In less than six days we have had 700 Pastors sign up for a sold-out luncheon in California!

All glory to God!

What is the draw? That is the miracle! We are giving a straightforward message about reopening the churches, about releasing the fire of God on the people, and about pushing back the leftist agenda of politicians.

There will be no bells or whistles, no big screens, skinny jeans, and fog machines. No flattery or flowery speeches. There will be no pep talks about church growth.

And who are these pastors? I think I can speak for them. Most are from California and they are hungry for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They are ready to pull down demonic strongholds. They are the faithful core who have borne the heat of the lockdown over the past 10 months. Some are from other parts of America. They are coming to sow into California, so that they may reap in their own churches.

They seek reformation not information. They have abandoned the carnal syllabus-driven-megachurch-building machinery. They seek God’s weapon-forging refinery. They want the anointing to evict devils. They are determined to reopen the wells of Azusa Street and the Jesus Movement that lie deep in California’s spiritual soil.

But they expect something bigger than those past movements, because this present darkness is bigger. They expect greater miracles, because the doubt and despair are greater.

But the greatest threat Satan faces with these pastors, is the souls they are going to win! These men and women believe that the harvest is great and the workers are few. They know as I know—the people of California are wide open to the Gospel. And they know why they are so open.

Gavin Newsom, and the other demagogues of California’s rogue government, have heaped untold misery on the masses. This misery has backfired dramatically. It has provoked a generation that is in agony into the arms of God, and has kindled a renewed love for America.

What does this all mean? It means that our long wait is finally coming to an end.  It means you will see a vast number of churches reopen. The word of God will be declared over California, and a new generation of Christians are about be born in the Golden State.

This is only one luncheon. But this luncheon will—without a doubt—be the catalyst for greater victories.

A massive tent Crusade is next. Truly the Modesto, Manteca, Stockton area will be invaded, because the largest army we have ever assembled will be on the streets. It means that once again the tent will radiate with the power and presence of God. But it also means something else.

Wouldn’t it be just like God to deliver the greatest shock to America? Just as the Left has spiked the ball. Just as leftist progressives are celebrating the complete takeover of Washington D.C. Just as the rabble are shouting with glee, something shocking happens and the power of God falls upon America.

Get ready, America, Jesus is about to invade!

 “Therefore, you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect” (Matthew 24:44).

California, that deepest blue of blue states. That reliably leftist bastion. That land of unfettered hatred to all things Christian and American, could be about to become a conduit of Christianity and flip red in the next election.

Wouldn’t that be just like God to do a thing like that?

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I have seen all of this before. All of the elements are right but we can still blow it.


“Do not think for one moment that the current anger and frustration with government is just a political thing.  Below the surface is a much deeper and more important phenomenon within our youth. This next big thing is largely being ignored by the media.  It is my conviction that within this anger lays the great secret weapon of the Holy Spirit.”

 I said those words two years ago.  That was when I first noticed all of the same elements that led to the Jesus Movement happening again. Starting in 1969, God flooded the vacuum of the youth culture in California with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It spread until millions were saved across our nation within a few years.

In 1970, I started Resurrection City, a student outreach on the Berkeley Campus. I remember the anger, chaos, and violent changes that were pushing American Youth to extremes.  Berkeley was the vanguard of the world wide student revolution but God had other ideas. We started with 15 students but by the time the revival hit, we were 2,000 strong.

The Jesus Movement was a Lamb Revival but this one is a Lion Revival. The Bible shows us the two natures of Jesus: He is both a lamb and a lion.  Again, the Jesus Movement of the 1960’s and 70’s was a lamb revival because society needed a gentle dose of love and peace.

But Jesus also is a Lion.  This awakening that has now begun is a lion revival.  Let’s see why. Joel 2:28 says, “I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters will prophesy.”  The Jesus movement while widespread  and astonishingly effective, did not prophesy.  In other words,  they were evangelistic but not prophetic.  In essence a portion of Joel’s prediction came in the 70’s but a very important aspect of it has not yet been fulfilled: The prophetic. Our sons and daughters have not yet prophesied…at least not until now!

Not a day goes by without a report of youth being saved across America.  The majority of those who came forward at our last meeting were youth. I have no doubt that many who will read this know of some outpouring going on right now on our youth.  I wish you would report it to us!

The pressure has been building up for years now.  Thousands of youth have been overflowing schools where signs and wonders are imparted.  Youth movements are blazing all across our nation but they have largely stayed in the safe zones.  Thousands of churches now have youth singing loud, fierce war choruses that are the polar opposite of the songs of the Jesus Movement.  Fire is everywhere.  But until now it has not translated into a massive harvest of souls in America.  This is also for a good reason.

This massive, unified, gifted and mighty young army was still forging its message, sharpening the edge of their prophetic message to America.  They have been building up their zeal like screaming atoms in a linear accelerator.  All at once hell is feeling their wrath.

These youth do not bear a consoling message.  They are to prophesy to a Godless nation that has shamefully abandoned the roots of her greatness. They are to raise up the foundations of righteousness that have been ripped up.  They are digging in deep wells of Glory and the gusher is coming forth now. They will prophesy to dry bones and an army will reconstruct, stand and march!  They will not cower to prophesy against religious hypocrisy, or political corruption!

We can still blow this great opportunity.  We can orphan this movement by trying to hold on to tradition and control.  Their music, dress and mannerisms will offend some.  I have seen all of that before.  We must not be old wineskins.  We must be stretched to realize that we can reject this move of God.

 David Wilkerson was one of my greatest heroes.  He was an uncompromising prophet and seer who was way ahead of his time.  I would go and hear him preach whenever I could.  I had the honor of picking him up at LAX and taking him to meetings at Melodyland.  However, he reacted and spoke out against the long hair and the music of the Jesus Movement.  Later, he realized his grave mistake and lamented the fact that he had discouraged a movement that he should have fathered.  He went on to have massive youth revival crusades that were instrumental in igniting the nationwide Jesus Movement

Already I see key mistakes being repeated.  Revivals fires are being panned when they should be fanned.  Shame on those who confuse their tradition with the Word of God.  They have not bothered to check what the Bible really says. 

My next blog is about how we can embrace, father and enlarge this great revival in our nation.