A medically confirmed miracle in Silicon Valley…the fire continues tonight

Silicon Valley around San Jose

Mario’s note:   Often the worst disease and the most tragic disease is the one that attacks the mind.  Here was a beautiful girl with her equally beautiful mother sitting in the meeting in the Silicon Valley.  Their outward appearance masked a deep tragedy.  Anorexia was torturing this young girl to death.  Voices screamed at her that she was not attractive.

Her self-imposed starvation was now destroying her heart.  It was a miracle that she agreed to attend the meeting with her mom.   Jesus used his unworthy servant to call her out and ask her to place her hands on her tummy.   Jesus took over and broke the demonic lie, healed the damage and then added the greatest miracle…she repeated the sinner’s prayer with me.  Their names are withheld because of the sensitive nature of this kind of healing.  When they feel it is right the names will be released.   Here now is the medical confirmation of her healing as told by her mom:

Dear Mario, I thought I should write you a note to let you know that I took ____, my daughter, for a follow-up medical appointment yesterday and her EKG was normal!

As you prayed for her on Monday, she has been in borderline heart failure due to malnutrition and had just gotten out of the hospital. _____ suffers from Anorexia and severe depression. She has been very sick over the last several months. I have continued to lift her up to the Lord in prayer and Monday I just about lost it when you called on the young  lady in gray!

Honestly, I have felt so defeated and weak against this horrible disease that speaks to it’s victims. It has a voice telling them they are ugly and unworthy and fat and even that they should hurt themselves or die and that nobody cares about them.

No matter what we have said (family, friends, medical team) nothing gets through.

I saw _____ smile and have hope for the first time in months. I know she prayed and thanked God for his mercy and miracles. That’s what got her through another day.

She looks forward to attending tonight. Thank you for being a vessel for God…bless you in all you do! I feel so energized like a soldier ready for battle! AMAZING! God is good!

Please bring the sick, addicted and tormented to the miracle rally in San Jose tonight at 7

Silicon Valley around San Jose PM