundreds of thousands that they did not need hands to be laid upon them to be healed.  “TAKE GOD AT HIS WORD RIGHT WHERE YOU STAND AND YOU WILL BE HEALED!”   HE IS THE GOD THAT FORGIVES ALL OF YOUR SIN AND HEALS ALL OF YOUR DISEASES!” One can only imagine how hell suffered each time the Evangelist made this declaration.

Again and again God honored this simple obedience as innumerable sick bodies were healed.  Those born blind, deaf, paralyzed and even maimed were miraculously healed.   Evangelist Osborn’s simple obedience pleased God so much that it caused one of the most amazing manifestations since Bible days.  Before 200,000 Moslems in Java the face and glory of Christ appeared in a large cloud over the crusade.  This touched off a frenzy of faith and the masses as one turned to Christ!

One night on the Trinity Broadcasting Network the host asked T.L. Osborn, “Why aren’t more people healed today?”  Brother Osborn’s answered without hesitation, “Because preachers talk about Jesus but they do not quote Him.”

His life speaks to every preacher today.  What are we waiting for?  We have become too dependent on “words from God,” even as our Bible remains unopened and unheeded.   We are too fickle and weak to keep going without the continual reinforcement of a feeling, confirmation, sign, or the glaring coincidence.  Why must we stop and recalibrate God’s will for us so often instead of moving forward in the firm conviction that He will honor His Word?

Consider how much error and delay we open ourselves up to by being so dependent on these things.  The enemy knows that all he has to do to stop us is send a mood or a chill of doubt and we will stop until we get the right feeling or rush to another gathering to get a new word from God.

There must have been a deafening roar on the streets of Gold when this mighty general entered heaven.   Let us remember him and honor him in the way he would want most:

We can see Brother Osborn’s heavenly smile and gentle heart pleading with us to get back to the Bible and the simple obedience that will launch a thousand new visions and mandates for souls in these last days.   “JUST TAKE GOD AT HIS WORD!”


Miracles As The Result of Jesus Resurrection And Appearance
TL Osborn Crusade TL Osborn Crusade
T.L. Osborn Crusade T.L. Osborn Crusade

This is an astounding healing and it is the forerunner to something big.

 This is an astounding healing and it is the forerunner to something big.  It is time for fresh openness.  It is time to make room for signs and wonders.

Her name is Tee.  Her story is towering proof of the power of God.  She and her husband came to the meeting in Clearlake in total desperation.  She was just told she would die in 6 months.  A car wreck devastated her spine.  Her doctor said that her vertebrae were telescoping down is 5 places. she had advanced diabetes, heart disease, and to top it all off she had a dead liver.  Her condition was so weakened that the doctors said even a liver transplant would not save her.

Today at 5PM at Dream House there will be living proof that Jesus heals.  We are expecting hopeless cases to be healed!  We are also imploring people from everywhere to come to the Dream House to hear the most amazing story of healing ever.

Anyone who was present in First Assembly Clearlake will tell you that the power that they felt as she was being healed will linger in their memory for the rest of their life.

Back at her doctor’s office, the tests  verified what she already knew.  Blood sugar normal, spine restored, heart healthy, but what flabbergasted the doctor was that the X-ray showed a new liver!

You can see and hear her today for yourself.  Come if at all possible.  Bring someone you love who needs to be saved or healed.

I am writing this the night before our rally.  I already know that God will do life altering things.  This fact alone has led to some deep soul-searching. Let me share some of the things that this woman’s healing has done for me.

The healings God is doing in many ministries in many places prove that God has launched a major assault on demons and that He is already giving America and other nations another chance.  What is most exciting is that I believe that this time, unlike former times, leaders are embracing this chance!

In the revival in Clearlake Pastor Steve Snyder said something profound and urgent.  He said, “above all, I want to be open to Jesus.”  Simple words that echo in my spirit.  Miracles can be wasted, and a supernatural epoch of time can be missed.

Openness, we need it more than we can imagine!  We preachers must turn off our critical and doubting ways, and embrace the moving of the Holy Spirit in whatever form He chooses it to take.

Here are the features of openness I saw in the people in Clearlake: They arranged their lives around the meetings. They brought others to the meetings. They lost track of time in the meetings. They listened as if they were the only one in the room. It convicts me when I think of how these people went beyond the zeal of most ministers.  Miracles are inevitable when people do these things.

We have another desperate need besides openness.  We need to make room for the moving of the Holy Spirit.  Expectation is nothing if it is not matched with action. We must have an intentional place reserved for the power of God to manifest itself in our meetings.  This is even more urgent since we have entered a time of revival.  Our obedience now will mean that God will overflow our church walls and bring a long delayed message of hope to our nation.

It is quite possible that a mighty revival may ignite at Dream House that will touch the West Coast but I also know that God can use anyone who is open and makes room.  I do not care where it starts so long as it does start.  Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ!

Tee will Share Her testimony, Pastor Eddie and Mando Gonzales will minister in worship, and I will bring a message of Signs and Wonders at Dream House.  1015 Estudillo St. Martinez CA 94553.  Call us at 925 300 3007. We start at 5PM.