By Mario Murillo

My friend,

This will not be well written as I am rushing to the airport but I just had to tell you that I have been ruined by the glory that God demonstrated last night.

They were standing in line outside before 6PM.  The sick, the addicted, the radically saved all standing together waiting for what they believed would be a demonstration of miracles.

Once inside the worship exploded.  Never and mean never did an audience sing like this.  The whole building shook when they sand “There is power in the name of Jesus.”

As I stood before the people I was struck by the hunger for God and so I immediately began to make my plea for those who needed to be born anew to obey Christ and be saved.  Here they came by the dozens.  Every race, every age group and every background was represented in the group that came to repent and be set free.

souls tuesday

The audience was overtaken by celebration as they witnessed loved ones, and friends and those that some had been praying to be saved for years now stood weeping their way into the kingdom of God! All together the harvest was over 60 souls but only God knows the real number.

Before the meeting the Holy Spirit alerted me to the fact that a woman would be healed in her abdomen.  The description of a suffering young woman unfolded in my spirit.  As I told the people I discovered that I knew exactly who she was!  She was sitting in the second row and now I was ordered to relate to her what the Holy Spirit had told me.  She began to weep for joy because she knew that her time of unspeakable suffering was ending.

Now healings broke out all around me.  I kept feeling the unworthiness could only get peace by forcing to the audience to look at Jesus and not a man.  Before the night was over at least 70 people would stand and admit that they had been healed.

An older man sat to my right.  He looked detached from the meeting.  It was not that he didn’t love God or was not being blessed; it was a battle in his body. A stroke had taken some of his speech, movement and had also damaged his heart.  Again, I am consumed with my utter helplessness and how clearly everything that happens must be God or nothing will happen.

overflow in portage

I walked to him and spoke to his wife to verify every detail of the word of the Lord.  It was undeniable.  She began to weep and place a gentle hand on her husband.  Then it happened!  He began moving his arms, now bolder he stood and began to move his legs, now completely healed he took off running and jumping.  Pandemonium broke out in the crowd.

What could possibly top this?  Well, I can tell you that it was the meeting with pastors afterward. God had fallen on their region answering decades of prayer.  They agreed to work together, they exchanged phone numbers and began to work with God to advance the Kingdom!  

We are returning to Portage October 12-14.  We already know that it is going to be in a larger venue and there will be historic breakthroughs.