Russell Wilson: I Found God When Jesus Came To Me In A Dream At 14.


Russell Wilson: I Found God When Jesus Came To Me In A Dream At 14

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson espoused about his Christian faith in a recent documentary entitled “The Making of a Champion.”In the video, Wilson, 24, describes how he found God at the age of 14.“I had a dream that my dad passed away and that Jesus came into the room and he was basically knocking on my door, saying, ‘Hey, you need to find out more about me,’” Wilson said. “So that Sunday morning I ended up going to church and that’s when I got saved.”Unfortunately the dream was a foreshadowing of sorts because Wilson’s father died six years later.Wilson also explained in the video that he was a “bad kid” and that his Christian faith helped him to mature.

“I think that got me through a lot of adversity … because I used to beat up kids and bite kids and do stuff all the time,” Wilson said.

The star quarterback thanks God for the talent God has given him.

“No one can stop what God has for you,” Wilson said.

Seahawks’ Clint Gresham, Russell Okung and Chris Maragos and coaches Sherman Smith and Rocky Seto appeared in the documentary, too.