Last night in Tulsa, the most improbable tables were turned. Never has a man stood up to speak, who had more going against him. Even the most casual observer would have to admit that Trump faced a juggernaut, in order to even hold this rally. Only God knows what he had to overcome, in order to finally gather people together.

The nation desperately needed to see the excitement coming from the people who love her. America needed to feel, yet again, the atmosphere that only a Trump rally can create. Donald Trump did not just give a speech—he threw down a gauntlet before his enemies that will damage them for months.

Above all, there are three reasons why this was the speech of his life.

1. It forces Biden to start campaigning. Oh no! He has to come out of his basement. Biden must campaign or die. Trump raised too many questions—scored too many hits—subjected too many of Biden’s deranged ideas to the jackhammer of logic. And then the President laid outrage after outrage at the doorstep of the Democrat Party.

You could feel a national collective cringe when many Americans found out for the first time that Beto O’Rourke would advise Biden on taking away your guns, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez would be in charge of his environmental policies, and Ilhan Omar would be in charge of, er, um, whatever…

As horrible as Biden is in front of people, as diminished as he will seem in a debate debating, well, anyone…tonight has forced his hand. Trump’s speech did the impossible—it made ‘not campaigning’ actually worse than campaigning.


2. It broke the digital iron curtain. Google, Facebook, Twitter and NBC have freely censored thousands of tweets, posts, videos and blogs. Tonight, that digital iron curtain was shattered, giving millions of Americans the opportunity to hear the other side of the story.  We heard how we got this pandemic. How Biden and Pelosi were against shutting down flights from China in January. We heard a leader challenge the Orwellian thought-police, and we heard Trump tell the truth about our churches being persecuted, small businesses being deliberately destroyed, and we heard about all of the Democrat lies, lies, and more lies.

At one point, Trump looked right at us, like a fiery preacher, and delivered a devastating warning. He painted an indelible picture of what America would be like, under Biden. How Sleepy Joe would totally capitulate to radicals and utterly, and permanently, ruin our nation. A chill went down the spine of America—and it will not soon be forgotten.

3. Trump forced the Democrat Party to take ownership of their lunacy. They own the riots, the looting, the hatred of law and the police, and the terrible divisions they have caused that are tearing us apart. Democrats are running the cities that were burned and destroyed. Trump landed blow after blow on the full litany of leftist excuses. He left no room for doubt about who was inciting and encouraging the mobs, and who was making it possible for them to continue, unopposed.

Most of all, he nailed the Democrat double-standard. Democrats called for vast crowds to demonstrate, standing shoulder to shoulder, during a pandemic. No one missed the point. No one walked away unaware that churchgoers—who were likely to vote for Trump—were forced to stay home, while demonstrators, looters, and rioters were free to run wild, destroying property and innocent people’s lives.

Tonight, Trump reassured his base that the warrior was alive and well, and ready to battle to keep America strong and free. Democrats were branded, and rightly so. The whole discombobulated, dysfunctional glob, which is held together—not by morals, ideals, convictions or values—but by a mindless, irrational, hatred for Donald Trump, was held up for all to see.

Of course, the fake news and the Socialist social-media giants’ information mill will no doubt be running full bore for the next week, trying to rebut the damage President Trump caused to their plans tonight. Sadly, many of the uncommitted will have that moment of recognition, when they realize they are being manipulated. But it will pass, and soon, they will return to the fold.

Abraham Lincoln explained it when he said, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

And Jesus told us, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Never in American history has information been manipulated in such a wholesale fashion. Never have so few controlled the information of so many. That is what makes Trump’s speech such a miracle. Last night, President Trump proved that even the combined propaganda machine, composed of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, Google, Facebook, Twitter, The Washington Post, and the New York Times, cannot fool all the people all the time.





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