The Strange Power of Christmas


2012 was a very bad year for freedom.  Many opted for socialism and forced it on the rest of us.  They are in for a rude awakening and a severe case of buyer’s remorse.  Once the feds take a freedom they never give it back. Moreover, the programs they run are guaranteed to cost way more than they should and will not deliver the benefit that they promise.  I am certain that if a Federal agency ran the oil companies, gas would cost $25 a gallon and there would be shortages.

Faith is largely unwelcome in America right now.  The new mantra is “Government not God”. 

I am talking about Christmas because I love this Holiday.  Every year it speaks to me in a new way.  This year, because of our state run news media and frenzy for taxes Christmas speaks to me in a very unique way.  Christmas this year reminds me of one of the strangest and most wonderful ways that the Kingdom of God insinuates itself into a sick society.

Like us, Jerusalem was hermetically sealed up by Herod on that first Christmas when the Three Wise Men arrived. Matthew 2:3 says “When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.”

The Three wise men were a warning to mankind that something outside their control was afoot.  These royal seers from Persia were beyond unexpected.  Everything about their surprise visit was disturbing.  Herod should have known the amazing strategies that were unfolding right under his nose.  An unseen wisdom was playing him like a puppet.

It requires skill from beyond our planet to take the most anticipated person in history and sneak him in as a baby. The Desire of all nationscame into our world unobserved with only a handful taking notice. His birth was literally obscure.


The Jews assumed that if and when the Son of God arrived, it would be with all the ceremony possible, that crowns and scepters should immediately have been laid at his feet, and that the high and mighty princes of the world should have been his humble servants.  Instead, “He came into the world, and the world knew him not.  Hcame to his own, and his own received him not.”

Don’t get me wrong, His arrival did set off fireworks!  But they exploded in such unexpected ways that it fooled everyone and condemned the world, and the Jews especially, for their stupidity.

The first burst of wonder came to the shepherds in Luke Chapter 2.  They saw and heard glorious things concerning him, and made them known abroad, to the amazement of all that heard them, v. 17, 18. After that, Simeon and Ann a spoke of him, by the Spirit, to all who were willing to listen in Luke 2:38.

You would think that these hints (I say that facetiously) should have been taken by the men of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, so that finally they would and they should rise up as one and embraced the long-looked-for Messiah; but no.  He continued nearly two years more at Bethlehem, and no further notice was taken of him till these wise men came.

So why then did the visit of these men do what no other sign had done?  Why did all of Jerusalem tremble at their appearance?   You see it was what they asked that caused the entire ruckus.  When kings arrive and ask the local king, “where is the real KING?” that is a cataclysmic change.

Their question made it clear that a new power was now freely working in the earth.  Moreover this power operated as no other power had ever operated.  This power came and went as it pleased and raised the humble to be a force against the proud without swords.  Love had taken on muscle and showed so gently yet irresistibly that all things were changing.  A new kingdom had come and it would expand through means that made all weapons and human force futile.

Now had come to pass before the very eyes of Herod what Daniel told King Nebuchadnezzar 600 years before; Daniel 2: 44 “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.”  

Christmas is back reminding us that man cannot stop God.  The Kingdom of God serves the real King.  The strategies, tactics and surprises of the Kingdom of God overrule, neutralize, and trump the frowning battlements of human authority.  Revival comes when society feels best protected against it.  When hearts seem their coldest, when voices scream the loudest, and the devil tries the hardest, awakening arrives unexpected and unstoppable.  Hallelujah!!!